Temple Guard Fucks Two Temple Prostitutes

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Deep space, 2524, more than three hundred reconnaissance capsules fly away from the ark ship. Their task is to investigate the exoplanet U-369 and its satellites. Among the crew and passengers, the planet has already been nicknamed “red” for the scarlet, similar to solar Mars, atmospheric background. For a century, mankind has been scattering large and small arks across all available exoplanets in order to expand the area of its existence. Overpopulation of the Earth, Mars, the satellites of Jupiter and other inhabited celestial bodies has long been no longer a problem, but the desire to expand the range of their habitat is dictated not only by the needs of survival, but also by economic and political considerations. Too many resources have not been mastered by people. Small capsules that cut space, at a speed exceeding the speed of sound, flew up to one of the three, and the largest red satellite. Not cobbled enough and large enough to walk between the stars, but ideally suited for exploration in the atmosphere of any planets, tablets – that is what the colonists called them. The pills were manned by two pilots, always of different genders, after probably thousands of psychological and physical tests. After all, the pilot of the tablet is not only the one who controls the ship as a scout, but also the first explorer of a new, almost always incomprehensible and unpredictable world. In case of an emergency situation, and these very emergency situations were almost a daily practice, the crew in absentia had to act harmoniously, and successfully support each other’s strengths and compensate for weaknesses, even if they first see each other on a mission. Therefore, the compatibility of pilots was approached comprehensively and extremely carefully. – Renault, flaps in flight line. – A shaved girl with tattoos on her head, extended fangs and a purple spacesuit, spoke calmly and casually. “Jane, can I leave this to autopilot?” – A large, bearded and muscular man, on the contrary, did not have any decorative modifications. Technology made it possible to draw anything on oneself and even organize functional wings or, for example, a tail. But it is not that he did not accept such changes, he simply did not want to. Of course, he artificially raised his stamina and strength, increased the quality of bones and all that, but all this was due to the working conditions and did not strike the eye. “I don’t want to trudge nine hours through the void while the autopilot cares for me more than my grandmother did when I was three. – Okay – the man ran his fingers over the dashboard, made a couple of swipes, and the ship began to humming slightly up to cruising speed. – Renault. – M? – What for do we generally have flaps in space? We are in an airless space on engines that run on compressed electricity. And the flaps are archaic from the times of intraplanetary aviation. The man turned in his chair with his whole body, as if the question was about the meaning of life, and not about the flaps. Interesting – he thought – a woman with ancient tattoos on her head, practicing martial arts with the widespread use of laser tags and other humane and not very ways to harm people at a distance. A woman who uses a laser sword like she is the heroine of an old franchise, and most importantly, knows how to use it. And the ability to stand up for herself in direct contact, without any modifications, was directly reflected on her body. Even through the spacesuit, it was clear that the girl was fit, athletic, mobile, and in general, aggressive sexuality and barbaric aesthetics were visible not only under the spacesuit, but also in the atmosphere around. – sex with such, should be remembered. Interesting to get it? – I also asked techies similar questions, they told me that this is more a psychological story and a tribute to traditions. Engines, like the ship itself, can be of any shape, but for an easier perception of the ship and its control systems, they need to be like those of old analog ships. – You’re a bore. – Yes, I’m a bore. I’m comfortable with myself as a bore. – Well, yes, you are a barbarian bore – now Jane turned in her chair. – M? Why a barbarian? Reno asked, raising an eyebrow slightly. – Interestingly, a couple of seconds ago I was thinking about barbarian aesthetics, and now they call me a barbarian myself. – What did you do a couple of hours before departure? – Trained in the gym. – That’s right, having modifications to the most powerful muscles, you continue to load your flesh with iron as if you were ancient. – Well, this is useful and helps to gather. – Health is not relevant, you live in the 24th century, technology will fix everything without your efforts, but work your muscles to drive blood through your veins, warm up and sweat. Now they do this only in order to feel the same as before, to