American football player having fun with his booty in the gym

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On the weekend I was left alone and all day Saturday I sat idly on the TV. In the evening I wanted to eat, and I decided to run to the store. After getting dressed, I left the house and lit a cigarette. Passing the park, I saw 2 girls separate from the company sitting on the bench and heading towards the store. I pretended to tie my lace and let them catch up, straightening up, I turned to them and said: – Hello girls, where are you in a hurry? – I’m a guy nothing meter eighty, slender broad-shouldered, and say that he is cute. I smiled at them. – Yes, so we are walking – one of them coquettishly answered. – I see you have a funny company there, why did you run away from there? – maintaining the conversation, I began to examine them. It was cold, but both were in mini skirts, under which they were wearing black woolen tights, which looked more than appetizing. And both are in leather jackets. One had gorgeous red hair and the other had a blonde ponytail. The redhead was petite and very cute, the blonde was a little taller, her features were a little rougher, but she was beautiful, and in her eyes, there was a challenge, interest, and a little lust. – Yes, we don’t know anyone there, a friend invited us – the redhead said with a sad smile, the blonde was silent, but threw interested glances at me. – so you miss – I said – well, I also sit at home all day, right now I went to the store… if you don’t want with me – will we buy some wine, sit with me, chat? They looked at me doubtfully, but interested in my proposal. – Well, I don’t even know – the red-haired woman stretched out doubtfully – we can’t leave Ira. – Why not? – suddenly said the blonde – they don’t care about us anyway … – that’s exactly what I say, there’s nothing to be bored, let’s go to me – I smiled and added – by the way, my name is Max. – me Olya – said the redhead, smiling sweetly. – and me Katya is already a blonde. There was a playful tone in her voice. – well, so they decided – winking, I specify. – and why there, let’s go – said Olya, and we went to the store. We bought a bottle of not the cheapest dry wine, some cheese, and fruit. When they came to me, I took them into the living room, and I went for glasses. We poured the wine, drank, I turned on the relaxing music. And we began to talk quietly: we talked about studying, about work, about a little bit of everything. I was sitting on the floor and they were on the couch, Olya said: – give max to our couch, otherwise you sit modestly on the floor, we are uncomfortable. – they giggled and I readily moved to the sofa. He sat down sprawling, hugged Olya – she did not mind. We drank, started talking about sex and relationships, since the atmosphere was quite intimate. The girls were relaxing. I kissed Olya – she answered me vividly … we kissed, and my hands slid along her back, woven into her hair, crumpled her breasts. Katya coughed and said with an offended look: – I’m superfluous here.
I answered: – Relax and sit down with me. She sat on the other side, I turned to her and kissed her. She had a more assertive tongue, and the kiss was wild and fierce, compared to Oli’s soft and enveloping kiss. I kissed Katya, and Olya, not a little embarrassed, continued kissing my neck and began to lift my T-shirt, kissing my nipples and stomach. I took off my shirt, and from Katya, Olya took off her shirt and bra, then pulled off her tights and panties, leaving only a skirt. I told Katya to do the same and temporarily switched to Olya. I crumpled and kissed her breasts on the neck, my ears then went down, pulled her up, laying her on her back, threw my legs over my shoulders, and began to lick her. It was sweet and pleasant, I love licking girls, unlike many others, naturally, I don’t like the taste of the vagina or the clitoris, but the way the girl begins to sway her hips, as if sitting on your tongue, how her body slightly trembles and bends. I licked her for several minutes, helping myself with my fingers, sometimes I went down and licked her anus. She was delighted. I started to moan and I stopped, straightening up, turned back to Katya. She sat without a bra but did not take off her skirt or tights. I asked if she was embarrassed, to which I received an answer that she did not want to get down to the most important thing yet. She pulled me towards herself, laid me on my back, and began kissing my chest, neck, sometimes returning to her lips. Olya, meanwhile, pulled off my jeans and did the most important thing. She sucked just masterfully, then swallowing my penis to the base, then playing with the head, then running her tongue along the trunk. I was very excited. After lying for a few more minutes in such pleasant inactivity, I gently pushed Katya aside and put Olya on her back on the bed, taking her by the ankles and spreading her legs, I abruptly entered her. She was all wet and we did not experience any unpleasant sensations, I began to move, making movements abruptly and quickly, I almost completely left her and then drove my penis back. She moaned loudly. Katya walked around me from behind, pressed against me, and began to move her hips in time with me, kissing my neck. We moved everything together as a whole, as one big mechanism. Olya screamed out loud, I bit my lips with pleasure and felt what a heat and a wave of excitement comes from Katya. Olya continued to scream, and I felt that she had already finished 2 times. I got out of it and offered Katya to take her place, but she refused and I, turning Olya over, put her on my knees near the sofa. She rested her head on the sofa and squeezed the covers while I continued to beat her rhythmically and fiercely. She finished at least 3 more times when I realized that I was close to cumming. I hinted at this, and then Katya said that she would accept everything. I left Olya, and Katya knelt in front of me. And she told me to pound her in my mouth harder. I entered her mouth, slowly at first, the entire length of the penis, leaning against her throat, she moaned with excitement and pleasure.
