Ninja and two insatiable whores

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Lena, a gorgeous teacher for 39 years, has been married to Andrey, a good man, an ordinary engineer for almost 15 years. Everyone said they were a very beautiful couple. Before Andrey, Lena had no other men. In the beginning, when they first started dating, almost 20 years ago, they often had very good sex, they fucked almost every day. Andrey was very excited by the beautiful body of his young wife. Lena was short, 160 cm, but she had large beautiful breasts, which gradually increased from size 3 to size 6 – over so many years of marriage, Lena had grown noticeably stout. No, she, of course, was not an ugly fat woman, she was just an ordinary very beautiful Russian woman with a big booty and big tits. Recently, the spouses in the family seem to have gotten a little tired of each other, their relationship at the household level was very good, they almost never quarreled, communicated very well with each other, but they had sex less and less. Moreover, they had no heirs. Earlier it was too early to start, young spouses lived for themselves, postponing the birth of a child until later. Years passed, Lena turned 30, and she already meaningfully wanted to have a child, but money problems forced her to postpone further. Lena looked at her friends with envy, and some of her friends were slightly older than Lena, and even had grandchildren. The woman sometimes started a conversation with her husband about pregnancy. Andrei was constantly busy with work and did not react to these questions in any way, Lena did not want to put her husband in an awkward position with an unexpected pregnancy. But still, three years ago, at the age of 36, Lena became pregnant. She really wanted to give birth, but after 3 months she had a miscarriage. Lena was very worried about this, but soon she resigned herself: it means it was not destiny for me to give birth – the woman thought to herself. Sex in the family was less and less frequent, Lena had noticeably recovered in the last two years, she was worried about this. Andrey kept saying that he loves her, that he likes the way she is. Lenka calmed down and gradually began to take care of herself less and less. She stopped shaving her cunt long ago, although she used to do it every week. Due to constant work and lack of sex with her husband, Lena began to wash less often. And for whom should she take care of herself, if sex with her husband almost never happens. She was now washed quite rarely. Previously, Lena washed herself in the morning and in the evening every day, changed her panties every day, but now Lena washed and changed clothes about once every two or three days. In addition, she put on the cheapest, often stretched thongs, stopped using panty liners and after going to the toilet often did not wipe her pussy with toilet paper, and sometimes her ass in the toilet. What a slob I have become – Lena thought to herself sometimes. I am already 39, men began to pay less attention to me. Although in fact it was not true – just Lena had already given up on herself. The only consolation was the shower, with which she satisfied herself in the bath now from time to time. Lena, however, dressed very well, stylishly and beautifully. Autumn holidays came and Lena decided to go to her sister, whom she had not seen for almost 2 years, to Saratov. Lena immediately after school, light, went to the station from the village in a compartment, she did not have time to call home for things, because she was detained at work. She was wearing a beautiful jacket, a beautiful skirt, bright makeup. She also decided to paint her nails on the road in bright red. Well, but I didn’t think to wash for the road – Lena thought to herself, sitting in the compartment. After all, she had to travel on the train for almost two days, besides, Lena forgot to take a change of underwear with her, well, no wonder with so much work. Elena didn’t remember much lately, she was spinning like a squirrel in a wheel at work. This is how my life passed, the woman thought, sitting in the compartment and looking out the window. Suddenly the compartment door opened, Lena jerked in surprise and looked – on the doorstep of the compartment was a handsome young man with a large bag. – Good afternoon, I’m Oleg – he introduced himself, confidently addressing Lena. – Hello, I’m Elena – the woman answered. Elena looked at the handsome man, involuntarily began to correct her short hairstyle and jacket, which had strayed somewhere between her chest and stomach. She immediately liked Oleg: a good fellow traveler, a pleasant, disposed man – Lena thought to herself. Oleg sat down opposite, took off his outerwear and remained in jeans and a sweater. A good figure, Lena thought looking at him. And then she pulled herself up. – What am I thinking? Their conversation