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Since he and her husband moved and he got a new job, he started having problems. Moreover, Lenochka absolutely could not understand why. She not only loved, but also respected her husband and the ten-year age difference only supported this feeling. Moreover, it was not clear to her what was going wrong and why her husband had any problems with work. The deprivation of bonuses, the bad attitude of the boss, all this made the husband nervous and frayed and did not contribute to a favorable family climate. And how well it all started. After all, at first, the husband was invited with her to corporate parties and even to visit his boss. Which, by the way, turned out to be a pretty nasty 50-year-old man. He behaved rather untied in relation to Lenochka, allowed himself some slippery hints – apparently he was trying to court in such a boorish way. And this is understandable – after all, all the other women present at such events were much older than Helen and certainly could not boast of her attractiveness. But Lena herself did not need all these harassment at all. She loved her husband, and had no intention of cheating on him. She admitted her only betrayal in 2 years of marriage as a student with her supervisor, and did not plan to resume such a situation. But the situation looked worse and worse – layoffs began to loom on the horizon, and hence financial problems for the young family. And Lenochka decided to at least find out what was the reason for such a prejudice towards her husband. She decided to call her husband’s boss to talk to him personally. She had a number. A couple of times he even called her himself and offered to meet. But in those times, Lenochka turned him down rather sharply. And now I had to call myself. She really did not plan how and what she would say and decided to act according to the situation. Surprisingly, the boss made time for her quite easily, offering to meet at a cafe at lunchtime. The conversation was going to be difficult, because Helen had absolutely no idea how and what she would say and ask for her husband. Therefore, she decided to make it easier for herself – by making an impression on the boss. She understood what he liked and decided to dress so as to look spectacular. To do this, she chose a light mini – leaving her slender legs quite open. Above is a jacket that allowed to hide a white blouse with a rather deep cut for the time being. The elasticity of Helen’s breasts allowed her not to wear a bra. And she decided to provocatively emphasize this, unbuttoning a couple of buttons on her blouse. The picture was complemented by white shoes with stiletto heels. Already when she walked to the table at which the boss was sitting, she saw that the desired effect was produced. The gaze of this elderly, but still apparently lustful man, became oily and he rather openly stared at her legs. And when she sat down at the table and they were hidden, he slid along the cutout assessing the visible hemispheres of the breasts. But with such an obvious reaction, the conversation did not go well at all. All Lenochka’s questions about her husband’s work, the boss answered with cold, streamlined phrases on duty. He said that my husband was not doing his job, that he had poor performance and that such employees in the company were questionable. Almost 20 minutes flew by, and Lenochka did not see any opportunities to help her husband. The chief was already defiantly glancing at the clock and the meeting was about to end. Helen was in complete despair. Without knowing what to do, she took off her jacket and hung it over the back of a chair. Of course, she understood that this was how the boss was becoming not only, the neckline of the blouse was almost completely visible, but also, most likely, through the translucent light fabric and the breasts themselves, but she had no other opportunity to somehow change the course of the conversation. Apparently she looked rather seductive. At least the boss stopped going to leave and decided to explain himself. – Well, why are you surprised, Lenochka? I always see all my employees as one big family. Always ready to understand and help if someone has difficulties. And it is all the more unpleasant for me that they turn their backs on me and do not want to accept my care. You yourself have chosen this path, Lenochka. They stopped coming to visit, did not answer phone calls, why are you surprised now that I do not want to help your husband? How can I help him if you don’t want to help him yourself? – What do you! Not true! I just really would like to help! – Helen exclaimed impetuously. – I just do not know how and what, and immediately stumbling over the mockingly insolent gaze of the chief, I averted my eyes and, embarrassed, added – and I … I don’t know … will I succeed … The chief burst out laughing and, already defiantly, staring at Lenochka’s neckline, confidently confirmed – I think