Harpy sticks his dick in two peasant girls

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I’m not a hypocrite in matters of sex, just the voice of my body was still sleeping sweetly somewhere in the cozy depths of my mind. Only occasionally did I hear his sleepy gurgling, accidentally touching some corners of my body during hygiene procedures. But these influences were of a random and not so long-lasting nature, so that a couple of times mumbling sleepily, my body’s voice peacefully fell asleep without arousing my interest in the sexual issue. When I happened to watch a pornographic tape with a married friend, I experienced a whole range of feelings. A feeling of burning shame burned my skin, an internal nervous tremor made it difficult to concentrate on what was happening. With difficulty, pretending to be indifferent to what was happening on the screen, I cast short glances at the screen with an indifferent gaze. The revealed side of the true relationship between a woman and a man shocked me. Out into the air on my way home, I cast furtive glances at the oncoming men. The episodes I had seen floated up in my head and trying them on, I could not believe that with their thing between their legs they could do it to me. This episode left in my memory a feeling of incomprehensible heaviness in the lower abdomen and a feeling of tightening of the skin in the place where the inner thighs touching each other pass into the perineum. They were caused by the drying discharge from my pussy, which wetted my pants abundantly. It never even occurred to me that my pussy could be used for something other than the usual purpose. But. But a little time passed and the hormones that did not receive further stimulation subsided. What he saw began to seem like something artificial, not real, specially invented for the cinematic life flowing on the other side of the screen and having no access to the real world. The voice of my body never woke up, only began to toss and turn in me with unconscious desires, some kind of languor at night. So I would have led my student life in imprisonment in classrooms at lectures and competitions in artistic gymnastics. However, everything has its time. It’s time for me to learn about the sexual side of being. Relationships with the guys around me were fleeting and mostly related to school. Someone asked for notes, I asked someone to rewrite the tape for me. For someone, my appearance caused shyness, this was evident from the quickly withdrawn look from my small breasts. Someone just glanced at me indifferently. At the beginning of the new academic year, OH appeared in our group. He was three years older than me and appeared in our group, having recovered at the institute after serving in the army. The first time I saw Valery, that was his name, at the entrance to the auditorium on the first pair. He stood at some distance from a group of my fellow students. Passing him, I felt his attentive gaze on me. Our eyes met for a moment, and his gaze left in me some joyful expectations. I felt the wings behind my back. The surrounding objects became somehow brighter and more colorful, and the surrounding fellow students became nice and dear people. Soon the bell rang, everyone quickly sat down at the tables. “Allow me,” came a questioning male voice over my ear, instantly ripping me out of my dreamy reverie into the real world. I could only nod in dismay. This is how our romance began. Valery surrounded me with unobtrusive attention. Being a man of versatile views, possessing extensive knowledge and having a lot of his own opinion, he was an interesting conversationalist. He just had a talent for showing up at exactly the moment when I needed help. Very soon I began to need his company. In moments of his absence, I felt uncomfortable, a feeling of some kind of loss grew in me. As soon as he appeared on the horizon, my peace of mind returned to me. But a platonic relationship could not suit the guy in his prime, and a systematic attack began on my innocence. It started with light kisses on my ear while dancing slowly at a student party. These were not even kisses, but just light lips touching the edge of my ear. Soft twilight, a glass of champagne, the light noise of his breath and tickling touches of his lips formed an explosive mixture. My legs treacherously weakened, my lower abdomen began to become heavier, goose bumps ran along my spine. Compensating for the betrayal of my legs, I practically hung on Valeria, dropping my head on his shoulder. His hand lying on my lower back seemed to grab me, lightly pressing me to his body. The palm, making soothing strokes on the back, turned its fingers down. Fingers, frozen for a moment on the bulge of the elastic of my pants, easily felt through the thin fabric of my dress, moved along it. Then the palm began to rise up, grabbing the skirt of the dress with it, and again went, sliding down with her fingers along the elastic of the pants. My panties betrayed me and gradually slipped down under skillful hands. The dance ended at the moment when the panties were in the middle of my half-bursts and wondered where to move next, down or back up. From the feeling of chill in the hollow ajar under