quickly improved. Oleg took a bottle of good cognac from his bag and offered to drink. At first Lena refused, the point was not that she did not like Oleg, she just drank it a little and rarely. Moreover, here, in a compartment, in the company of an unfamiliar man – what nonsense for a decent married woman. In addition, Lena knew to herself that when she drinks, she becomes weak on the front. Once at a holiday last year, she almost cheated on her husband when a colleague at work treated her to liquor for the holiday. But the man insisted and Lena decided to drink a little. – It became hot – said Oleg, who was sitting opposite. He took off his sweater and stayed in a tight T-shirt. What a beautiful body he has, Lena thought to herself. But then another thought ran through her gradually intoxicating head – what are you thinking, old wallet? The guy is 10 years younger than you. At the same time, Lena saw how Oleg was looking at her, at her tall beautiful breasts with large nipples, which had already begun to stand out through the fabric of the jacket. Lena was embarrassed, she didn’t like this look, but she decided to play a little with a guy who was obviously trying to flirt with her. Oleg constantly complimented her and joked. Lenka already felt that she wanted him. Her nipples noticeably tensed, Oleg noticed this too, continuing to pour brandy for the woman and tell jokes. Oh, the pussy is already wet, that’s it, it’s time to finish – Lena decided for herself. But the woman herself did not notice how she continued to get drunk and listen to her fellow traveler, imbued with desire for him. Lena had already had a decent drink, she was already hot. Oleg took off his T-shirt and remained naked to the waist. – What are you doing – Lena protested against this course of events. – It’s so hot, after all, the man replied and winked at Lena encouragingly. His body smelled very sexy, Lena felt it. Oleg, seeing Lena’s wedding ring on his hand, began to ask the woman about the family, about her husband. In another situation, such a conversation would not be very unpleasant for Lena, but Oleg was very disposed to himself. Lena honestly admitted that she has been married for 15 years, that she has no children and that it weighs on her. – What am I doing, why am I saying all this – Lena thought to herself, but did not stop. Lena felt how Oleg hugged her. Lena felt that her cunt was already contracting from excitement and desire. Lena, an honest and decent married woman, wanted to surrender herself to this young handsome man. And she was, she was not, Lena thought to herself, doubting for the last time whether to surrender to this man. In five years, I will become almost an old woman, I will become completely fat, the men will lose all interest in me, so I can feel like a desirable woman at least once in my life. But there was one problem that confused Lena. For three days before leaving, she did not wash, did not wash, and did not change underwear, and had not shaved for ages. God, she thought, I haven’t even shaved my armpits for a long time, well, good. Indeed, Lena’s armpits began to look slightly curly, and her pussy smelled strongly. In addition, Lena went to the toilet two times during this time, and there was no toilet paper at school. Lena thought that she would come in the evening to wash, change her panties, and then forgot about it. As a result, her ass was very dirty, and there was a rubbed brown mark on the back of her panties. And how can I give myself to him – Lena thought to herself – so dirty and unkempt. She decided to talk about this with Oleg, who was no longer very embarrassed, squeezing her gorgeous boobs through a jacket. – Wait, she stopped the man. You see, I haven’t had a man for a long time, my husband pays little attention to me, and to be honest, I’m not very ready for sex now. – said Lena. – What’s the matter? – Oleg was wary. – You see, Oleg – squeezing the words out of herself, Lena spoke – The fact is, I’m very uncomfortable talking about this, but I have to say. In general, I am not very well-groomed there – she pointed down to her skirt. – In what sense? – Oleg specified. – Well, you know, it’s all so unexpected – the woman was very uncomfortable talking about such a delicate topic – in general, I haven’t shaved there for a long time … and I haven’t washed myself for two days. Oleg did not pay any attention to this and said that he really liked her the way she was. He looked so deeply into her big beautiful eyes that Lena decided everything for herself. Her vagina was already contracting with excitement, Lena no longer wasted a second, unbuttoned Oleg’s jeans and delightedly took his huge erect penis into her mouth. Oleg just howled with pleasure. After two minutes of passionate suction, the vagina invitingly began to contract, Lena with her right hand crawled under her skirt, under