awaken the beast that sleeps in you. This is just the right time to awaken the beast in yourself, and for this in our time you have to be a barbarian. Her head sank, her gaze became slightly sullen, slightly bit her lower lip. So obvious. So far, I can only guess what is on her mind, but it seems that they did not lie about the colossal work of selecting a compatible crew. – You’re a bore too. – I know – she smiled, falling off in a chair in one motion and throwing her legs on the dashboard – and I feel good in this tediousness. Before that, we talked a couple of times while working in different squadrons and crossed paths at briefings and less often at school. And the communication was just a formal acquaintance. And now, left alone with each other and space, she throws her legs so that I could appreciate her impulsiveness and athletic harmony of these very legs. – Would you like a watermelon? – What!? – bewilderment on the face. – I think you can crack a watermelon with your thighs. – What is a watermelon for demons? What are you talking about? – An ordinary green watermelon is silly, and I perfectly understand where everything is going, but why not bring such a serious-minded female to emotions. – Do you want me to split the watermelon with my feet? Maybe you want something else to be between my legs? Wow, she quickly got her bearings, now I am smiling. – Are there options? – Your empty skull – and sharply pushing off with her foot, she defiantly twisted the chair into the basic position. Oh, it went somewhere wrong … well, okay. Taking out a food printer from the armrest, he hammered the program of a watermelon slice and after waiting a minute, pulled out a really slice of watermelon, well, like a slice, a simulation, just as juicy, tasty and indistinguishable from a real watermelon, but still a simulation. M, juicy, crunchy, nice to eat. – Treat. Apparently, during my manipulations with food, she also made some conclusions of her own and decided not to inflate. – On – I held out my hand with a lobule. And then she again did not behave as I expected. She jumped up and grabbed the lobule along the way, grabbing my fingers. I had to strain my restraint and pretend that I would not be outraged, but in fact it was very painful. – Yummy. Here I did not behave as expected. Putting the food aside, reaching out to her face and taking it from the inside by the cheek, pulled it to him. “Are my fingers delicious in your mouth?” A nod, and greatly enlarged, even slightly frightened, eyes. – Well, lick it. Tongue between fingers and her hands rest against my body. She is already smiling and staring hungrily. – How quickly her states change. Closes his eyes and leaning forward, without releasing his fingers, kisses immediately on the lips. Even the juice from the watermelon has not disappeared, and therefore the kiss turned out to be very juicy – sweet. She pulls back, looks like a predator. – Open the suit, barbarian. Quick manipulations with the buttons, the spacesuit falls off like a deflated ball, a couple of moments later she also turns out to be naked. Several sharp, energetic movements she is already on top. Okay. The armchair with intelligent adjustment helpfully reclined, comfortable. Jane, meanwhile, is already trying on my swollen penis, grabbing her hips with my right hand, how elastic they are, with the other hand I hard dump her onto myself. I want to feel this female with my whole body, I press it to me. Her hand grabs my penis, hips rise, in one deep movement, I am inside, a deep breath, her bosom wraps around me very tightly, how nice. We quickly picked up a rhythm and rushed, every movement is deep and hard, fast breathing, moans, I growl and put her on myself even tighter, cotton after cotton, obscene chomping sounds, she moans, then screams, there is no need to restrain yourself. I really like to listen to such female moans, but her voice is especially pleasant, she caresses her ears straight, another reason for pleasure. Hard, fast, passionate. With my hands I walk over her body, I feel her muscles, it is very hot, everywhere. I practically press into myself, I press harder, I feel with my whole body, movements only with my hips, up down, up down, she screams, so fast? Her legs bring me down, I press into her with all my strength. She is shaking, she is crying, it happens, a few more movements, we freeze. Probably a few minutes in silence, listening only to our breathing and the uniform hum of the electric motor. I’m inside, but I’m all relaxed. She rises on one hand, her face radiates happiness, she seems to be laughing. – How are you? – and immediately descends to kiss. – I feel good. – I somehow quickly – she smiles – probably the break affected – to laugh. I’m just lying, I liked it overall, but yes, the final point is missing. – I know what to do – at this moment it even jumps off too quickly. After a few seconds, I feel my penis clasp her lips and hands, I exhale