Goddess came down from heaven to fuck her fan

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My wife and I came to Turkey again. Not that there was not enough money for Europe, but in Turkey it is somehow more familiar, and we know all the places where it is good to walk in which tavern, and go to the mountains for trout, and at what disco in Alanya to come off. And to be honest, I pay a penny for a 4-star apartment in a hotel, as a regular customer. I’m a sociable guy, I make acquaintances easily, so this time we met on the beach with a very young couple. He, Denis, is twenty with a ponytail, lean, tall, athletic, and she, Dasha, in general, looks like eighteen years old. It turned out to be newlyweds from Moscow. They have a honeymoon, so they come off in full. For me, of course, it’s strange when a young wife topless sunbathes, but yes, that’s their business, I don’t get into other people’s business. I must, of course, say that my wife and I signed about five years ago, when she was eighteen, and I am eighteen years older than her. Katya, my wife, is from the modeling business, where I also worked for some time. When we met, he pulled her out of there, and now we live happily, like an exemplary married couple. Of course I didn’t get it as a girl, given her parameters. And, as usual, I was her number two. Yes, to me the fact that I adored my wife 177 cm in height and volume 92-58-90 and had it regularly, and she answered me with the same coin. I got into the model by accident, a friend asked to replace someone at the photo session, so I tried it. In the army, he pumped up, and with a height of 193 cm, he was also photogenic. And so I have my own business and all the benefits that come with it. And then I look, mine, having looked at the new friend, also threw off her bra, well, yes, I do not mind, there is something to see. The chest is round, but tucked up, the papillae are small and look up provocatively. I’m not jealous, I never kept my wife on a short leash, I wanted topless – please. I only notice that our new acquaintance is no longer staring at the chest of his young wife, but is staring at the little wife. Well, let him, and then I’ll take a closer look at his young man. Of course, still quite a child, thin, childish skin, with fluff, the chest, though decent, but without much roundness, such two solid mounds with pink nipples. The tummy is elastic, there is a piercing on the navel, the thighs stick out with bones, so you can look under your panties and see the beginning of a curly dark strip. The ass is neat, the legs are long, slender, it seems that it does not even shave them yet. The face is smart, with big gray eyes, puffy lips and for some reason dark cherry, hair is thick to the shoulders. In less than a year, in two years, turn into a real beauty. So we got into the habit of going to the beach to sunbathe together, and in the evening the four of us went to the disco. Let’s sit well in the restaurant and dance. Like a slow dance, more and more partners were exchanged. Dasha dances perfectly, and I myself am not a bad dancer and I understand that somehow she’s dancing wrong, well, she’s obviously trying to turn me on, then she’ll run her hand where it’s not needed, then she will press her chest, then she will smear her pubis. Yes, and mine with Denis comes off with might and main, put her hand under his shirt, and he did not remain in debt, I know, I don’t have a bra on, so he strokes her bare chest. It all started with a disco, but before that we went to the mountains … The idea was mine, I rented a wheelbarrow, and in the morning we went to the mountains, to Sanchai, to a fish restaurant. We sat perfectly, it seemed like it’s early to return, and we went to some higher mountain to sunbathe. There is no one to the people, and before I had time to come to my senses, Dasha threw off everything, and after her, mine was exposed. Denis lagged behind somewhere, and I stand alone in front of two naked awesome girls. I studied mine well, but I don’t want to see Dashkin’s pubes, but I stare. She’s a little chubby, her sparse hairs still don’t cover the beginning of the crack, where you can guess her little button. And as my back turned so generally mortality. The ass is round, strong, not tanned, two folds are visible between the legs. While I was looking at it, Denis dumped in and also threw off his swimming trunks. Nothing like that with him, with my unit can not be compared, but still solid. And then I see that mine is staring at Deniska, doesn’t take my eyes off, and somehow she’s all of it, the tummy tightened, the chest lifted, the papillae were swollen, she was licking her lips straight. Well, it is clear, apparently started up. I think it’s interesting. When we had already laid down on the bedspread, I put my hand into her pussy, and she was all wet. Once or twice he ran his hand over the lips, and she bent over in an arc, groaned so softly and froze. I look, and next to Denis is already banging all over Dasha, and looking, scoundrel, at my wife’s pussy, and she, as a deliberately still slightly spread her legs. Well, what can I do, I sit, admiring someone else’s fuck. I myself am not going to show the show, not that age. And there Denis threw his wife’s legs over his shoulders and I can clearly see how his penis enters her little pink hole, her lower lips are slightly turned outward, then pulled inward. About two minutes later, Dasha began to moan and actively wave her ass. The sight is still, I could not resist and began to stroke Katya’s pussy with one hand, gently touching the clitoris, and with the other slightly squeeze her nipple. Orgasm overtook them three at the same time. Dasha moans, mine moans, Denis jerks, I swear in silence. Then we sunbathed for an hour for decency and returned to the hotel. … Well, after the disco we came back and decided to sit in our room a little longer. Music, dancing continues, the girls are naked again topless, already like all their own, it’s not a shame. Denis paws my chest open, I gently caress Dasha’s nipples. But in general, I think we need to stop this brothel. I am not a Puritan, but I am