Entertainment of two guards with a young archer

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Sasha and I sat in the kitchen and drank vodka. The wife slept in the room drunk and fucked! -You have a cool wife. How did such a young and beautiful woman get drunk to such a state? After all, she probably drinks not only in your presence? And as you know, a drunken woman is not a mistress! Well, tell me more about her drunk! I’m rushing from drunk women, especially pretty ones! – Sasha poured us another glass and looked questioningly at me. We drank and I began my story … -We got married with her when she was an innocent 19-year-old girl, 13 years ago and ABSOLUTELY does not drink! I was 24! A year later, she gave birth, and when her son was 5, I personally gave her a drink for the first time with her friend (neighbor) at his birthday party, so much so that I dragged her home (to the next apartment)! And the neighbor started to drink her, about 5 years ago, she 6 years older than his wife! Lena was then 25, and when I was at work, Ira (this is the name of the neighbor) often went to his wife with a bottle of wine 2-3 times a week. The first time, when I was returning home, I found my wife in high spirits and a little screwy! But after about 6 months, I noticed that every time she gets drunker and more drunk and she likes the state of intoxication, and alcohol makes her a lustful female and greatly relaxes her muscles, pussy, ass, legs !!! You can enter it, even with a half erection! Then the neighbor took Lena into circulation at all, for her 150 grams of vodka and she was already drunk, and 250, then you have to hold on to the apartment !!! We recently drank 0.7 for two, and she fell in the corridor, for her – this is the limit, she is completely out! And then one day, returning from work late in the evening, I did not find my wife at home, and in the kitchen there are 2 empty bottles of champagne, 1 of vodka and 4 glasses! Then my heart skipped a beat, I went out on the stairs and called my neighbor at the door for a long time, but no one opened to me. I didn’t sleep all night, staring out the window, and in the morning I watched my wife being unloaded from a taxi, a drunken neighbor and two guys. She was led into the entrance by her arms, then the guys got out, got into a taxi and drove away. I went out to the elevator and when the doors opened, I was simply horrified, drunk Ira held my wife, who was drunk and splashed all the time trying to slide down the side of the elevator to the dirty floor! I have never seen her like this !!! She looked at me blankly, not even realizing who I was. I had to lift and drag! Yes, indeed, with a woman in this state, you can do whatever you want. Dragging Lenka to the bed and putting it down, I began to carefully examine her, the skirt was back to front, the jacket was unbuttoned, there were no panties, lipstick was smeared on my face, my hair was all wet with sperm, sperm flowed from the vagina. She was stuffed with sperm, her vagina was just a hollow, and her ass was somehow smeared with cream. My penis was staked, I imagined how there was too much alcohol and the wife was caressed by other men, and strangers fucked her, flooding her body with their semen and many greedy hands crumpled her ass and pawed her breasts slimy from semen! From these thoughts, my penis strained to the limit, I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and entered her sticky, frustrated vagina, which was wet and hot! and I also finished in it, unable to withstand such excitement, diluting the seed of other people’s males with my liquid! She did not even budge, lay like a sack! – Yeah! Lucky you and your wife. ”“ By this time, we’ve already got a good deal of it. ”“ And your wife was fucked in front of you by several guys ?! ”he asked. – There were drunken orgies. Once on Saturday I went to work, said 2-3 hours, left at 11-30, I call the work phone at 15-00, says I am late, I will call before leaving, at 18-00 she calls herself, – Hello, you will pick me up ? – I hear the voice of my wife. – Are you drunk? “The Fool himself!” – You got drunk! – Kiss my ass! -Alcoholic! Bitch! -I hung up I was angry with my wife and took out a bottle of vodka from the refrigerator and sat in front of the TV. At 10 pm, the vodka ran out, but it never appeared. Somewhere at half past eleven, I dialed her number, for a long time no one answered the phone, my wife did not answer and I was very worried, and then a woman I did not know answered the phone. “Who