Two lesbian pirates hid the loot but they were caught by the dungeon monsters

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Summer … the long-awaited summer … it’s hot outside, it’s cool in the apartment. No one on the street. The exams are over and the boredom is incredible. Nothing to do. Is that on the Internet to climb until one in the morning, and then enjoy yourself. Then Natakha calls in the very boredom, offers to go to a cafe. I come, and she is my classmate, I start to lalyakat with her, and she immediately blurts out “Do you want to earn? A lot. Fast!” I was taken aback, I say, of course, who does not want to. She says, “This is not for everybody. You promise to be silent?” Of course, it became interesting to me, I say yes, of course, I understand. She looks at me, her eyes dart around, and says: “Well, in short … get ready right now. Let’s go to the apartment of three Caucasians. Like it. Only they … it’s … well, not quite usual … um. ..fuck you. They whip me sometimes. But how do they pay! Thousand dollars at a time. Do you want ?! ” I thought. My partners in my entire life could not be counted, but I did not go beyond a decent one. Right there … But at least at the thought that I was being flogged by adult men, my pussy got wet all over and began to burn with fire. She is like intuition to me, so I agreed. “Just don’t wear underwear!” said Natasha. An hour later we were at the door. Natakha called and a tall man opened the door. Dragging Tuska into the apartment by the chest, he did not notice me at first. Then he looked at me and said cheerfully: “Well, chego daragaya, are you waking up to play with us?” I nodded and entered. He smiled and said something quickly in his incomprehensible language. Then two more people immediately ran in and started squeezing me. I resisted, and after two minutes Natakha and I were standing cancer on the floor, one of the guys fucked us with his hands in the ass, and we sucked two of them. They all finished at once, except for the one who was behind, and he came to fuck me in the ass. Putting his finger in and seeing that I wasn’t fucking there, he rolled his eyes and moaned: “Oh, well, now they will show tebe a real sex in the ass!” I got a little scared and decided to dodge him, but he was quick, and two seconds later, having slightly moistened his dick with my juices and entered my ass all the way. I screamed and fell to the floor, and he just started fucking me in the ass more and more. I began to cry in pain, so that he got angry and began to crush my ass hard. The jerks intensified, and the harder he fucked me, the closer the orgasm was. Two minutes later I finished violently. He finished in my ass. Natakha was also fucking at this time, but on the couch and she, like a doll, was pushed onto the penis. Soon, those two also finished. I was lying exhausted with my eyes closed on the floor when a whip fell on my ass. I jumped up in surprise, but another blow quickly returned me to my starting position. -Sasi, bitch! -He heard from the front and I began to fiercely suck someone’s cock. Behind me, blows rained down on me, but for some reason my pussy liked it, and when he finished in my mouth and I swallowed everything, “mmm” escaped from my throat, and lashing me, laughed, increased the pace. Soon I finished, but then they started to fuck me again, finally in the pussy, and they finished on my face and chest. Natasha at this time two other men put their cunt on an eerie leather strap-on on the floor, and she squealed. Soon she was thrown to the side, and on the floor she shrank all over and held her hands to her girl. Then I realized that they would do it to me, and it happened. They found my hole with this huge and piled on me three of them. I howled in pain as I felt my ass hitting the floor. Then they removed this thing and carried me to the sofa, where Natakha and I were already fucked by dicks in our now huge holes and excitedly talked in their incomprehensible language, apparently about the size of our pussies. Then Tusya was tied to a post and the clothespins were fixed on her nipples and labia. One of the guys started to cum on her. As for me, already completely exhausted, they put me on a leather dick with my ass now. I screamed and fought wildly, but they turned out to be stronger and still sat me down to the end. Then they untied Natakha and did the same to her, but she managed to fight back and run around the apartment from them, but fell into a puddle of sperm on the floor and stretched out at the feet of her “hospitable” friends from the Caucasus. Then one whipped her ass, slapped her in the face and planted it on a powerful dick beast, and then fastened the clothespins back to the genital lips, but this time they caught the ropes, he did the same with her nipples. Then he put her on tiptoe and fixed the ropes in such a way that when Tusya pulled down, her nipples and lips pulled up, and vice versa. The trick was that, already standing on tiptoe, they put her to the limit, and she howled from the fact that her body was stretched so much, and when she wanted to stand on her heels, she was simply cared for by pain. They treated me “no less” humanely: handcuffing my hands to one torture table, and my feet to another, they put a burning candle over my ass, and as soon as I relaxed and lowered my ass a little, the flame touched my skin, and tears poured out of mine. eye. Ten minutes later they took me off, but only to reforge me so that now my pussy was already above the flame. Considering the fact that he deliberately parted my lips with clothespins … in general, ten minutes later they took me off simply because I was already losing strength and could no longer hang over the candle, and therefore I was already losing consciousness from the pain. Then they took off the half-dead Natakha, but now they pushed her over the candle, and they just started dripping wax all over the place. But I even enjoyed it, and although it hurt me to come, because the clitoris was almost burned, I still cried out with pleasure. At the end of these orgies, they fucked us in a variety of positions, and every time in all holes, and Natakha and I even managed to finish. When they told us that they had finished with us, we just woke up for another five minutes. Then we took turns taking a shower – we were all in the end of these guys, and then they handed us two envelopes, and I checked mine, made sure that there was actually $ 1000. Saying politely, they ordered us to come exactly one month later, when, as they said, “we can go and fuck a Gastay from the South”, and we somehow got home. The next morning for me was the worst in my life: my pussy, clitoris, ass, anus, legs, arms, mouth and chest ached. Going to the toilet was a terrible torment, but in general it was quite difficult to walk, and I went “vraskoryaku”, because everything hurt. In the end, Natasha called and asked if I would go again … And now I again stand in front of the familiar door and anxiously await what tortures they have in store for us this time …

Author: rendteam