tights, under her panties to caress her tender flowing pussy. Oleg noticed this and did not waste any more time. He quickly pulled off Lenka’s jacket. Lena’s armpits are really a little overgrown with curly hairs. This excited Oleg even more. Then he tore off the woman, tried to pull off the skirt with pantyhose and panties. The remnants of consciousness suddenly tried to stop Lenka from treason for the last time, but to no avail. Oleg still pulled the tights off the woman along with the thongs to the knees, put the woman on all fours. The compartment was filled with the pungent smell of the unwashed, excited female. – Fu, what disgusting – Lena thought to herself. Oleg, on the contrary, liked it very much. He lowered his face to the woman’s unwashed holes and began to greedily draw air, touching the hairs of his pussy with his nose. The woman’s slit was already flowing so much that drops of lubricant fell on her dirty panties. Oleg noticed that the ass was really dirty, there was a noticeable brown rubbed mark on the back of the panties. The woman’s plush backside from anus to coccyx was stained with dried feces. – I haven’t washed for three days, I’m sorry – Lena justifying herself – I didn’t know that I would meet you. These words aroused Oleg even more and he immediately inserted his huge penis into the current pussy of an excited woman. Lena just let out a uterine growl when a man’s member entered her bosom. Oleg did not have condoms. He had no doubt that Lenka would not infect him with anything, he himself was also clean, so Oleg, with an extraordinary desire, began to fuck a woman in her luxurious pussy. Lenka screamed, she had never in her life experienced such pleasure from sex as now. The orgasm was already near, but Oleg could not stand it first, looking at the woman’s dirty ass, Oleg realized that he was about to finish. Lena, feeling this instinctively tried to break free – Not into me – she said quietly, trying to prevent the inevitable, but Oleg could no longer be stopped, he didn’t care, he caught the female, he crumpled her wide ass, roughly leaving bruises. – Not into me – the woman repeated, but Oleg was even more excited, he pulled the woman to the limit with force, felt the cervix with his head, and at that moment he began to finish. A week’s supply of sperm hit a fountain in the woman’s open uterus, the member increased in size. Oleg experienced a fantastic orgasm, he continued to pull Lenka, continuing to cum deep inside the vagina. There was so much sperm that it filled the entire vagina, began to drip and began to flow out onto the hairy pubis. Finally, Oleg finished, but he still wildly wanted this woman, his penis did not fall, and Lena still wildly wanted to finish. Do not stop, go on – Lenka only weakly pissed under the rough pressure of Oleg. Her clitoris was on fire, she wanted to cum at all costs. Lenka herself moved back and began to push her pussy harder on Oleg’s cock, which again became hard. Lena got up from her knees, leaned her hands on the wall, tried to rise to her full height so that Oleg’s huge dick would get the G-spot from her inside. Elena’s husband’s member was much smaller, and besides, it did not give birth, therefore, the vagina was quite narrow. Now Oleg’s big dick caressed all the corners of her delicate vagina. Lena got completely new sensations from sex. Oleg caressed the nipples of a woman who really wanted to cum with his hands. Lenka took the initiative into her own hands, she put Oleg on a shelf and sat on top of him with her vagina. The pussy leaked, squelched and smelled very badly. The smell of semen, urine, sweat from female secretions mixed in the air. Lenka pressed her gorgeous unwashed boobs to Oleg’s face. The man was even more excited, he buried his face in soft, pleasantly smelling tits, caressing the nipples with my fingers. Lena at this time rubbed her hairy pussy on Oleg’s lower abdomen, thus massaging the clitoris. Deep in the vagina, a huge dick continued to rub the entrance to the uterus. Lena finally felt the approach of orgasm, her body arched, extraordinary pleasure from the depths of the vagina. The orgasm rolled this time not from the clitoris, as happened with Lenka and her husband, from the uterus itself. The pleasure was extraordinary, Lena finished half a minute, she screamed loudly, throwing her arms over her head, showing Oleg her unshaven armpits. A woman has never experienced such pleasure in sex even once in her life. A real lightning of orgasm struck her. Oleg could hardly restrain himself in order to prolong the pleasure of the wild fuck. When the woman’s orgasm had already ended, she already wanted to get off Oleg, but then the man could not stand it and began to finish deep inside her for the second time in some 15 minutes. Lena tried to jump up again, but Oleg pressed her tightly with his hands to him. Lena