Three girls who have three dicks

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Two years ago, after graduating from the institute, I got a job with one company. I liked the work, the team was good. On duty I had to communicate with heads of branches of our firm. One of the managers, his name was Oleg, I liked very much. He was 25 years old, not married, tall brunette with brown eyes and strong constitution. But, unfortunately, all my shooting with my eyes in his direction remained unnoticed. Once I dared, I invited him to dinner. At lunch, we talked about all possible topics. He turned out to be a very interesting interlocutor. Our joint lunches became a tradition. It lasted more than a month. But all my hints that I would go somewhere outside of work hours, came across a polite refusal or excuses: busy, business. Very soon I was tired of it and I asked straight away – can we do something? The answer was vague and unintelligible. Being angry, I threw Oleg out of my mind. At work we continued to communicate politely on work topics. More than six months had passed. Our firm had an anniversary. The holiday was good. Everybody had fun from the bottom of their hearts. Having drunk a glass of wine, I got dizzy, and I decided to go out for fresh air. Standing on the street for 10 minutes, I suddenly felt at my waist a man’s hands. And somebody whispered in my ear: “Come to my office in 15 minutes. Having turned around abruptly, I found myself in Oleg’s arms. He fell into my lips with a hot kiss. His lips were soft and tender, and his tongue was very persistent. After pushing him away I left without saying anything. I firmly decided for myself that I would not go anywhere. Soon I forgot about what had happened and continued having fun. Suddenly, my phone rang. As it was impossible to speak in the hall, I went out to the corridor. As soon as I finished talking, the office door opened next to me and Oleg grabbed me in the armful, dragged me into his office, and locked the door immediately. At my request to open the door, he only smiled. I asked him: “What do you want?” “You!” – Oleg answered, coming closer, and with all his body pressed me against the wall. He was absolutely sober. “Why did you suddenly wake up interested in me?” – I asked, – “You have not noticed me for so long. “I have been crazy about you for a long time, but I was afraid to come up and hear the refusal,” Oleg answered.
His answer has plunged me into a state of light daze. He took advantage of my confusion and started kissing me on the lips. I did not respond to the kiss. Then he started to gently kiss my neck and guided me on it with his tongue. Oleg put his hand under my sweater and, noticing that I was without a bra, began to caress my chest with a smile. Moaning broke out from my chest. My knees croaked and I stopped resisting. Again with a smile he pulled my blouse and I heard the buttons torn off on the floor. When he took off my jacket, he blasted my chest with his lips. He bit my nipples a little and tickled them with his tongue. I barely held on my legs. It was divine. Having picked me up on hands, Oleg has carried and has carefully lowered me on the desktop. Continuing to play with my nipples with his tongue, he lifted my skirt and held my hand on my panties. They were already pretty wet. Having pulled them off me, he carried a finger between my labia and clitoris and plunged them into the vagina. Having detached myself from my breasts, he began slowly, sprinkling my stomach with gentle kisses, going down. I carefully held my tongue between my lips, gently kissed the clitoris, penetrated the tongue into the vagina, giving me more and more pleasure. I was already on the verge of orgasm, as Oleg suddenly abruptly stopped kissing me, seeing my surprised eyes, he just whispered that he wants to extend my pleasure. Having put me face to the table, he asked me to bend down and spread my legs wider. I did as he asked. Oleg began to kiss my back, tickling it with his tongue, he went down lower and lower. Having reached my buttocks, he began to gently bite them, having caused in me a wave of new feelings. Having played with my buttocks, he gently extended them and suddenly began to lick my anal hole. It is necessary to say that I was virgin there. Being a little frightened, I tried to escape, but he whispered: “Trust me” and I relaxed. He kissed and licked my anal hole, penetrating into my tongue, and with his finger he did not stop playing with the clitoris. My breathing became more frequent and I started to approach orgasm again, and then Oleg abruptly entered my vagina. I didn’t even notice when he managed to undress. Telling me not to stop, Oleg stretched out his hand to the nightstand and took out some jar from the drawer. I was very surprised, but kept silent. Having doused his finger in a jar, he began to stretch my anal hole, then put his finger there. His penis was still in my vagina and not a minute passed since I came again. Here he came out of me, put the head of the penis to the anus and began to slowly penetrate inside. He did it slowly and gently, trying to cause me as little pain as possible. But I could not relax in any way. He started kissing my neck again, and caressing my chest. I gave in to my sensations, relaxed and didn’t notice how he entered me completely and started to move slowly. After a while, I got used to it and started to set the pace that gave me the greatest pleasure. Meanwhile, Oleg began to caress my clitoris with his hand. I came several times in a row. Feeling that he strained and would soon come, I jumped from the chair, sitting next to him, quickly swallowed his penis. I stroked his testicles with my hand, caressed his bridle with my tongue, sucked his head with my lips, and when he started to come I swallowed every last drop. He looked at me with gratitude. I got up, dressed up, my blouse had to button up the remaining 3 buttons. Having left for the hall, I called a cab and went home. The next morning on a table of my chief lay my application for dismissal.

Author: rendteam