again. The quick movements of my hands and the softness of the cube lift my penis very quickly. Almost immediately I take her head and completely control her movements. Very soon, she removes her hands, grabbing my legs and ass. And I push it deeper with every movement, actively penetrating into the throat. Hard fucking begins in the mouth. She controls herself well and does not show any displeasure at all. The movements become very powerful and the penis flies deep into the throat, and I feel her lips with my scrotum. Several times I linger in this state, feeling the saliva flow down my balls. But it’s not enough for me. When she starts to gasp for air, I abruptly take her off. – Yet! Fuck me again! I push her hard. She falls, I immediately find myself on top, insert a penis into her mouth and already fuck her mouth lying on her. I surrender to the sensations, I catch pleasure, she grabs me by the buttocks and squeezes them in time with my movements, and I continue to fuck. I feel that there is not long left. Cotton after cotton, I’ll finish soon, I make several powerful movements, practically hammering my penis into her, growl loudly and shoot straight into the throat, hovering like this for several seconds. She tries to swallow, but with a dick deep in her mouth, it does not work out, she starts gagging, I abruptly leave her, she throws everything out of herself, splashing her face and lies almost unconscious with sperm flowing from her lips. Now it’s my turn to ask. – How are you? My voice wakes her up. Eyes open, she raises her hands to her face, gently touching the flowing mixture of semen and saliva. – You acted like a beast – smile again – I want more. Until that moment, I thought I was tired. But I felt absolutely not tired and after her phrase about what she wants more, I was ripped off. – Turn around, I want your ass. How mobile she is, after a second she spread her legs wide apart and arch her back like a cat. She was on all fours and stimulated her clitoris. – Start slowly. How beautiful she is, and from this angle … perfect for a spanking. Slap! Resounding clap. Slap! one more and another, I stopped. – Yet. Slap, Slap, Slap. She screams again, this time in a different way and constantly repeats “more, more, more.” The skin becomes very red, the sensitivity increases, it somehow even bothers me. – Part your buns, female. She clearly likes that I call her that. Hands spread the ass, and reveal a slightly darker and very narrow anal ring. I get to my feet, measure my penis to her ass, and slowly begin to push myself into her. She starts breathing loudly, but apparently comfortable. The ass is very tight. So much so that it hurts even for me to drill there. For the time being, with neat forward movements I go deeper and deeper. Very slow, but very nice. I wait a couple of seconds, I repeat, I wait again. Slowly but steadily I start to accelerate. I push her back even harder, practically push her, I press my face into the floor with my hand, bring my leg to my face. – Licks. Her tongue walks over my fingers and my thumb is in her mouth. And dreams of starting a hard fuck, only this time her ass suffers pleasantly. The pounding intensifies, she moans, it hurts, but she clearly likes it. Sometimes I spank her painfully with my free hand, intensifying her screams. I feel good, but actually the position is rather uncomfortable. Therefore, I quickly accelerate and after a minute I drive my penis into her every time to the full length, fuck and fuck, everything is rougher and harder, she screams. And I turn into a volcano, accelerating at full power, I feel that the ring is already well developed and the ass squeezes me perfectly. Complete domination and complete control complete the picture. After quite a bit, she starts to shake again, this time much harder. Yes, and I feel like I’m on the edge. Taking advantage of the moment, I straighten her legs, I press her with my whole body with a hand that squeezed her face, I close her mouth. No, I really like the way she screams, but I want to feel how her scream breaks through my hand. I continue to hammer in the ass, and her orgasm begins to shake, a scream from a closed mouth, a convulsively squeezing anal ring. Her orgasm. And it already starts to shake me, just a couple of movements and I end up in it. I press down with my whole body. The screams of pleasure and the fire of our bodies. Synchronous orgasm, I have never had this before, it is fabulous, magical and perhaps one of the most vivid memories that will remain with me for a long time. Sumptuously. A minute passes … two silence falls. I gently step out of it. I fall on my back. resting. – That was cute. I am already slightly wedged. – Just cute ?! She winks, jumps up sharply. – I’m in the shower, you’re after me, I ran away, don’t peep. And I just lie on my back and watch the stars, until the red satellite enters the atmosphere for about 4 more hours.

Author: rendteam