it will definitely work out. And again, switching to “you” already confidently suggested – My lunch ends, let’s go, I’ll give you a lift home. Helen sighed with relief – after all, the difficult and unpleasant conversation was over. It seems that some prospects for improving the situation have appeared. And as for the dirty hints, she already understood that it was a matter of the insolence and self-confidence of the boss, who allows himself to consider the wife of his subordinate as a sexual object for harassment. But still she was glad that everything seemed to be over, and besides, she did not dare to refuse again, hearing that it was her previous refusals to communicate that caused her husband’s problems at work. She went to the exit with her boss and did not even pull away at the door when he put his arm around her waist. Although it may have been a mistake. Because the boss’s hand slipped lower and lower with each step, and pretty soon it turned out that he was walking half a step, stroking Lenochka’s ass from behind. For some reason, his car was parked around the corner in the alley. And when they approached her, he gallantly opened the back door for Lenochka. But when Lenochka got into the salon, he destroyed the image of the gallant gentleman, again slapping Lenochka quite hard on the rear. And then Lenochka thought that everything was not going very well for her. Moreover, instead of getting behind the wheel, the boss also sat down next to Lenochka in the back seat. Helen could not understand why, and was not happy to be practically alone with the boss, in the confined space of the cabin, especially since the car stood with the windshield against the wall, and the rear windows were tinted, but she did not have time to flicker thoughts about the ambiguity of the situation as a boss said: – Well, if you want to help your husband, just take and take off your blouse now! Helen was confused. She did not think that she would have to pay for the favor so soon and was completely unprepared for this. – Well, why are you wasting time? Do you want to help then why was this whole conversation? Get out then and next week yours can look for a new job. – Sharply and angrily, not allowing Lena to recover, demanded the chief. Spurred on by his demand, Helen began to unfasten the buttons with trembling hands and … nevertheless took off her blouse. The boss picked her up and threw her into the front seat. And he himself, hugging Lenochka, began to knead her breasts. He squeezed the hemispheres with his fingers, played with the nipples, twisting them. Helen could barely restrain her screams and sat, breathing quickly, feeling how treacherously her breasts harden and tighten and nipples rise under greedy fingers. However, this did not last long. The chief pulled away from her, collapsed on the seat and, grinning, said – well, help your husband! Demonstratively unbuttoned his fly. Helen realized that she had no choice. Of course, the situation was unpleasant for her, but she understood that now to refuse the boss, it meant everything would completely anger him. Helen decided that she should, for her husband’s sake, satisfy this anxious insolent man. Moreover, she herself already thought that she would have to have sex with him. And then just a blowjob. And she made up her mind. Leaning over to the fly, ran her fingers there and carefully straightening the already half-grown member … She took it in her mouth. The boss’s member was short and thick. The mouth had to be kept wide open, but it did not reach the throat. Lenochka obediently began to move her head, and the boss, completely spreading over the seat, pushed the back of her head with his hand and whispered hoarsely – suck, suck, suck, suck. Either from these words, or, after all, from the sensation of a man’s penis in the mouth, or maybe from short caresses of her breasts, but Lenochka felt that her lower abdomen was accumulating heaviness, a sensation of sexual tension requiring release. She has such, if there is no sex for a long time, for example. But now these sensations only interfered with concentrating on the boss’s penis, and Lenochka tried to drive them away, which, however, did not work out well. After about 7 minutes, the chief’s breathing quickened, and he said – Just don’t get my car dirty! Helen did not even have time to take offense. After all, how to stain? Does he himself consider his sperm disgusting? And why should she Helen also have to worry about the interior of his car, because he forced her to have sex in such a place? But before she had time to somehow react to his words, as hot volleys of viscous sperm hit her in the mouth. Either he had wanted to finish for a long time, or he was just aroused by Lena, but there was a lot of sperm, so it was difficult for Lena to keep everything in her mouth. I had to take as many large sips, so that everything in the mouth: the palate, the cheeks from the inside, the tongue – everything was