Death knight and his adversary

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I felt irritated from the very morning. On that day, I had a trip with my family to visit my mother’s friend at the dacha. It was always difficult for me to remain calm with my family, even in moments of conversations on topics of general interest, I felt obsessive irritation towards my parents. I grew up with my mother, my father did not participate in my upbringing, because he was fenced off from me due to the unsuccessful relationship between my parents. Throughout his life, his mother spoke badly of him and presented him to me as an irresponsible person, a loafer and always set him up as a bad example, not telling anything about him and his life. My maternal grandfather and grandmother also took part in my upbringing. My mother brought up strictly, often scolded and punished me for any mistake I made, even a minor one. I was 19 at the time. My character was soft and I felt guilty for everything I could. At that time, I never had relationships with girls, I was very shy. We left at 6 am and in exactly two hours we got to the dacha. Mom’s friend Elena happily greeted us. I parked my car near the gate and then brought the bags into the house. Elena kindly offered us breakfast, agreeing we all sat down at the table. The table was located almost in the middle of the room, on the left, at the entrance to the room, there was a fairly large corner sofa, covering half of the table, on which my mother and grandmother were located. On the opposite side from the entrance to the hall, in the middle along the wall, there was a chest of drawers with an old TV set on it, broadcasting the contents of the morning news. To the right of the table there was a niche with a sink, a small gas stove and shelves where dishes were laid out. I sat down on a chair that stood between the table and the sink. There was a free space between the table and the TV, where my mother’s friend walked about, preparing and bringing breakfast to the table, and occasionally went to the washbasin. I don’t remember anything about the conversations between my parents and Elena, I just stared at the TV, thinking hard and dreaming that the evening would come as soon as possible and I would be at home at my computer or in the yard with my friends. At one point Elena dropped something near me and, resting her palm on my thigh, squatted down to pick something up. I was in shorts and when I felt the touch of a gentle woman’s hand on my hip, I looked up from the TV and sharply gazed down at my mother’s friend. At that moment I saw Elena’s naked upper chest, after a couple of seconds she got up, lightly pressing her hand on my leg, looked at me and winked smiling, after which she said: – Found it! I nodded my head in embarrassment, smiling stupidly and feeling uncomfortable. Elena was 40 years old, she was quite tall, about 180 cm, was not thin and not fat, she had a visually very beautiful and proportional figure. Her lush, slightly curly hair, gathered in an elastic band “at home” had a blonde color and a length below the shoulders, in a loose form, they created a stunning image together with her figure and beautiful, also proportional and, in truth, ideal facial features, which almost did not have wrinkles, despite its not young age. The only thing that could distract attention from all of her beauty was a small mole on the left of her chin, a couple of centimeters just below the lower lip, although she never bothered me personally. Soon Elena sat down at the table, and we all indulged in the morning meal together. Now my thoughts were completely different, my nerves calmed down, but fantasy began to seethe. I was already calm and the presence of my parents did not bother me at all. The touch acted on me like an ignition key to start my violent sexual fantasy, causing a slight excitement in me, on which I focused my attention and began to imagine erotic scenes with this beautiful woman. I always liked to dream about sex in all its forms for a long time. It all started long ago, when puberty began. I have always been a brooding person, I broke away from my thoughts and fantasies only when something very interesting for me happened, for example, playing sports (playing football, basketball) or playing computer games, or talking with a friend on an interesting topic and etc. And instead of thinking about solving a problem in math class, I imagined how I undressed my classmates in some low-light room, using elements of bondage and domination, or, on the contrary, imagined myself as a victim of molestation in front of a strict teacher , which leaves me no chance to maintain my innocence and, to some extent, dignity. This kind of fantasy and erudition in this area has taken on a higher level with the advent of the Internet in my house. The warped understanding of sexuality due to the effects of pornography on the mind of a young person made me insecure and insecure. After breakfast, the hostess announced