Gift for the Queen of the Amazons

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Weightlessness, subtle aromas of flowers, tenderness around, and no, this is not about color, this is a feeling of warmth and comfort throughout the body and mind. I am in a wave of light, I feel good, calm, I feel that I am not wearing clothes, but this does not bother me, I am free from embarrassment or embarrassment. Warmth spreads through the muscles, the body is strong but relaxed. I open my eyes, everything around is flooded with soft pink, the color is soft, calm and sensual. In front of me, in tune with the space, is a huge bud of a flower unknown to me. Now and here there is only tenderness, me and this flower. The flower begins to grow rapidly and here it does not seem like something strange, everything is as it should be. It grows taking all my attention, I just watch, and now it is bigger than me, it continues to grow. The first conscious thought. – There could be anything. I can’t speak … as in sleep paralysis, my lips move, but there are no sounds, but for some reason it doesn’t scare me at all, it even seems that words can break the magic and calmness of this place. – Well, okay, feel and think, that’s enough for now. Feel and think. Attention again goes to the flower, it seems to attract it, outwardly it is not mobile, but something is clearly happening inside. The aroma has changed a little, the smell is like from a full plate of strawberries. A wave of energy, a few petals open and inside I see it. – As if I ran into a live goddess. She is radiantly beautiful, too perfect for an imperfect material. Pure skin, as if from a picture, a miniature body, ideal proportions, a thin neat waist with graceful lines turns into small hips, straight legs, not too long, very neat and beautiful, very cute and small feet, people do not have such even and seven-dimensional Stop. Raised and beautiful breasts, perfect to fit in the hand, thin neck and very clean and clear face. Blond hair falling over the shoulders only slightly reaches the collarbone. She seems to be asleep, relaxed and open, her chest smoothly rises and falls in time with calm breathing, her lips are only slightly parted. Her face is like the work of an ideal sculptor, it is impossible to determine the age, but the dormant ancient power in her is obvious, meanwhile, waves of love and tenderness are directly felt from her. She opened her eyes, I was gone right away, I dissolved into them, like a space filled with love. – Have you been waiting for me for a long time? The last thing I expected to hear such a question, although I don’t know what I could expect at all, and even less “hear” it right in my head. – There is no point in speaking in words, there are enough intentions and thoughts. It would seem that this should have alarmed me, I am completely open, naked, and my thoughts are wide open. But I have nothing to be afraid of here, I am in the most comfortable place, with a woman who embodies love … and smells like strawberries. For this place, everyday logic is not appropriate. So I just think back. – I don’t know, I was just here, then you appeared. – Have you settled in this space? Learned to move? Have you lost your body sensation? – I somehow didn’t even think about it, I’m just here, as if in zero gravity, it’s not a dream, I control my body. – Okay, come to me. The flower in this short time, as if it had always been so, turned rather into a pink cloud, silky in appearance, as if the petals had become cloth. And at that moment I realized with awkwardness for myself that I could not move in her direction. I just move my body, but the movements are in reality like in weightlessness where I cannot push off. – Just fly like in a dream. I saw her smile, instinctively smiled back. – How beautiful you are. And indeed, as in a dream, only slightly collecting the sensations, he smoothly swam towards her to me, but she also swam much more slowly towards me. Nearby, very close, and lips to lips. A kiss, just a touch of lips, how sweet. The bodies touched, her arms hug me. She pulled back a little, smiles and looks into my eyes, my eyes are still the same deep, I’m drowning. Again a kiss, there is emptiness in my head, tender lips, the most tender lips, I kiss in return, my arms do not cross their shoulders and waist. Lips are hot, warm, I don’t understand if there is a sound here, but I feel from her the pressure of sensual and filling love. Through sensations, I hear in my head. – Want. The body is completely awake, the heart is beating faster, the skin becomes hotter, the kiss is more intense, I feel the moisture of my lips, passion awakens, I press it harder. The lips open, the tongue is hot and mobile, I give mine, I answer, the head becomes hot, breathing is interrupted, the muscles have a tone. We are extremely close, I can feel her all, her delicate skin under my hands, her chest resting against me. The member quickly begins to rise, and also rest against her hot body. But for some reason a thought appeared. – Is it