I began to move abruptly, each time, gently pushing her throat, then my cock exploded, and a strong jet of cum hit her right in the throat. My cock throbbed and trembled, ejecting sperm portion after portion, as I continued to drive it down her throat in delicious exhaustion of ecstasy. Then she sucked the rest of the semen out of him, held it in her mouth until he began to go limp. I pulled it out and lay back on the sofa in exhaustion. During all this action, Olya lay with her hand between her legs and rubbed her clitoris, apparently once again, having finished with me, she also leaned back and lay under my wing, very sweet and comfortable, we were blissful. Katya lay down in rows, her hips were shaking from overexcitation, but she stubbornly did not take off her skirts and tights. We were silent. Then Olga stretched her lips to me, and we kissed passionately. – It was magical – she said – I smiled and kissed her on the nose. Then he turned to Katya and said that it was time for her to relax and enjoy herself. She said she didn’t want to. I saw her shaking from overexcitement and looked at her skeptically. “Well, well,” said my eyes. She sighed and said: – I am not like everyone else, I am very ashamed. I’d better go. – Business was taking a bad turn, I did not understand anything. – stop what’s the matter? – I said – you will not leave here until I bring you to orgasm! – she turned away, took off her pantyhose and panties, throwing them against the wall. Then she turned to us. Her skirt was slightly bulging in front. She jerked it up and looked at us with a challenge – there was a beautiful 15 centimeters under her. – Wow !! – only Olya and I said. – come here – I said. She came over. I took her penis in my hand and began to masturbate, she immediately moaned loudly. I put her on the couch and began to cover her body with kisses, sucked on her breasts, stomach, then reached her penis. I thought – well, a girl of the highest class, only with a member, … why not – in life, you have to try everything. I took her cock in my mouth and began to suck gently. She suddenly grabbed my head and began to fuck hard in my mouth, her dick was beating in my throat, filling my entire mouth – I was excited and I liked it. She let me go and then Olya came up to her and lay down on top of her in position 69. Katya licked Olya’s clitoris, and she deeply swallowed Katya’s penis. I knelt and began to lick Katya’s anus, deeply penetrating there with my tongue, it was not virgin, my tongue came out of it with a characteristic squelch. Without hesitation, I entered Katya. it was a little cramped, but pleasant, Katya just growled with excitement and so actively processed Olya that she also began to scream. And I began to actively move in Katya’s ass, driving my penis to full length and getting it out almost entirely. About three minutes later Katya could not resist and with screams shot sperm into Olya’s throat, then I began to cum right into Katya’s anus. We all three leaned back and relaxed.
We lay, drank wine, and thought about how gorgeous we had sex, at least I put aside the glass, I closed my eyes. Someone began to slowly suck my penis until it got stronger, it was Katya. She sucked no less professionally than Olya, only she sank deeper on him. Then she began to suck my scrotum and smoothly down to the anus. She began to suck on it and insert her fingers there. I didn’t mind – it was nice. Olya saddled me on top and sat on my penis and began to jump fiercely on it. Katya at this time continued to manipulate my anus. I relaxed, and then I realized that Katya was trying to insert her penis into me. I thought it was to break free and be indignant, but my anus was kneaded abundantly with Katya’s saliva so that the member entered easily and I was very pleased. Katya began to move slowly, gradually increasing her pace. I lay on my back with my arms outstretched and sucked Oli’s hand which she put in my mouth, my cock was fiercely fucked by a rider, and a hot cock pounded in my ass. I just went crazy with excitement when a stream of hot sperm hit me – I, in turn, finished in Olya, and she fell on me in exhaustion. Katya got out of me and began to lick the anus. And I was lying, unable to get out of Olya, she was relaxed and happy on me.
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