is this ?!” I asked in surprise. – That’s me! And STE hto? – answered the woman, judging by her voice, drunk thoroughly! And in the tube you can hear music and male voices! “The horse in the coat, Lena, where?” I said angrily. – Lenka? She seems to be sleeping. Cho to transfer? – Give me the address where she sleeps. – Why you asking? Do you want to blow her too? ”She laughed drunkenly. “What does it mean, too – flashed in my head – okay, after we figure it out, now the main thing is to take her home!” – For the most tomatoes! – Come – she gave the address – better blow me tomatoes, otherwise Lenka is no longer, got drunk in the trash! Yes, and they blew her a lot without you! ”She laughed again. Her words made a cold sweat on my neck and the hops evaporated! I realized that Lenka was pumped up! Instantly rushed to the address that this madam gave me. When I arrived, the door was not locked! I went into the apartment. In the hallway, on a hanger, I saw my wife’s jacket, among many other clothes! Music was playing in one of the rooms, the kitchen was full of empty bottles and the whole apartment was heavily smoked. It looks like everyone here got drunk! Entering the room, a terrible picture appeared in front of me … Naked Lena lay on her stomach on the bed, lifting her ass and legs wide apart. A large wet spot spread between the legs on the sheet. On it are large drops of wet and sticky sperm, someone else’s sperm, On the table vodka, snacks, On the floor lay a blouse and skirt. She was splashed drunk! There was an aluminum basin on the carpet beside the bed. I knew my wife for a long time and realized that she was vomiting, they poured her very diligently and brought her to an insane state, in which I myself sometimes like to fuck her! She was in such shit that all the men of the city could blow their sperm into her, and she wouldn’t budge! I suppose it would fit, it didn’t leak. In the room, besides my wife, there were three naked men and one woman who was sleeping in a chair in the far corner! Everyone is drunk. She looked about 35-37 years old, pleasant face, long hair. True, the legs are short, but the chest was not large and beautifully proportional to her incomplete body! She was wearing only a bra and gray sweatpants, which, together with the panties, were pulled down to her knees, and the pubic hair was thick and black! She slept drunkenly without noticing what was happening around. One man was on his knees near the thighs of my wife, stroking her thighs and white buttocks, I saw his huge and very thick cock! He ran his prick along the crotch and inserted the head first, and then thrust the entire member into his wife’s vagina. Her labia parted and his cock plunged into her. Taking Lena by the buttocks, he began to plant her on his powerful organ. She only moaned in response. My cock stood up and I almost finished right in my pants. The other two were standing next to the bed and jerking off while watching their buddy bang my wife! – Who are you? – One of them noticed me – I came to pick up my wife – I answered dryly – it’s time for her to go home. – She won’t go anywhere. She cannot walk, they barely dragged her here from work, and then she added and passed out! She became ill and vomited. – Listen, why pump up a woman to the point where she is not just on her feet, but even vomits ?! – What do you mean WHY? If a woman drinks, it means she wants to break away. Moreover, if she herself likes it, it is nice – to please the lady, and not to forget herself. It is exciting when a lady likes it. And don’t bother her to relax. Rejoice that the woman gets pleasure, this is a passing state – he laughed. – I won’t leave without Lenka. – Yes, for God’s sake, sit down and have a drink! – and poured me half a glass of vodka, supposedly fine! and men 50 grams. – Let’s drink to the acquaintance! I am Sasha, and these are my friends, Mikhail and Renat. And this is my wife – Natasha – he pointed to a woman sleeping in an armchair with her pants down – she also got drunk, she and your Elena work together. Renat was short and with a thick member of 22 cm long, Mikhail was 40 years old. He was skinny and his member was thin and long. Sasha was tall, his penis was 15 cm, with a huge head, 1.5 times thicker than the penis itself! – Sergey – I answered. We drank. Renat, the one who fucked my wife, drank without removing his penis from her. – Yet. He immediately poured another. It darkened in my eyes. – Take off your clothes, otherwise everyone is naked, but you are