the dress and the treacherous movements of my panties, my head was spinning, my heart was thumping loudly. I couldn’t straighten my panties in full view of everyone. Fortunately, putting his left hand on my shoulders and intertwining her fingers with the fingers of my left hand, holding my right hand on his hip, Valery led me into the saving twilight of the far corner of the ballroom. So, half embracing, we went out onto the staircase of the service entrance. It was dark there, only half a span above the moonlight blue window. It was my boyfriend who brought me to him. From walking, the panties finally betrayed me, from behind they almost completely slipped, reinforced with an elastic band under my half-pieces. I just needed to urgently return them to their place and I tragically pondered how to do it unnoticed by my gentleman. We leaned against the wall. Valery, standing sideways to my right, began to shower my neck with light tickling kisses, and I forgot about my traitors for a long time. Turning my chin with the palm of his right hand, he dug a kiss into my lips. Everything floated before my eyes, my lips were filled with indescribable tingling sensations. Through half-oblivion, I felt a man’s hand on my left chest. Taking my breast from below in his palm, his hand stroked it from side to side. From such sensations, I involuntarily twitched, opening my eyes, and immediately realized the futility of my timid flutters. A whole complex was opposed to my bashfulness, my right hand was pressed against the wall and I could only hug him with it. The left hand was bound with intertwined fingers. My mouth was covered with a kiss, and I could not blurt out something out of place, destroying the charm of the moment. We stood for only a moment, straining until my calmed bashfulness gave way to the insistent demands of my chest, which demanded the continuation of the banquet. Sagging in skillful hands, I closed my eyes … I once again critically examined the result of the creativity of my hands. The plasticine imitator matched the prototype and stood in full combat readiness on the bedside table. Perhaps you can try, I thought. The unknown frightened and attracted me. Taking the phallus in my hands, feeling its heaviness, subconsciously I delayed the decisive moment. Once again, checking its diameter with a ring of fingers, I suddenly remembered the delicate softness of his skin, easily sliding back and forth along the trunk of the original under my hands. Alas, the surface of the copy was rough. Imagining him in myself, I almost abandoned my idea. But the unknown attracted, and this circumstance became only a plausible excuse to postpone decisive actions a little. After a short thought, I applied what was most suitable for this purpose. I put one condom on the phallus first, and then several more. The surface was almost perfect for its intended purpose, soft enough, but not moving. Having pulled a stack of condoms with threads at the base of the head, I pulled off half of the condoms from the plasticine penis. After digging a little in the bedside table of the sewing machine, I picked up a thin elastic band and grabbed the condoms hanging from the penis at the beginning of the head. I smeared the entire barrel with silicone gel and carefully pulled the hanging cones back. I pulled them with threads at the base so as not to squeeze out the gel. The phallus was now ready. Its surface was soft, aseptic and even slightly moved. There was no reason to postpone further. After spreading the tube of gel, a mirror and the main object on the bed, I sat down on the sheet. A small tremor of excitement ran through my body. Lifting my ass, slowly pulled off my panties, the sheet pleasantly chilled my half-drunk. The moment of truth has arrived. Spreading my legs to the sides, with the help of a mirror, I began to consider where all this is inserted. The mirror reflected a mound overgrown with curly hair, squeezed by columns of thighs. The crack that cut him into halves slowly parted to the sides, revealing a bud of small lips that was bulging with excitement. I had to put a pillow under my ass and push my buttocks with my free hand to see, finally, the hero of the occasion. The asterisk of the anus stood out with darker skin and was located lower on the nail from the edge of my pussy, in a small depression of the priests. Holding back my nervous hiccups, I put the tube of gel to the middle of the star. The touch sent a nervous tremor throughout the body. Pressing lightly on the tube, I inserted its neck inside. The anus filled with the sensation of a cold, rough surface. Squeezing the gel inside, I felt how he, having lingered at the beginning, began to penetrate deeply, washing the walls surrounding it with coolness. However, soon the feeling of coolness was replaced by a feeling of exciting fullness. Having squeezed out a third of the tube inside, I left a transparent slide of gel on top, completely filling the depression of the anus with it, I was ready. Taking the phallus in my hands, I put it to this slide. In response to the first touch, the anus briefly clenched, as if hiccuping with fright. Holding the phallus at the entrance with her left hand, she began to