Raising a True American Football Player

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I grew up to be an absolutely normal child without any physical or psychological deviations. I lived with my terrible brother. I spent the most part of the childhood playing in the street with guys and never thought about anything similar as dressing up or transsexualism. But once it happened so that reading children’s educational or simply entertaining magazine I found out there game for girls (at first I didn’t understand that it is so) there the girl and more linen for it has been drawn, all it could be cut out and further to change this girl and to do with it what you want…. So I didn’t even know that it was a game for girls I started playing it. First, I made a remark brother who saw what I play and came in a slight perplexity. But I couldn’t make sense what was so…. But in order to avoid oblique looks I had to finish this entertainment… For the next 6 years I didn’t remember about it, but when we were connected to the Internet, I got into the boyfriend like everyone else and came across sites like this. I started with small ordinary stories, but gradually it began to cause less excitement. When I saw the chapter on dressing up, I began to read it and gradually understood that it was mine that it was closer to me than a normal story about sex. I thought at night about those guys dressed up as girls, and it was so exciting to describe it! Waiting for the moment when no one was home. I went and started to go through my mother’s things, but so shyly and carefully that I couldn’t take many things. I took out my mother’s shower and tried to pull it on myself for 10 minutes when it was not as exciting as I would like it to be. Still, I was not desperate and took two bags of water filled them with about half scotch tape, gave the shape of a circle put into my bra put on a T-shirt so that the bags could not be seen and the spectacle conquered my friend… He got up with a stake so I ran into the tub and came in a gust of huge orgasm! But I kept thinking about anal sex, the thought did not give me peace…. After thinking a little I took a carrot in the kitchen as it seemed to me to be the most suitable object for a beginning trance. I washed my ass with a full syringe of water and injected it into my ass. After doing this I went to the toilet several times and felt a certain lightness in the anus area. After putting the carrot on the washing machine in the bathroom, I took the shower cream (since I didn’t think I would find any lube) and put the anus ring on it, I started pushing my finger into it, it seemed so nice that the second finger didn’t have to wait long. I turned my gaze on the carrot and began to slowly inject it into my anus. It was not wide so it came in with some ease. When the carrot entered at a decent distance, so to say centimeters 6 I began to be amazed by the sensations I had and my friend immediately reacted to them showing that I am good. I slowly started to inject the carrot and it turned out to be about 15 centimeters long. I was afraid to inject it completely kicked it into centimeters 13 I injected it until I felt a special crazy and wild excitement. The lubricant flowed out of my penis abundantly and when I slightly hit it he shot with such force that the orgasm plunged me into the strongest orgasm of my life. I collected some sperm with my finger and put it in my mouth after lying in the bath and exhausted. I remember this taste every time I hear or read the word sperm that blissful taste in intercourse with a carrot in the butt and a feeling of growing excitement… Next, I stood up and took off the rainstorm and threw the bags of water from the balcony unfortunately without getting into anyone. Walking around the house and cleaning, I felt excited and realized that something was fidgeting in my butt, I realized that the same carrot, as the doorbell rang, I rushed to my room pulled up my clothes and went to open the door almost with a standing cock. My mother came and she was putting the food out of the bags and I felt my friend getting up more and more. Telling my mother that I went to play for the computer, I sat down and thought about it for a long time. I was distracted by my dick, which stood up with a stake, not thinking long, I flushed into the toilet, taking off my pants I began to wax my dick and suddenly the carrot slipped out of my ass smeared in my secretions and the remains of the cream from the shower. I inserted it back and began to wank it at both ends in the same rhythm and got to me the second orgasm for this day, which was no different from the first. After breaking the carrot, I threw it into the toilet and washed it off. Such was my first sexual experience with a carrot in the form of a girl. Reading more stories and learning more information, I began to improve the quality of my ass and it began to withstand even larger objects the size of a cucumber 2 or even 3 centimeters thick. So it was another year I began to understand more about women’s clothing and learned how to wear it properly. When I knocked 18 years on the gift money, or rather a small share of them, I bought myself cosmetics as my mother I was just afraid to touch … It was a small set in my purse which I bought at the mall allegedly as a gift. Waiting for the moment when everyone was absent at home, I started to make up. The first thing I did was to put it on my lips and it turned out to be very decent. Then I powdered my lips and went on to eyeliner. And here I had a complete ambush. I didn’t get smooth and beautiful lines, but more and more new attempts gave their result and began to turn out more and more beautiful. And in the end I made up my makeup at the same time so it would be difficult to distinguish me from a girl and as I said at the same moment I remembered that I did not buy a wig. I took my makeup off and burned with shame I bought a wig. Dressing up again and wearing a blonde wig with bangs and long