the daily routine, which I will not narrate, but will immediately tell you what I experienced after sunset that day. In the evening we went to the bathhouse, and the afternoon feast dragged on until one in the morning. The dream to come home early did not come true, moreover, we stayed overnight. The house had 3 rooms. In the hall, my grandmother and my mother slept on a large sofa. I had a bed in the bedroom. When I turned off the light in the room and lay down on the bed, almost immediately morning thoughts came to my mind. As if snowballing on the rise, I was excited by the thoughts that arose in my head. At some point, I realized that I can no longer tease myself and must immediately cum. It was about 2 am. I put on shorts and a T-shirt and quietly walked through the corridor, sneaking on tiptoes along the creaky wooden floor, went out into the street and, wearing my slippers, headed towards the bathhouse. The toilet and the bath were nearby, and at night there was no light anywhere. The toilet door looked at the end of the bath, and the distance between the buildings was about two meters. The weather was cloudy. A rather strong wind excluded the possibility of hearing someone’s steps. I stood in the street behind the bathhouse, and slowly began to satisfy myself. I did not want to do everything in haste, being sure that everyone was asleep and not admitting the thought that someone might come to this place. A minute later, I heard the creak of a toilet door and jumped sharply, lifting my shorts faster. – Who’s here? – came the voice of Elena. – I! – I answered in a frightened and slightly trembling voice. – You scared me! Why are you hiding there? – I heard the answer. – Yes, I went here so, in a small way! – I answered confusedly. – And I thought someone was watching me here! – I was scared myself! “Well, since you’re here, can you help me clean up a little?” – Sure! We went into the dressing room and Elena turned on the light. The lamp illuminated the room and I finally saw Elena fully. She was wearing a short nightgown in dark gray with white ornaments. She immediately began sweeping the floor with a small broom, piling dry leaves from used oak brooms. I watched her work from the back and immediately drew attention to the back of Elena’s thighs. My cock, which had lost its solid state, from a sudden fright on the street, began to become hard again and treacherously began to protrude through the shorts. I looked away and tried to distract myself so as not to find myself in an awkward position. Then Elena suddenly asked: – Bring, please, a brown bucket. – In confusion, I fussily began to search for an inventory item. – There it is, in the corner. – Elena said, straightening her back and pointing her finger at the corner of the room, littered with cleaning equipment and bath accessories, where the same bucket stood on the edge of all this. I put the bucket in front of her as soon as possible. She carefully collected a bunch of leaves and tossed them into the bucket. The doors to the steam room were open, but it was hot and out of breath. Elena asked to open the windows to ventilate the dressing room – I complied with the request. In the dressing room there was a small bench covered with a thin blanket. – Let’s sit for a while, it comes through well here! – Sighing, Elena suggested. – Let’s. – I answered. I felt uncomfortable, did not know how to behave, what to talk about, etc. I just sat silently and tried to enjoy the cool air. Soon I again found myself in an awkward position – suddenly I was asked the question: – Do you have a girlfriend? – Well, no. – I answered confusedly. – Such a nice guy and no girl ?! – Elena answered flatteringly. To which, in response, I squeezed out an awkward sneer. – Hmm … – I immediately understood what you were doing here, I’m not a fool. – It was as if I was shocked by these words. I was ready to pass out and get out of this situation. “Well, there’s nothing wrong with that, right? This is all quite natural. – She added and thus completely led me to a dead end. – Uh. Nuu. Probably – Everything that I could say. – I live alone, but sometimes I really want to. – Elena said. From shame I was ready to pass out. All this time I stared at the floor, not daring to raise my eyes. – You want sex, don’t you? – She asked bluntly. – Yes – I said with an expression as if I asked the question “Are you guilty?” to the accused in the dock, whose guilt has been fully proven. A couple of seconds later, she started kissing me on the lips. For the first time I tasted a woman’s lips. I didn’t know how to kiss, so I just opened my mouth relaxedly and slightly stretched my lips, putting the initiative of the process on my “partner”. I was filled with a pleasant sensation, my heart was pounding strongly, either from excitement, or from excitement, but the body was relaxed, I really liked her smell, I felt like my penis was very wet. We kissed for about 5 minutes, all this time I uncertainly kept my hands on her