relaxed, she herself moved her vagina down, towards a huge penis felt a stream of sperm filling the depth of her vagina, filling her uterus with sperm. Finally, it became easy for her, Lena felt an extraordinary relaxation and fullness deep within herself. Lena sat on the penis for about a minute, feeling how the cock decreases in size, and the sperm begins to flow out of it. Then the woman got off the penis, feeling a huge unclosed hole at her bottom. Semen was dripping from her vagina mixed with her juice. Lena sat down on the next shelf, she suddenly felt uneasy. She, already a middle-aged woman, naked, fucked, with leaking sperm, with a torn hairy pussy, sat opposite a young man, trying to cover her big breasts and hairy smelly pubis. The semen continued to flow onto the shelf. – Why did you cum inside me? – Lena asked with a challenge. – But after all, it was good for you – answered Oleg, trying to smile. – Moreover, two whole times – the woman clarified – you just took advantage of me, you know that I am a married woman, it was impossible to cum inside me. – Well, I’m sorry – Oleg answered, looking away – you’re an adult girl, you know what to do. Lena quietly cried out of resentment. Oleg got ready and left the compartment. – I have to go – he said goodbye to the woman and left forever. Lena never again saw the father of her unborn child, conceived at the moment of debauchery to the sound of wheels. She was left sitting naked, finished. On the shelf next to her was a dirty, smelly thong. Lena still had no other underwear, so the woman pulled on underwear, put on a robe and went to wash herself in the toilet. – Here is a goat – Lena thought to herself – how not to fly in from some guy somewhere in the train. I need to wash myself well now, and buy contraceptives at the nearest station. But Lena was not lucky. The toilet ran out of water, as a result, she only wiped herself lightly with spare napkins. Returning to the compartment, Lena quickly fell asleep. She woke up in the morning, at the entrance to Saratov. The whole body ached, the cunt inside was very stretched. Still, Lena was not used to such sizes. On the thighs there were purple bruises from the fingers. Oleg, the boobs, too, were all aspirated. Here is a goat – Lena thought evil again. What will I tell my husband? After all, she returns back in two days. Lena felt that her cunt was still wet and smelled very badly, because the sperm that Oleg had pumped her at night had already decomposed. With disgust, Lena put on dirty thongs, tights, a skirt, a bra, a jacket, a coat and left the carriage. At the station she was met by her sister. The women went home. When they came to the apartment, Lena first of all went to wash off the traces of treason. She washed, but for a very long time, about 20 minutes. The vagina did not fully converge. After lunch, Lena went to the pharmacy, put a candle in her pussy and drank two contraceptive pills. Lena did not really rest at her sister’s, but she calmed down. The only thing that reminded me of having sex in the compartment at night was bruises on my legs and sucking tits. – Here’s a goat – again Lena remembered Oleg, fucked me in full as a down-and-out whore, and didn’t even say thank you. My God, once I gave myself a weakness in 15 years of marriage, so he rudely fucked me in full. Yes, I used a beautiful married woman to the fullest. It is not known why, but before the return trip, Lena shaved her armpits, put herself in order. She shaved her pussy slightly, shaved her lips and slightly trimmed her pubis. It turned out to be a very beautiful black triangle. – That’s really beautiful, – Lena noted to herself. She went to the nearest lingerie store, bought lace panties in them and drove back. Of course, she no longer thought about any adventures in the compartment, but now she decided to take care of herself just in case. As soon as Lena arrived home, she immediately right from the doorway, barely had time to run into the shower, pounced on her husband with wild force. They had wild, frantic sex, even better than when they were young. But with her husband Lena decided to protect herself. For the next two weeks, she gave her husband only a condom. The spouses’ sex has become more frequent and varied. Lena lost weight, changed, a healthy blush appeared on her face. This was noticed even by her students at school, and among her colleagues there was an unkind rumor that Lenka had gone on a spree with someone, so she blossomed, otherwise how long can you live in marriage with one man … I repeat, Lena now gave her husband only in an elastic band … Everything would be fine, but the days went by, and menstruation did not start. Lena thought about it late, already when the delay was two weeks. Andrey soon noticed it too. Lena, without thinking, lied to her husband, told him that her period was before leaving, had