press on it with her right hand. In the area of the anus, the pressure of a cold hard object was felt, pressing inward on the entire anus. In the mirror, I could see how the surface of the body moved inward, yielding to my pressure. I increased the pressure. In the area of the priests, a painful sensation began to grow, as if someone had put a finger on my stomach and pressed. The end of the phallus pressed the anus into the body, not at all intending to penetrate into it. Only the excitement of accidentally touching the small lips of my pussy and seeing in the porno tapes that he nevertheless enters there, did not allow me to abandon the idea I had begun. Leaning on my back and bending the thighs outstretched to the sides to the stomach, I increased the pressure. The dull pain did not intensify anymore, it only spreads, capturing new areas of the perineum. Biting my lower lip, I increased the pressure even more. A new sensation was added to the dull pain, the anus began to give under pressure, slightly stabbing, with acute pain. The phallus, slowly pushing apart the narrow opening, began to penetrate inside. The sharp pain began to grow. Keeping to the brink of tolerance, I continued to press. The anus, trying to expel a foreign body, shrank, interfering with penetration and squeezed it out. Having relaxed and rested a little, I doubled my pressure. Shaking the phallus from side to side, I kind of screwed it into the ass, trying to relax it as much as possible. The anus pushing the penetrating object began to surrender under my pressure. Biting my lip, I felt the sphincter ring tighten under the pressure of a merciless and terribly hard object penetrating me. The needles of acute pain accelerated their pace along the stretching sphincter ring. But this pain was still bearable and the growing excitement made it sweet. Continuing the pressure, I felt how the sphincter, stretching to the limit, began to react with almost unbearable pain to the slightest increase in pressure. Trying to relax my ass and leaving the pressure constant, I continued to press. I felt like stretching, until the feeling of a string that was about to burst, the sphincter slowly enveloped on the object that was tormenting it. Short as a cry, a surge of pain and the head of the phallus, overcoming resistance, penetrated deep into the sphincter. For a couple of seconds I tried to endure the pain that gripped my ass, so that the anus would get used to what was done to him. Giving advice in books is easy – at least for me it turned out to be impossible to fulfill them. I, releasing the pressure, pulled the torture instrument back a little. Outraged by the abuse, the anus immediately pushed him out. Spreading my legs to the sides, I relaxed resting. The phallus lay between the legs, resting the end against the depression of the sphincter. The sharp pain instantly disappeared, the sensation of heat filled the hole in the ass. I could not decide what was more pleasant for me, the feeling of heat in the outraged priest or the heaviness of the pissing. After a little rest, I noticed how the phallus tickles the entrance to the ass. Unwittingly, I gave my booty towards these sensations, but the unrestrained imitator retreated before this impact. Then, lifting the ass and sticking the phallus to the slightly opened hole in the anus, she rested the lower end of it against the mattress. Holding the phallus with my hand, I began to lower my ass on it. This time things went more fun, there was no unnecessary stress from the need to press with your hands. The phallus seemed to penetrate itself. The sensations were repeated. The pain was weaker, I could even count to ten, until my patience left me. The next time, I, biting my lip, still managed to endure the pain without removing the imitator. Twisting my ass in pain, I felt how gradually she, spreading heat over my sphincter, leaves my ass. After lying down for a while, without taking out the toys and having rested, I continued to put pressure on the end. Slowly sinking, the phallus entered me with its entire length, only at the very end responding with a weak pain, somewhere in the depths of the body. With an effort, I began to pull it back. The experiment ended in complete success, and it could be completed. I knew for sure that his penis can penetrate my ass, and I can endure the pain that he will cause me. The sphincter, released from the pressure, pushed out the spent instrument with relief. My body was filled with sensations of heat in the disturbed hole and offended heaviness in the neglected piss. With my left hand I stroked my overgrown mound between my legs soothingly. He immediately responded with a slight pain, sweet to languor, from the stagnant tension in the clitoris. New sensations captured me. Continuing to stroke the pubis, I raised my ass and again directed the mastered toy into the anus. While the priest was sinking, taking in the heat of the penetration of a foreign body, my fingers slipped deep into the bud. It was a revelation for me that if you touch it inside, you can get such pleasant sensations. Soon, my finger, sliding in a circle, found a place in my pussy where the sensations were most intense. In the butt, the