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I am 28 years old. Seven years ago, my best friend and I married two friends. So we are friends with families. They already have two small ones, but we are not in a hurry yet. Our husbands eventually became business partners. Once, Alenka (my friend) and I were chatting under a martini bottle about sex, and she said that Zhenya (her hubby) is just super, she fucking enjoys having sex with him. To be honest, I didn’t really believe it – because outwardly her husband never attracted me, and I didn’t see any inclinations of an alpha male in him. But she described everything in such colors that it aroused envy in me. Since over the years (and I have been dating my husband in general since the age of 19) my sex with Anton has become absolutely uninteresting, and he, in principle, has ceased to satisfy me. Well, in general, I envied Alena and Zhenya, and I forgot a little. Then there were one more gatherings, and when Alenka went to bed, I went to smoke on the balcony, and heard the conversation of our smoking husbands, “Fuck, Antokh, I can’t fuck with her at all, after the second birth I feel my penis there like a pencil in a bucket , generally fucked up. She likes everything, but I have less sensations than from the hand. I’m already looking at our new manager, I would have fun with her. ” I did not know for sure such intimate details of their family life. I stand listening further, mine replies: “Don’t worry, I’ve got out of my own, too, as with my hand for a long time, I can damn it, play the phone while I’m fucking with her, and nothing, we live,” Zhenya continues “Well, you live, so what? How many have you already fucked on the side? Constantly to my dacha, only I am without a wife, with some whore. And I only changed mine twice, and then on a drunken business. But, damn it, I can’t stand it soon, as you become. ” … All of the above plunged me into shock … My legs gave way … I knew that neither I nor Alena cheated on their husbands … I gathered myself, calmed down, threw off my robe, and left in a transparent nightie I went to smoke. The men stood on the balcony and gasped when they saw me, I asked Zhenya for a lighter, and he, looking at my eyes, then at my chest and legs, lit a cigarette for me, I turned my ass towards him, protruding it, and passionately kissed my husband. Having finished smoking, I came into the bedroom, and not knowing how to be, and what to do with what I learned about my husband, I pretended to be asleep. In the morning we had breakfast, the men got drunk with beer, and I decided not to tell my friend overheard. After that, every day I fantasized about cheating – with a taxi driver, with a neighbor, with a salesman in a fitting room. I dreamed of taking revenge on my husband. A week and a half passed, I was lying at home, and was about to go to fitness, when my husband called and said “Bunny, Zhenya will come to us before lunchtime, give him the folder in the coffee table.” I stayed at home, upset that I had to wait for my friend’s husband. There was nothing to do, and I decided to masturbate. I took out a dildo and started sucking it, and then jumping on it, and that’s when I was approaching the peak of my high, the doorbell rang. I put on my nightie and flew to open it, a little scared. I open it – Zhenya. He was slightly overwhelmed by my appearance – sheer nightie, zero makeup, out of breath. But he smiled and said hello. I offered to go, and then in my head, intoxicated by masturbation, I remembered how his wife praised him. We went into the kitchen, I put the kettle on, and bent over for the spoons so that he could see my ass and pussy. She turned and winked at him. And, as if nothing had happened, she began to pour tea. And then I feel how he grabbed my hips with the words “What a seductive girl you are.” I turned to face him and we kissed. He kissed passionately, playing with his fingers with my clitoris. Looking up from his lips, he whispered “It will be very ugly in relation to Anton and Alena”, “I repeated” Very ugly “after him and we continued the kiss. I began to pull off his shirt, pants, panties … And now I am sucking his dick, mmm …. 9 years I did not know someone else’s dick, and here it is in my mouth. Quite different and so attractive. I greedily suck it, then completely swallowing, then licking only the head. Finally he lifts me up and puts crustacean on the kitchen table … A moment and my husband’s best friend, my best friend’s husband starts to fight me like the last whore. He moves faster and faster, I scream from the buzz, and he screams “oh, good, bitch, narrow!” .. Then he turns me over … And without stopping fucking me he carries me into the bedroom … And now I am jumping like a rider, and he squeezes my chest with his hands, so he pulls me on the floor, pressing all his weight into me. Then he fucks me standing, then again on the bed, I experience orgasm after orgasm, and now he cums on my stomach and chest … I lie and moan y, and he leaves to smoke. Several minutes pass, I come to my senses, and naked, as I am, I go to the balcony … Zhenya smokes, dressed. Asks “Where are my documents?” – I show. He takes them and leaves, kissing my lips at the door. In the evening my husband came, I went to bed with him, and he wanted sex. I refused … All night long I was haunted by the sweet aftertaste of good sex … I want to continue!

Author: rendteam