waist, sitting half sideways, her hands were on my back, declared full palms. At some point, her hands went under my T-shirt and she started stroking my back. From the touch of her hands to my body, I became even more excited. I repeated after her and also stroked her back, sometimes stopping the movement of my hands, concentrating on the kiss. Gradually, I began to wrap my hands under her shirt and, slowly running my hand all over my back from the trapezoid to the waist, and lowering my hands to my hips, I did not feel the underwear, neither the top nor the bottom. With every movement I forgot about my shyness, I stroked her more and more passionately and in response I felt a stronger passion. And then at one point I found myself lying on my back, still without lifting my lips from the kiss, took hold of Elena’s buttocks and she pressed against me rubbing against my penis through clothes. I tried not to cum, every movement of her waist made me strain to somehow free my penis from squeezing movements. After a couple of minutes, she took off her shirt over the top and I saw her beautiful large breasts. Imitating the way she was acting, I took off my shirt. She again began kissing me on the lips, grabbing the shaft of my penis through the shorts, then uttered in a half-whisper with excited intonation. – How hard it is. Your shorts are in my way, take them off! I hastily complied with the request, and we returned to the opposite position. She took my penis with her hands and stroked them a little along the labia and clitoris and then inserted it inside. Movement forward and backward, she enjoyed me, and I enjoyed her and clumsily did the same movements, often not getting in time, and slightly slowed down the process, but it allowed me not to finish right away and I cooled down a little from it. We changed positions and now I am on top. I did not go in right away, but first orally caressed Elena’s breasts, licked and kissed her nipples and, slowly getting a taste, I went down my lips lower and lower down her body, she wriggled and moaned sweetly from the pleasant. And now, reaching the crotch, I felt the wonderful smell and warmth of her feminine, I really wanted to cling to her lips and tongue, but I, to the best of my perversion, began to tease her, running my tongue in the lower part of the pubis and the inside of the legs. At one point, unexpectedly for her, with a quick movement, I pressed my tongue tightly to her labia and slowly ran my tongue from below to the clitoris, and then pulled in the clitoris with my lips, pressing on it with my tongue. Elena screamed at that moment and immediately covered her mouth with her hand to suppress the sound, from which I raised myself excitedly. – I hope you haven’t heard !? – On an agitated exhalation Elena said. Wanting to bring her to orgasm with my tongue, I again began to go down to her crotch, but she stopped me, saying: – Come to me, I can no longer stand! – I fulfilled the request, although I really wanted to caress her with my tongue. Not without her help, I slowly entered it. My whole body was filled with a pleasant sensation, similar to a surge of energy that my body is about to eject. Quite quickly increasing the pace and deepening, I quickly reached the limit and at the moment of trying to stop the process in order to restrain herself, Lena pressed me to her, it seemed, with all her might and after her words: – Don’t stop, I’ll finish right now! I could no longer restrain myself and finished in her, experiencing an orgasm of incredible strength and trembling all over, made a few more impulsive movements. Elena, her mouth wide open, her eyes closed, wriggled, now stretching, now shrinking from sensations. After a few moments, all our voluntary movements stopped, I just felt like inside, pulsating, she squeezed my penis with the walls of the vagina, from which my penis also pulsed slightly, but already with a greater interval than during orgasm, thereby expressing the completion of ejaculation, from which, in turn, Elena moaned slightly. Reaching for a small towel, which lay over Elena’s head on the back of the sofa, and then, placing it under the place of copulation, she said: – Slowly pull it out. Slowly, I parted with her and sat down, leaning back on the couch, joining my legs together and holding my penis so as not to drop a drop of semen on the couch. I was overwhelmed with an extraordinary feeling, it was pleasant, because I did what I thought so often, but never experienced, but only imagined, at the same time, it seemed like I didn’t make a mistake, so I felt confident, it was only depressing that I finished in her, but it soon became clear that she was not in danger of pregnancy. For about one year we communicated closely and I visited her in different ways, from time to time. She taught me a lot and I got a lot of experience, and most importantly, I realized how strongly pornography imposes a false idea about sex life.

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