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Phone call. “How did you get me this phone”. – ” Yes, I listen” – “Beloved, Sergey and Ira today at three o’clock go to the sauna”. – “I know”. – “Their children refused to go with them and they invited us, shall we go?”. – “Of course, how much time do we have and what is required from us? – “Sauna at three, we have beer and snacks. – “Meet us in the sauna. Cab…, store…, cab… sauna. Got it. – “Good afternoon friends. It’s good here, we were here”. Beer, steam, water… All this has done its job. We relaxed, the conversation with business and crisis gradually turned into “nothing”. – “Let’s go to the steam room, there’s nothing to sharpen”, Ira said. We are in the steam room. Ira and I are sitting next to each other on the lower bench, and my wife and Sergey are on the upper bench. Suddenly, I felt my hand on Ira’s thigh. My fingers gently caressed the hip, which belongs to my friend. “Shall I take my hand away? How will I look into his eyes if he notices it?”. But the hand was not removed, but kept caressing the hip. It was slowly sliding on it, climbing from the knee upwards to another person’s restricted area. The heart began to accelerate its rhythm. On my way, my hand met Ira’s hand, but I did not feel any resistance. Her hand lay down my hand and pressed it against my thigh. There was a loud groaning. But it was my wife’s familiar groan. Ira and I simultaneously began to turn my head to the moan and our lips met. A long, long, beautiful, pleasant kiss. Moving our eyes, we saw Sergey’s hand on my wife’s chest. She caressed the nipple through the swimsuit, putting my wife in a state of ecstasy. But the steam room took its own. We have to jump in the pool. Me and Ira got out of the steam room and jumped into the burning water together. And the invigorating water gave new strength. We kissed each other again. Our hands caressed our bodies. Our bodies caressed each other. Ties on the swimsuit untied themselves. And a magnificent beautiful breast appeared in front of me. She was excited. The breast increased in size and shouted: “Kiss me immediately!”. And my lips went to this beautiful breast. My tongue caressed her, kissed her, bit her. Irina’s moan excited me. And I felt Irina’s hands on my penis. My trunks began to slide down from me, Ira fell under water and kissed my excited cock… What bliss. And suddenly we saw Sergey and my wife nearby. They were in water and kissed. “When did they jump in the pool?”. Their hands were walking on their bodies. They were not wearing a swimsuit or a swimsuit. We stopped our eyes on them. It turns out that when you see a strange man kissing your wife, it is exciting. We started coming out of the pool. And Sergey suddenly stole swimsuits from Ira, hugged her and kissed her. I helped Irina to come out, then my wife. Suddenly, these two women clung to me, they began to dry me with their bodies. Their breasts absorbed my water. They rubbed on my body, hugged me, pressed me to themselves, kissed everything and at once. My excitement reached the limit, but here Sergey interfered. “I want so too. And he pressed against my wife. His hands gently stroked a breast, caressed a nipple, made something on a stomach, went downwards, looking for an attractive comb. – My hands are not enough, I want more hands, more caresses,” my wife moaned. Then me and Ira turned to her and started to caress her. My wife moaned, shouted and cried something. Six hands touched her whole body. The wife began to slide down on the floor. Sergey picked her up and carried her to a wide bed. There we continued our caresses. Someone kissed the chest, someone kissed the stomach, someone kissed the vagina. The peak of orgasm was coming. My wife was bored, she strained, then her body was crumpled. We had a feeling of weightlessness. We lifted our wife up and Sergey entered her. Me and Ira kissed my wife’s chest. Slow movements of Sergey brought his wife to indescribable delight. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened, calling for one more cock. And I set mine up. I have never had such a blowjob before. Tongue, lips, teeth, throat….. All this together enveloped me. My peak came. My sperm streamed into my mouth, but there was so much that it poured out on my chin and flowed down on my chest. At that moment Sergey took out his cock and poured his semen with a moan on his wife’s stomach and chest. Ira was delighted with the kind of sperm. She began licking our sperm from the body, chest, lips of his wife. Her tongue penetrated into her mouth and began to lick out all that was left. Our wife’s lips merged into a kiss. Their bodies pressed against each other. Then, the wives got up and kissed and began to caress their nipples. First, their own, and then each other’s. From this view, our members stood up with a stake. We settled in from behind, tilted our partners and entered them. My dick entered Irina easily and deeply. Moving forward is a cry of excitement, moving backward is a moaning cry of sleep….. My hand felt Irina’s clitoris – a hoarse of pleasure was heard from her mouth. The second hand, caressing her back, slipped to the anus. My finger began to slowly enter there. Irina froze. I continued my work. And, suddenly, a wild scream that crossed a stormy orgasm. Irina’s body shook, shuddered, wriggled. Lips whispered: “Finish in me, finish, finish” ….. And sperm poured out of me again. I have fallen on a bed without forces. On me the body of Ira has fallen. What happened to Sergey and his wife I don’t know, but the cries of joy and pleasure they made loud. After a while I came to my senses with a feeling of affection and kisses. Ira was kissing my fallen dick. From these kisses, the desire that men never get away with turned into an opportunity. My cock was again ready to please a woman. My wife did the same to Sergey’s cock. “I want you three,” Ira said. We trusted her. She put Sergey on her back and sat on top of him, while making a deep moan of pleasure. Her back was bent and she put her side up for me. And I walked into it. Irya’s moan went into the rattle. My wife sat down on Sergei’s horse, setting her vagina to kiss Ira. Irya’s tongue began to caress my wife’s clitoris, and Sergei’s lips closed with his wife’s lips. In this position, we began to give pleasure to each other and receive it from each other. Our emotions overwhelmed us and poured out some screams and squeals. Our orgasm was pumping in waves. And each wave seemed to be the last, a new wave came and it was higher than the previous one. Ira’s papa squeezed and relaxed the hug of my penis. From this game I felt how my sperm was gathering inside. There was so much semen that I could not keep it inside anymore. I wanted to make it with a very powerful jet of sperm to break into the inside of Ira. I squeezed the sack where she was and shot. This shot made Irina’s body move forward. At that moment, Sergei’s semen fired the same powerful shot from below and Irina’s body was thrown upwards. Her tongue made some movements and the orgasm covered my wife. Ira somehow twitched, cycled and we collapsed without forces on Sergei. We came to our senses when we heard Sergey moaning. He asked us to give him a chance to breathe. We gathered the last strength and went to shower. We gently washed each other, wrapped in towels and went to drink beer. True, when we looked at each other our bodies shuddered for a long time.
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