Welcome to Fallout Porn! It is the year 2051. All humanity has been corrupted by several nuclear wars. The remains of humanity are hiding in underground bunkers ever since. There is a lot of radiation on the surface, so as you've already though some protection is needed if you want to see the sky. But for all those unlucky foes including humans, which were left on the surface looking for shelter there are bad news. Yes, all of them have mutated into deadly monsters. Some of these mutants are even trying to get in the bunkers. These monsters are all different. Only one thing links them together - the hunger for human flesh! They want a piece of sexy human flesh on their hard cocks. You have no idea what these mutants are capable of. They are all so different, you might even think they have special abilities. Yeah, special fucking abilities I would say. With such huge meat poles hanging between your legs and no body to own - life can get pretty awful. This is why all of them team up and attack one of the biggest and oldest underground bunkers. These things know there is a lot of fuckable flesh inside and will do everything to get in. Some of the humans don't even mind and have their tight holes prepared and ready for monster penetration! Among the mutants there are sluts too, and the humans themselves are eager to try what a green mutant pussy tastes like.
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