Troll caught a girl from high society, undressed her and fucked

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I’ll start from the beginning. My name is Alina, now I am 26 and I am practically an exemplary wife, in places slender with not bad, as they say, size 3 breasts. For almost 4 years of marriage, she cheated several times, but such were the circumstances, and at the very beginning of the marriage. But here recently, having gone on a business trip, a wonderful story happened to me, which reminded me of the “old” years before marriage. I already wrote about one case, but closer to this. It all started with a train, but this is another separate story that I will definitely write, probably just decided to break away on this week-long trip. Having done all the work, as usual, I met with school and student friends if you describe them in one word, bitches who want cables. We decided to go to some fashionable club, as it turned out not in vain, I put on a fashionable skirt, no less fashionable blouse on top, putting on a crocodile-type jacket, I decided to wear black lace panties for a long time. Everything is naturally tight-fitting, and emphasizes my dignity, those ass and chest. My husband calls me a filly, as he says blood and milk. Entering the club, the abundance of young people and loud music immediately caught my eye, and the most important thing was the inscription of the VIP room. We ordered a table, sat for about an hour and drank ate, we love to eat, danced, the guys didn’t have to wait long, those of us who were more active at once brought two of us to the table, one with whom I came to me. Who divorced the guys, because I love whiskey I asked for a bottle and a couple of lemons, many just ordered a martini or beer. The table was replaced by dancing, in the end I got tired of it all, because rode on the dance floor for about an hour. I went outside to get some fresh air, took a drag on a cigarette, I rarely smoke, let’s say for pleasure, like my boyfriend came out to me. I offered my jacket, because indeed, after an hour of racing, it was chilly on the street. We stood and chatted for about 10 minutes. It turned out that there is a lot in common, he offered to retire to the VIP room, I did not mind, because I started to like him especially after the whiskey, and it was not realistic to talk in the main hall. So they did it, I must say, the VIP room assumed that no one would see us in it, the music was much quieter, we saw everything, and no one except the waiters who came on call. After dancing a little more, and having told my friends that everything is fine with me, I must tell them it was also good, we again retired in the room. After talking about this and that, the conversation turned to ours, in my case, the husband to his girlfriend, they began to talk about how good they are and about their disadvantages, while he was already sitting next to me and hugging me, agreed that they were bad that they are not here now, he pulled me to him without warning, biting into my lips, already caressing the legs with his hand and trying to separate them, I did not mind and spread them, I wanted him to fuck me, right here. All the same, almost 2 weeks of work and abstinence made themselves felt. I already started to just flow, my chest heaved from his lustful hands, which burned me like heat even through my blouse, and tried to get under it. My panties were already wet with excitement. Pushing them aside, he stuck his finger into my wet and hot hole and began to move it. I unbuttoned my pants and took out his erect cock. And to the beat of his movements, she began to stroke him. Finally, he pulled off my blouse on the way, unbuttoning my bra and my breasts fell out in his palm, seeing her, he dug into it with his mouth. I already threw back my head began to moan trying to pull my hand pussy. But he was persistent and recoiling from my chest pulled my head to his excellent penis. I didn’t have to force it, I myself already wanted it and plunged it into my mouth, he put his hands on my head and began to control it and my rhythm, with my hand I stroked his trunk, leading from the base to the head and played with her tongue, but he wanted me all, he got up and turned me around with his backside rolled up with difficulty a skirt around my waist, pushed back my panties and with a characteristic sound fell into my pussy. My hole just burned, I immediately began to wave his backside. My breasts hesitated to the beat of his jerks, I must say not powerful, but accurate in purpose, I fiddled with the nipples, pulling them off and so I finished, and rolling my eyes I fell on the sofa with my face, protruding my ass, he grabbed onto it with his hands and slapped the hammer lightly became stronger , I was not against it, but only for me, moaning, I told him more, he understood correctly and began to spank and pound my juicy hole harder. The groans seemed to drown out the music. I finished over and over again he was not: either he was really strong or alcohol just affected me, it didn’t matter, I got everything I wanted. Timidly, he began to penetrate the ass with his finger, to which I told him do you think about what I am? Without hesitation, he spat on my ass and thanks to the lubrication on his penis and saliva began to penetrate into it. It was already beyond my strength, at that moment when he just entered my ass I finished again, shuddering and the ass began to shrink, THIS was him and he needed ten 15 frictions to start pumping me with his hot sperm. The remains he shot at my back. In this position, we stayed for a while, he watched as juice flows from my pussy, sometimes he caressed her with his tongue and sperm drips from the ass. We got dressed up and invited the waiter, he brought us a drink. We took a deep breath, and … started all over again. I was sitting on the sofa, he licked my pussy with his head oh my God, how nice it was, but time was running out for me, because girlfriends have already called the mobile phone several times, tk. most likely they had something that did not grow together, I had to speed up the process, I knocked him over on the sofa, and settled on top, jumping on it for about five minutes I got everything I wanted from him (excellent sex and he paid for everything), how he caressed my breasts when I leaned over to him, it’s just superrrr, his strong hands, clasping my ass, pulled me all over his hot trunk: at the moment when I had already finished I jumped off his trunk and clung to it with my mouth, feeling his every vein just sucked it all out, his tight stream of sperm shot into my throat, I swallowed everything, kissed him and gathered to say goodbye to him, he said that he wanted something else, I said EASY, but according to my conditions, he agreed to everything I said that I have more one guy and I want you to fuck me together somehow – it was alcohol. I did not expect this from myself, although I had already tried group sex, but after marriage I had to tie it up, the second person was supposed to be the guy who was traveling with me in the carriage in the same compartment: but these are two different stories.

Author: rendteam