ended in Saratov. Thus, she cut off her own escape routes. After Lena’s return, she was protected all the time, a month later she finally realized that she was pregnant. Her belly, of course, has not yet begun to round up, but her boobs have already begun to increase. Andrey noticed this, but he tried not to ask questions. Lena already understood that this goat Oleg nevertheless knocked her up on the train. The woman’s first thought was to have an abortion right away. Lena was about to go to this unpleasant procedure, but then her old friend Tanya came to her. The women got into a conversation and a friend, as if in jest, or maybe in earnest, asked: – Lenka, you just bloomed, began to look much better, ten years younger, and I see your boobs have increased – pregnancy? – Not in the eyebrow, but in the eye – thought Lena. – Yes, I’m pregnant – she answered, while her lips trembled slightly, and tears spurted from her beautiful large eyes – let’s have a drink, friend. – So you can’t now – Tanya doubted the correctness of such an idea. – Once you can – Lena answered, pouring brandy into glasses. – Well, congratulations, friend, you wanted to give birth for so long, you can drink for it. Andrei is probably very happy? – You see, Andrei … – Lena hesitated in indecision – Andrei … I love Andrei very much, you know, he is my first and only man … But I didn’t fly from him, you fool … – Lena began to cry at these words, swallowing a glass of cognac in one gulp. I fucked drunk with one guy while I was driving to Saratov, his name is Oleg, you know, Andrei and I haven’t had sex for a long time, so I relaxed … Twice this goat let me down. He had such a huge penis, he crumpled everything inside me. We drank, I felt very good and I gave him … What a whore I am … Lena burst into tears, hanging on her friend’s chest. – I fucked with my husband for so many years and could not give birth, but here only twice and I flew in … – Lenka lamented through tears. – Well, well, don’t cry – said her friends soothingly, stroking Lena’s head – this also happens in life. You definitely need to convince Andrey that this is his child. – The fact is – Lena answered – that I foolishly said that even before Saratov I had my period. And after arrival, we only fucked with an elastic band. – Well, it doesn’t matter. – Tanya insisted on her – Say that the condom broke, that’s all. This happens often. Friend, do not worry, give birth and that’s it. – No, Tanya – Lena answered – I will have an abortion. It is dishonest and stupid to deceive Andrey. He loves me so much. Moreover, I flew into a drunken state, it is not known which one might be born … – Don’t get excited, don’t rush – Tanya advised – think for yourself, you are already 39, you will have an abortion now and most likely you will not be able to give birth. Moreover, you so wanted a child. Do not even think about abortion, it is a big sin even more. Convince Andrey, the main thing is not to blab out yourselves out of stupidity. I know your Andrey, he himself never went to women, he will not forgive you. Tell him how happy you are to have a baby. You don’t even have to convince him that he is. He is completely sure of you and will be happy without memory. – This is the most disgusting, I feel like a disgusting slut – Lena wiped away her tears – he didn’t walk, but I flew in … – Everything will be fine – Tanya smiled – tonight Andrey and please him with the news, hug him, kiss him, tell me how you love him and how glad she is to the child, well, then please him with sex with a gorgeous pregnant wife. That’s all there is to it. – Yes, you are right as always – Lena agreed, after thinking a little – I most likely will not have another chance to give birth. In any case, this will be our child with Andrey. – Well, here’s a clever girl – Tanya supported Lenka. In the evening of the same day, joyful Lena informed her husband that she was pregnant. Andrei himself already guessed, but this news made him very happy. – Darling – he said happily – I’m so happy that we will have a child – he hugged his wife and kissed her tenderly. That night, the happy couple fell asleep only in the morning. After 3 months, Lena’s sexy tummy began to gradually round, and her gorgeous boobs became even larger. Andrey was lucky, he was finally promoted, he was given a solid bonus at work for the future replenishment of the family. – What a fool I was before – thought happy Andrei to himself – I should have given birth long ago. Well, nothing, now we will give birth to the first-born, the trouble is the beginning, and then you look and the second can be followed. Andrei really liked to press his face against his wife’s growing belly, to feel how the future heir was moving inside under the heart of his beloved, faithful and only wife. Him and Lena. So Andrey thought …

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