not immeasurable to share my wife with anyone and I do not need any group member. A spate sea, but I notice that everything is being poured into me more, it even became interesting if they really conspired and want to get me drunk. I don’t resist, I drink, and I didn’t count – I passed out for a while. I come to myself from affection. Someone gently strokes my breasts and sucks on my penis. I open my eyes – naked Dasha folded her lips with a tube and childishly clumsily tries to swallow my unit, but it doesn’t work out very well since I’m just huge and even my wife got used to it for almost a year. I remove Dasha and wonder where my half is. She cries, they say love has arisen and they went to the sea, and they left me to guard and please. Why, I ask, do you need this young wife. And I love him and I want him to be happy, well, I really liked you. Well kindergarten. I got angry seriously, I run to the beach, and there my naked lies on a lounger, hung my legs, lifted my ass, and Denis passionately licks her pussy. So the games are over. I take both of them by the scruff, throw them into the water and start drowning them. They fight as best they can, but where are they against me. Suddenly I hear a plaintive voice – do not touch them, please, please, I will do everything for you. I turn around, it was Dasha who came running to the beach after me. Stands shaking, crying, but does not come to my water. Somehow it didn’t matter to me, the rage passed, but some cold anger remained. I dragged them ashore, revived them and dragged them back to my room. Naked puppies are sitting, shaking with fear. Well, for the sake of order, he pushed Denisa a couple more times, and then put his wife in cancer and inserted it into her pussy without any preparation. She whined in pain. Denis began to cry and began to stroke her head, and Dasha began to stroke Denis. Love. I fucked my wife for a couple of minutes, pushed her away and she fell on Denis. He sat down on a chair, called Dasha to him, turned her around to face Denis, spread her legs and began to pull her on his penis. Dasha wheezed, her hole was very narrow, I saw her lips stretched almost into a ring, trying to miss my cock, she was almost dry, the penis entered only half, but I continued to press on her hips. Dasha’s tears started flowing and then my wife crawled up to her and began to lick her clitoris. Gradually, I completely immersed myself in someone else’s wife. Dasha stopped crying and began to wiggle her ass over me, pushing her feet off the floor. Denis silently watched as I raped his wife, but then his interest switched to that magnificent spectacle that represented the open crotch of my Katya. On the beach, he did not have time to finish and now his penis swelled and rose before our eyes. Some kind of turbidity came over me and I ordered him to lick Katka. Feeling a foreign tongue in her vagina, Katka froze for a second, then spread her hips even wider and protruded her ass. Denis simply fucked her with his tongue, trying to stick it as deep as possible. His whole face was covered in Katka’s grease. Grabbing another man’s wife by the hips, lifting and pressing her legs to her breasts, I lifted her above me and, taking out of her penis, inserted it into Katka’s mouth, and ordered Denis to caress Dashkin’s anus with his tongue. Dasha realized what I was planning and began to twitch, but I strongly squeezed the nipples of her breasts and she froze. Having pulled the penis out of Katka’s lips and ordered to hold it upright with my hand, I began to slowly lower Dasha’s anus onto my dick. As soon as the head rested on the brown ring, Dasha screamed and then Denis himself began to spread his fingers apart, trying to alleviate Dashka’s suffering. I felt how the head entered something inexpressibly tight and warm, a wave of languor rolled over and I began to lower, twitching and squeezing Dasha’s breasts. At some point, I felt that the penis sinks deeper and deeper into Dasha’s ass. She was chilled and her whole body shook. Before that, a relatively small clitoris suddenly pouted and protruded forward by almost a centimeter. Without taking out the penis, I began to gently stroke it and then the convulsions of orgasm rolled over Dasha, she screamed a little and passed out. From such spasms, my penis regained full strength and I was in no hurry to leave the cozy nest. Somewhere in a minute she came to her senses and I began to slowly hammer her ass, since my sperm served as a lubricant. At first Dasha did not move, and then put her hands on my buttocks and began to gently press with me in time. Listening carefully, I realized that along with her moans, words of love were breaking out. What kind of love? I haven’t decided anything yet. I looked, and my lovers grew bolder and gently caress each other on the sofa opposite each other. I growled and they bounced off each other. Then Dashutka turns her head and tries to mumble something like let them go, they are good, they fell in love. Yes, they were good, they almost quietly instructed me. And Dasha’s booty pushes more and more actively and already caresses her own pussy. Honestly, I have never experienced such sensations as in her, with anyone, even with Katka. Such sweetness runs in waves. And the top view is crazy. The halves of the butt move apart, I see my piston coming in, my waist sags, the shoulders are trembling, the breasts are swollen, the papillae are shrunken and pegged. And for me everything is prettier and prettier, although the penis is tightly clamped in Dasha’s little hole, but from the “lubrication” the movements are sweeping, almost the entire length of the trunk. Sometimes I pull my dick out and then insert it into the anus again. At first, for a moment, it gets stuck at the beginning, and then quickly falls into this depth. Dasha no longer even hums, does not moan, but wheezes, squeezing my buttocks with her hands so that the nails dug into the skin. Feeling the “arrival”, I tightly squeezed the slender body and began to literally screw into Dasha’s ass, feeling the seed spilling out with jerks …

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