appropriate here? – It’s perfect here, it’s too good here not to feel you whole. Her hand slides down and the thought is away from her. – I want everything with you, I want everything with you. Her palm covers my cock, my hands go down. – Do whatever you want. And her fingers squeeze me into a fist, the kiss, meanwhile, left my lips, squeezing my hips with my right hand, I walk on an elastic supple body, with my left hand I collect my hair and slightly turn her face away, rush to my neck, very sweet, delicate thin skin with my lips, I feel a sway veins, her pulse quickening, not only her lips, but also her tongue, my warm moist tongue on her tender neck. I kiss, still tenderly, but I start to flare up and bite slightly, so far only with my lips. Her hand walks along the entire amplitude of the penis, while slowly, but the palm is tightly clenched and I feel every movement very clearly, the rhythm, slowly but constantly increasing, the fingers press harder. My hand walks over her body, squeezing and stroking her legs, hips, back, pressing it closer to me. The other hand controls her head by pulling back slightly and opening my neck, I know she likes it, I also like kissing her neck, getting hotter, more passionate. She, like me, does not restrain herself. Her hand, though gentle, but the movements are strong, amplitude, uniform. The rhythm is faster, breathing is faster. – You’re very hot, how do you want? – Anything, and everything for you. She rises slightly in the air, without releasing her hand from my penis, slightly moves her hips, I feel moisture, hot. And at that moment I was covered with warmth. I hear the first loud sound. Her strong and passionate exhalation. She is on top of me, her hands grabbed my shoulders, she got a little higher, her body moved away from me, and movement. All my sensations went down, every push, every movement, breathing louder. Her head is lifted up, she moans loudly but slowly and rhythmically, deeper and more powerful, she is very dense inside, each deep movement brings a lot of pleasure. I pull her to me and squeeze her in my arms. One impulse and we are on the petals. Breathing louder, she moans, she feels good. The rhythm intensifies, I move more powerfully, faster, I cling to her, how warm she is! Dense, how hard it squeezes me. My head is empty, there are no thoughts at all, I only feel that the smell has changed, as if cinnamon was added to the strawberries. From her thought. – Stronger, stronger. – Do you want it tougher? – Yes yes yes, tougher! I know what she wants, I feel her, I play. She was overwhelmed by passion, I get stronger, more powerful, I rise higher and go faster, every movement is a slap, the atmosphere is completely different from the one that was at the beginning, it became hot, there are a lot of sounds, she moans, I seem to even growl, the highest measure of pleasure. The pace increases, I do not get tired at all, I even breathe faster not from fatigue, but from passion, therefore it is not limited. This is my thought. – I want it differently. – Come on. Even her mental “come on” became louder and more frank. I rise, for a moment, peer into her face … even the perfect woman becomes even more attractive during sex. She smiles in response, and this is wonderful, how good it is for me now, perhaps it has never been. I raise myself slightly, without leaving her, I take her legs, I rise. She is on her back, I am perpendicular to her, lift her legs, bring them together, oh, how tight, as if I’m hammering myself in, and I go out again, and again, and again! How sexy she is, walking over her body, squeezing and stroking, thighs, calves, and thighs again, the pace increases. I put one hand on her stomach, with the other I clasp her calves, lick her, kiss her, the hand rises to the chest, they are perfect, the pressure increases, she no longer moans, it’s like a cry, breathing louder. How sexy are her legs, her hand is higher, I can’t see, his face rested on the ankles, closed his eyes, her lips, her mouth is open, I grab the jaw with two fingers, she plays, licks my fingers with her tongue. It would seem much more, but I am still excited, the feeling of inner fire rolls up with renewed vigor. Hips working, I hammer, she screams, loud breathing, spanking fast and strong. Then she screams, her legs are cramping, she bites my fingers, I feel that she is squirting, squeezing me with her hands until it hurts. Orgasm. I am resting, enjoying the spectacle, not getting out of it, I feel how everything is pulsing there, my head is thrashing from side to side. Gradually calms down. There is only pleasure in her head, she has it too, I feel it, it calms down. Rest, wet, but it’s nice, hot bodies in close contact, the atmosphere around is no longer pink, notes of red have appeared. The petals on which we lie are all the same tender, but she is still beautiful, and I not only see but also feel it, because now she not only radiates love, now this love also burns along with passion, and in her it is bright like never.

Author: rendteam