hair, I realized that I was a girl. I put on a rainstorm put bags of water on my mother’s nightie went to the bathroom and looking in the mirror at such a beautiful lady began to insert a cucumber in her anus, and even at such a pace that he finished in the next 10 minutes. But like everyone else I wanted more I wanted a real man of muscular strength and charm. I began to think in this direction remembering that my parents in three days to eat next weekend should go to a wake with overnight stay. Realizing that this is my chance to lose my virginity, I decided to cling to him with a dead grip. I didn’t understand with whom or how I could do it and in the end I got the idea. And I did this: when my parents left I dressed up as a boy and went to my neighbor Slavka and said that my cousin would sit alone at my house today and he wouldn’t be afraid if she suddenly came to them and asked for something. And about me I said that I would go to my girlfriend and he smiled at the floor. Having said goodbye, I made a circle around the house and quietly passed to my apartment so that nobody noticed me. Having appeared at home I began to change clothes and to make up by the way I put on mom’s lace linen of red color and put on lipstick under a tone, having finished all this I have put on mom’s home clothes in which she cooks and simply watches telly (by a build we did not differ very much so it has got on me without problems). Having drunk 100 grams of cognac for bravery, I went out to the court and knocked on the door to my neighbor and then our intricate dialogue began: – Hello you Glory as I understand it? – Yes, the girl my brother warned me about you. Has something happened to you? – And why something happened at once, maybe I got bored and I wanted to communicate (at that moment he woke up and started to look at me from head to toe looking at my chest size 3 thin and attractive legs wrapped in an elk, he blushed and I noticed some movement in his puppies) – Okay, I won’t embarrass you, Slava, and I’ll tell you honestly I have something wrong with the computer, something does not want to work and all here! please help me! – Oh yes of course (he’s woken up from watching my body) now let’s see what you have there. – Oh, thank God! because I was already upset. I went ahead of him temptingly and playfully swaying my ass. When I went into my room I put a chair in front of him and we sat down next to the computer (I made sure that the computer would reboot when booting). He sat there and looked at the breakage of my computer in perplexity. At that moment I bent under the table and supposedly accidentally grabbed his dick with words: – Or maybe something happened in that box? Slava, having felt my hand on his penis, got excited not for a joke, he grabbed my hand (well, the one I was holding his penis with) and began to clean it, and at that moment I began to squirm on his penis with my roguish handles. He took a deep breath and took my hand away with force. – Oh, Slava, why did you get so excited? Oh, and we never met my name is Yaroslava. With a noticeable difficulty he tried to answer something clear, but it did not work and I took the matter into my own hands. – Glory, and let me please look at your letter, I have never touched it and have not seen in reality. I have honestly lured you here for this too. Slava, having pulled out the balls on me in a perplexity at first stared at me and then at my breast. I did not long thinking began to unbutton his fly and not having unbuttoned it to the end of his monster jumped out (I am itchy and did not expect that the glory has such a large penis with such alluring veins) I began to move the skin on his head Slavkina eyes rolled up in an impulse of pleasure, and I did not long thinking licked his head so playfully and temptingly shone it like winking at me. So I began to suck him in my mouth when I took him half Slavka suddenly woke up and wanted to say something, but I brought my index finger and he quickly agreed to everything I offered him. With all tenderness I began to sit on his dick with my head and suddenly he began to pulsate and a huge jet of sperm splashed into my mouth and I could not think that a man can cum so abundantly so much sperm I could not swallow. Slavkin’s dick started to soak up, but I didn’t think to let him down. I started licking his sperm from his testicles at the base and all this was happening so erotic that when I got to the head his dick was already standing a stake. I stood in front of him sitting on a chair and started pulling down my pants that were hiding my ass that had been dreaming of riding a stallion for a year. Having taken off the shuttles, the glory suddenly started to pull my panties off and came upon my over-excited penis. – Dimon? He exclaimed and I quietly answered yes with a touch of my eyes. At first he pulled away, but I pressed him to me and began to suck his cock again, and as I understood, he didn’t care that I was a guy, let alone his neighbor. When I stood up with the cancer, he came up behind me and spit on my glasses and smeared his spit on me and slowly began to put his dick in me. I could feel every millimeter of his horse coming up my ass and enjoying it madly. Having entered me up to the end he grabbed me by my fake breasts and I half-smooned: – I’m all your cute He didn’t think long he started to drive his cock in me and I was moaning at him on the floor of the house and was ready to take something else in my mouth that looked like a cock and smelled like that also to get a full high. He fucked me every minute faster and faster but at 15 minutes his movements became so fast and strong that I started to cum and pour my seed wherever I went and after a few seconds he caught up with me and poured his juices into me… We fell together on the sofa which stood next to me and he didn’t take his cock out of my ass and pressed me closer and lay exhausted from the resulting high.
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