Perfume fuck the girl who caused them

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It was in the spring. When girls, girls, women begin to bare their legs, and men greedily look at them. I, too, did not lag behind the female half of humanity and put on a short leather skirt, stockings, which at every opportunity, strove to show off their lace elastic band, and boots. My slender legs have never let me down. I catch a lot of admiring glances and a lot of positive emotions. And the mood is right, spring, joyful, sunny. In this form, I was in a hurry to meet with my acquaintance. We had known each other for a long time, but we rarely met, due to the lack of free time. Have been close a couple of times. Everything was pretty sweet, gentle and affectionate. We met, had lunch and went to his house to talk. He told me that he had a surprise for me, but I must completely trust him. I agreed. And why not, a normal guy, not a maniac. We went into the apartment. Take off your shoes. He asked me to take off my blouse, because it can be removed over my head. I took off. He promised to take off the rest himself … Then he came up from behind, gently stroked my back, which sent goose bumps down my skin. I felt his hot breath on my neck, relaxed. He took my wrists and pulled me back slightly. I gave in. Immediately I heard a click, and felt the cold bracelets on my hands. I was a little scared, wanted to turn around … But he took my hair (it didn’t hurt) and didn’t let me do it. Then a thick bandage was put on the eyes. He whispered, ‚ÄúTrust me. The voice was calm and soft, I felt less scared. He led me into the room. I put him on the bed. He began to take off my clothes. When everything was already filmed, he left. I was at a loss. Returned. I felt his hands on my ankles, he put soft Velcro bracelets on each leg. I asked what it was. He said nothing. Then he unfastened the handcuff and fastened it again, but this time in front. And on the wrists were also wearing soft Velcro bracelets. He gently laid me down on the bed. He spread my legs and I heard more clicks. I tried to bring them together, but realized that I was fastened. Before I knew it, he had already raised my hands up. One handcuff was removed, but instead it clicked again, and the other hand was the same, only the handcuffs remained dangling on it. I was crucified on the bed without seeing anything. The situation was juicy. A little fear, numbness, and the feeling that he is looking at me, admiring his work … He left again, quickly returned. He began to stroke me, running his fingers slowly from the neck to the pubis. I checked it there, but it was still dry. – Now we’ll fix the situation, – he said, and rustled with something. And then I felt an icy touch on my neck (it was a piece of ice), and the wet path began to move down, circling around the breasts and slightly touching the nipples, from which they bulged up in hard lumps. Breath went astray, both of them. Even lower, and the dimple from the navel filled with water. Meanwhile, he himself began to warm my nipples with his tongue, after the ice it seemed hot. When he got to my pussy, it was already wet without water. He spent there as well. Oh, how pleasant it is to cool something that is already burning! Meanwhile, the whole body was already covered with hot kisses, which descended lower and lower after the ice piece. And the ice had already slipped into the vagina and melted there. He put a pillow under my ass and slid his tongue over my pussy. I gasped with a blissful feeling. He caressed my pussy for a long time. He tortured her with his tongue, tortured her with his fingers, which he either inserted, then abruptly pulled out and replaced them again with a tongue. I was lost in time and space, I was living on my last breath, how I wanted him !!! But he was in no hurry. He stopped tormenting my pussy, said that now it’s the priests’ turn. I started to protest. My ass is virgin, I do not allow her to be touched … He said that if I did not shut up, he would seal my mouth, which was done. He unhooked the fetters from my hands, handcuffing again. And I put one of the carabiners on the chain from the handcuffs so that I could not lower my hands. Then he unhooked the carabiners from the ankle bracelets. I felt a certain freedom and tried to kick, but he deftly rolled me over onto my stomach and snapped the carbines on my legs. Then the hands were also fixed. And a pillow is placed under the stomach. I was scared, because it will hurt, and I can’t stand the pain. He felt that I was tense. He stroked me affectionately on the back with his hands, and then a member. I’ve always liked it … But how did he know? He went down below, and his cock slid over my ass. I tensed again. He sat down between my legs and again began to lick my girl, not forgetting to slide and to the small ring of the anus. Then, he pulled back a little and took something. He himself explained: – Baby cream. I shrank. But he continued to caress me with his tongue, stroking my ass. I ran my fingers along the anus, lubricating the entrance with cream … I ran two fingers into my vagina, I almost suffocated from delight … And at that moment something cold and thin (very thin) entered my ass. It didn’t hurt me, and I had no time to pay attention to it. I felt good !!! I was close to another orgasm. But this cold in my bottom moved further, and as if the balls entered me, but each next was larger than the previous one in diameter. And there was still no pain. But the unusual sensations and fingers in me and the knowledge that I was at the mercy of a man did their job. I was on the verge of orgasm. And when the very last and largest ball was in me, I was overwhelmed. At that moment, he pulled his fingers out of me and he himself was in me, thereby continuing the sweet torment. He accelerated the pace, and it seemed to me that I was flying. A bit tired. He let go of my legs, and again handcuffed my hands from behind, freed my lips. He allowed me to sit down, but at the same time he did not remove the bandages and did not allow me to free my ass. He brought me a drink, he gave me drink from his own hands. It was wine. Those drops that spilled, licked from the body with a tongue. I leaned back on the pillows, and he “accidentally” spilled some wine on me. I watched the droplet run down and was in no hurry to catch it. And only when she disappeared into the folds of my pussy, he pressed his lips to her. I sobbed. He said the torture was not over yet. And he continued to torture my pussy with his tongue. I moaned, sobbed, screamed … And when I was already on the brink, he clicked something and … In my ass, this thing began to vibrate! It took me a few seconds to finish. He rolled me over onto my stomach again, just like a doll. I fixed my legs and arms. Gently pulled out what was in the priest. And again he began to rustle with something. He said he would still torment my ass. I realized that he was very turned on by playing with my booty, which I hadn’t noticed before. I was no longer so afraid, but still … Again I heard the sound of a tube of cream opening. I could not even imagine, but from the expectation of the continuation of these games flowed. He noticed it, rewarded my kitty with a kiss. And again something entered my ass, but not the same as it was. It looked like an ellipse. The ends are narrow and the middle is wide. He introduced it slowly, listening to my breathing. Oddly enough, it didn’t hurt me. When it entered me, it seemed to me that I was filled to capacity. But that was not the case. I heard a hiss, and what was in me seemed to swell. I jerked (completely forgot that I was tied). Now it’s inflated to overflowing! And he likes it! He entered me. Slowly, savoring every millimeter of the way. He was cramped there, I felt it. And me, I felt good! I felt every hollow on his cock! Then he blew the thing off, and blew it up again. So he played, while not forgetting to move in me. I begged for mercy, hoping that this sweet torture would never end. He finished on my back. I rubbed my semen easily like a cream. Then he unfastened all the bonds, but fastened the bracelets, and took me to the shower. I pulled the toy out of the ass only there. He poured water on me from the shower and soaped my back, he washed me, not forgetting to give a kiss to my pubis. I wrapped it in a towel and, like a little one, took it out of the shower. I put it on the bed and lay on top myself. And he said: – Until I completely set you free, promise … that you will come to me again, that you will trust me again, that I will again be the master of your body. Promise. I nodded my head in the affirmative. He freed me. I quickly got dressed and left. But I’ll be back, I know it!

Author: rendteam