plastered over. But she, nevertheless, managed to fulfill the requirement of the chief. Not a drop was spilled into the cabin or the seats. Then, while Lenochka was sitting, putting on a blouse and trying to collect the rest of the sperm with her tongue in her mouth, she even received a compliment. – I knew you were a great nipple! No wonder I wanted to fuck you so badly. Okay, let’s go, sit down and go. Lenochka did not know how to react to such words and simply remained silent, pondering everything that had happened. It all happened so unexpectedly that she had not yet decided how to relate to it. Everything was put in place by a phone call, to which the chief answered when they were already on their way to Lenochka’s house. – I don’t do anything, they do it to me. Well, who who is the girl blowjob, did. He answered the interlocutor. – Yes, I did well. Yeah, married – he laughed. – Yes, you even saw her, – as the boss boasted. And Lenochka was just not alive – bliiiin, what have I done! And if he tells everyone at the same job, and if he, right now, says whose wife I am? Thoughts in her head rushed about with frightened birds, and Helen realized that she had made a very big mistake, putting family life itself in jeopardy in order to preserve her husband’s career. What could she do: beg the boss not to tell anyone? Declare that he invented everything and nothing happened if everything comes out? Pretend that all the lies, even if rumors spread and do everything to prevent these rumors. But while Helen was in prostration, she did not even pay attention to the fact that the boss periodically stroked her leg, raising his hand quite high to the edge of her skirt. When the car drove up to her entrance, the boss was already shamelessly stroking her thigh, lifting her skirt and reaching up to her panties. Helen jerked the door, but it remained locked. – The boss said not so quickly and moved a little closer to Lenochka. With the hand that had stroked Lenochka before, he grabbed her by the shoulders, and unceremoniously thrust the other between her legs. Helen oyknula, tried to move her legs, but she was a little late and the boss’s brazen strong hairy paw managed to slip right up to her panties. Helen tried to stop her – she grabbed her with both hands and wanted to push them under her skirts, but … she didn’t succeed … The boss was stronger and did not intend to remove his hand at all. Moreover, his thick strong fingers pushed aside Lenin’s already wet panties and unceremoniously climbed inside! Helen groaned and pleadingly asked, no, you don’t need …! The car was parked right at the Lenochka entrance. There was no wall in front of her this time. The windshield was not tinted. Acquaintances or neighbors could pass by. Helen even saw that a guy was walking from the next doorway. But then … the boss’s fingers began to move slowly and strongly in her vagina and she … she could no longer think anything. She moaned and wriggled, planted on his fingers, trying to somehow move away, but only pressed more tightly into the chair. Her eyes rolled back, her head rested against the headrest. And, in the end, she completely lost control of herself. She forgot where and with whom she was, she just felt incredibly pleasant sensations in her pussy, and … Her sexual tension resulted in a strong clitoral orgasm. Helen could not even restrain herself and screamed! Aaaaaa! At the same time, the boss remained completely calm and only whispered demandingly to her from the side – Come on, damn it! Come on whore! And Lenochka understood that now she was really acting like the last pi .., but there was nothing she could do about it. For a moment, she seemed to even pass out. She shuddered convulsively in the chair, completely immersed in her sensations. Then Lenochka somehow came to her senses. She looked at her boss, embarrassed and awkward. This hog grinned contemptuously and imperiously, looking at the confused girl. I’ll go – Helen hesitantly asked permission, not knowing at all what to do now. – I will call you. Wait for the whore – the boss promisingly pinched her on the nipple and led her to the entrance with a steadfast oily gaze. Helen walked uncertainly, her legs simply bent, her clothes straightened somehow caused a feeling of awkwardness. Slowly, she entered the apartment, fortunately her husband was not yet there. Quickly undressing, Helen got under the shower and already there, allowing herself to relax under the streams of warm water, she suddenly burst into tears. From everything she had experienced, from everything that this insolent man did to her. From his conversation on the phone, when she was almost, did not tell who exactly was with him. From the fact that now he can do it at any moment. She understood that she had made a big mistake and now fell into dependence on him and he would not leave her alone. She could only wait with fear for the call.
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