not. Not good! You don’t mind us fucking your girl, hubby? If you want, fuck Natasha! I’m not against. “Don’t mind,” I replied, already badly understanding what was happening. I undressed. Then they drank again, I got really bad. I got drunk, sat and watched my wife being fucked. And while my penis stood like a stake! – Look, he got up! Looks like watching. Watch your Lenka go crazy. – Relax, girl, I’ll let you down now – whispered Renat. -M-mm-mm …- Aaaaaaaaaaa – she woke up drunk, stared with dull eyes at us, not even recognizing me. – Come on, Come on, girl, finish, Your husband is worth. – her muscles relaxed, she finished and went out again, and he continued to fuck her insensitive body. -She finished, – Look – she likes it! I told you that she would like it! Lena no longer had a crack, but a huge, wet Hole. A few minutes later Renat pulled her to him. His body trembled from orgasm, pouring sperm into her bosom. And Lenka lay under him completely limp, she was completely drunk and did not understand what was happening and where she was. I jerked off, looking at my wife, the mother of the child, strangers at first pumped me with alcohol, and now they pump her insensitive body with sperm! From all this, my penis strained to the limit and I also finished, unable to withstand such a sight, a hot white stream shot out of me! Then again and again! From my penis, just a sea of sperm spilled out, splashing everything around! And it was one of the strongest orgasms in my life! – My friend, what’s wrong with you? – He finished, along the way he likes that his wife is screwed! – said one of Sasha’s friends, he bent down to me, bringing a glass of vodka. – Now have a drink. I drank. I woke up in about 20, maybe 50 minutes. Renat spreading Lenka’s buttocks with his fingers, feeling the anus, winked at me, then took out a small flat jar of Vaseline. smeared it liberally on his finger. Her ass was completely open and he inserted his finger into her anus. Lena groaned, but she was too drunk to control the situation. – What a cool ass! – Renat whispered. I continued to sit with a member sticking out and watch the development of events. – Cool girl, got drunk like a pig, her husband is also in the zyuzu. My penis is standing, I’m already in love with her. The ass is still shaking. ”Misha blurted out, massaging his penis. She was seated on a sinewy, thick penis with a large, red head, another was attached to her from behind and entered her ass, and a member of the third is trying to enter her insensitive mouth! Lena’s lush buttocks flinched to the beat of the movements of THESE males! The one who took her from behind, without removing the penis from the ass, began to cum, pouring his sperm into Lena’s ass! From such a sight, I was very excited! I thought his cum would never end! When he finished pouring out, he pulled a member out of his wife’s ass and fell down next to him, while another member, without stopping, pounded her drunken vagina! But he could not stand it for a long time, coming out of it, he began to pour thick hot sperm on the face and chest of my wife. Lenka’s hair was stained with sperm, her whole body was in the sperm. Semen flowed from both of her holes. Renat parted his wife’s buttocks as wide as possible, exposing the swarthy hole in the anus. Photographed her ass, back hole. Her body was wet with the semen of the men who fucked her – I finished my story. Do you want your wife to be fucked again in front of you by several guys ?! he asked me. and after these words I felt that my penis began to move in my pants. I realized that I want this! – I do, but I think that she will not give sober !!! Sober – She’s right! -And not necessarily sober. I told my friends about your wife, they would love to fuck her and in such a state as she is now. Well, call them? – he asked. – Right today? – I was surprised. – Why pull! You want it! – Well yes! Not at home! – This is not a problem, one of my friends lives here not far away and he has a 2-room apartment, he lives there alone. Well, call ??? – The problem is different, how can we drag Lenka there? She’s totally drunk! – I think he will come by car, I will call and find out everything. and we will take her out into the street! – Or take it out! I added. – Call! And I will go and dress her, not to carry her naked. I entered the room, Lena was still lying, legs spread wide in the same position that we had left her, climbed into the closet and began to choose clothes ..

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