feeling of heat increased from the sphincter stretched to the limit. The plasticine phallus entered my little hole for its entire length. I felt like a butterfly pinned to a pin. Soon, because of the finger fluttering around the clitoris, wave-like bouts of bliss began to build up. My butt involuntarily clenched, trying to pinch the object so mercilessly stretching it. Waves of bliss, rolling from somewhere deep in the body, rested on the stretched sphincter and reflected back from the hard surface of the phallus. The sensations grew like an avalanche. Squeezing my hand with outstretched legs, I wriggled in convulsions of orgasm, squeaking with pleasure. The return to the ordinary world was sad. I wanted to continue, but the body was relaxed to a cottony state, it was bummer to move and the ass frankly burned. After lying down for a while and having rested, I spread my legs and took a mirror to inspect the battlefield. The phallus went into the ass all, from the stretched anus stretched a string of lace, so prudently embedded by me in the body of a plasticine imitator. Taking the lace in my hand, I pulled it with an effort. The priest instantly responded with the pain of a stretched, strained sphincter from within. The anus was swollen and began slowly opening to release the object that had outraged him. After destroying the evidence and running to the pot, I cried on the bed. It was worth the risk to try it for real. My chest ached with impatience to see Valery as soon as possible. And, finally, our joint studies in science again ended with kisses and hugs on the broad master’s bed. Again Valery hugged me from the back before going to bed and again a hard object rested against my ass. This time I didn’t shyly wiggle my booty, taking this object aside. On the contrary, she gave it lightly to meet her. The hard object slightly increased the pressure, as if conducting a reconnaissance of my intentions. I paused in silence. Valery moved on to action. My panties slowly began to slide off my bottom, and to help him in this endeavor, I slightly raised my bottom. I felt how Valeria was shaking with a tremor of excitement, and my heart began to beat near my throat. Soon, the bare ass was bathed in the warmth of a tense male member, confidently rushing to my pussy. I had to resolutely cover it with my palm. The member, retreating, lingered on slightly pulled away, trying not to scare away, but also not to show right away that I was only dreaming about it. Valery just covered me all over with kisses, caressing my body. A member impatiently poked into my palm and lingered on my anus longer and longer. I didn’t drive him away. And at some point, he still slightly rested on my dimple. I did not move away, only slightly pushed my ass away from the pressure. Valery brought down a flurry of his caresses on me without removing his penis from my anus. As if responding to his caresses, I quietly filed my booty towards him. Valery increased the pressure. With the fingers of my free hand, I grabbed the object of male pride and my lust. For a moment I was seized with surprise, fingers could not close the ring around the member. There is still a small gap between the fingers. Valery took my movements as a guide to action. Rolling me over him, he laid me belly down on the edge of the bed, my knees touched the floor. Parting my hips with his, he began to direct his penis into me. With my legs stretched out to the side, I felt completely defenseless. The night air pleasantly chilled my bare private parts. Raising my ass towards me, I froze in anticipation. Seeing my determination, Valery moistened his penis with saliva and, having tried on, resolutely put it to my anus, slowly increasing the pressure. A hot male member tenderly rested against the star of the anus. The head of the penis, in contrast to the plasticine prototype, did not push my anus inside, but seeped inside, quickly penetrating and stretching it. The pain instantly reached the limits of tolerance. Involuntarily, trying to reduce it, I began to squeeze my ass into bed. Valery, in response, parted my hips to the side even more and pressed me down with his body, now I could no longer weaken the pressure of his penis. Soon the pain became unbearable, and the head of the penis still has not passed the sphincter. How wrong I was with the size. Now his penis was at the limit of his excitement, and when I measured him, he was preparing to go to sleep. I huddled under the body that pressed against me. In response, Valery sharply pushed his penis into me. Girls, to say that it hurt me a lot is to say nothing. It was like boiling water was injected into the ass. Tears gushed from his eyes. Biting, so as not to scream in pain, I felt the pillow as something thick and hot mercilessly tearing my ass apart, penetrating me. Silently, because I could only scream at that moment, and I didn’t want that, I was torn from under the body that pressed me. Having made several deep penetrations, Valery suddenly froze at the peak of penetration into me, jerked several times and left my suffering ass. The pain quickly left me, after a minute I felt only heat in the disturbed anus and I wanted to go to the toilet.

Author: rendteam