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I want to tell you my story. I am 19 years old, I am a student, a slim and tall brunette with lush breasts and a very appetizing ass, which drives me crazy not only men but also myself. Recently, thoughts about anal sex began to excite me very much, I imagined how a huge penis stretches my pinched hole in the ass and then fucks her in a frantic rhythm. Unfortunately, in my life there was no one with whom I could make my secret desires come true, but fortunately I really love to experiment. In general, I repeatedly tried to stick a finger in my ass when I was in the bath and masturbated, but I did not particularly focus on this issue, and now it was completely different, as if someone replaced my ass as soon as I touched my wrinkled holes my pussy started to flow like the last bitch and therefore I firmly decided to fuck myself in this small, but very desirable hole. For my purpose, I went to a sex shop and bought everything I needed, a couple of vibrators of different sizes and shapes, anal lubricant, an ass plug and a DVD movie that, judging by the name, promised to excite to the limit. Coming home, I turned on the film and started undressing, stood with cancer in front of the mirror so that I could see everything. Leaning with one hand on the chair with the other, I stroked myself a little on the elastic buttocks and squeezed the lubricant out of the tube on my finger, began to inject it into my back hole. The finger entered surprisingly easily, after all, grease is grease, at this time on the TV an aunt with a strapped-on end pearl her friend in the ass with might and main, this added my enthusiasm and pulling my finger out of the priest, I took up that smaller vibrator. It was sleek, thin and long in shape. Bringing it to the ass, I enjoyed a little, moving it around the anus and began to stick it in. He just didn’t want to enter, the ass stubbornly resisted, then I pressed harder and, succumbing to the effort, the hole opened slightly, the head parted the edges of the anus and went inside. Having got used to the new sensations a little, I continued to move inward, thrusting it about ten centimeters, I stopped and began to caress the clitoris. These are not transferable sensations to masturbate watching yourself standing cancer on the floor in front of a mirror with a high-lifted ass and a silicone member sticking out of it. But my pleasure did not last long, from playing with the booty, I really wanted to go to the toilet and there was nothing to do but pull the seductive stick out of the ass. Going to the toilet, I realized that today I will not get the maximum, and there is no time to start all over again, I will have to postpone it until tomorrow. In the morning I had to run to the institute, but I didn’t want to wait all day, getting up early, I decided to start with an enema so that yesterday’s story would not be repeated, going into the bathroom I took out a rubber heating pad with a hose sticking out of it and a small white tip. I filled the heating pad with warm water and hung it on the hook. Taking out the cream from the shelf, I greased the tip thickly and, having taken a position in the bath, began to introduce it into myself with pleasure. After inserting the tip and stroking my nipples, which had already become completely hard, I opened the tap on the hose, warm liquid began to spread over my insides. Actually, I don’t really like enema, but all means are good to achieve the desired. The water stopped flowing and I closed the faucet, but I didn’t pull out the tip, instead I began to iron my lye and, lingering on the button of the clitoris, fiddled it a little. The water in my stomach soon made itself felt and I was forced to get out of the bath and sit down on the toilet, all the “excess” that was in me immediately came out in a stormy stream. After the procedure, I got under a warm shower and began to think what to do next. Not becoming limited to an enema, I decided that today I will go to the institute with a plug inserted in the ass. Quickly running into the room and taking the cream and the cork there, I returned to the bathroom. The cork was a cheerful blue color, about 15 cm long and 3 and a half wide at the thickest part. Having squeezed a large amount of cream onto the top of the cone, I spread my legs wider, bent them slightly at the knees, bent forward and brought the cork to the cherished hole in the butt. The cork was too big for my butt, and when I began to press on it, first the skin around the hole began to sag and only then my ass began to open slightly, letting in a foreign object. The first half, which was going to expand, came in very tight and was a little painful, so I had to stop and massage the clitoris to relax, but as soon as the widest part climbed through, the second half, tapering towards the end, jumped like clockwork, leaving only a small flat part outside preventing the cork from leaving inside. From the tension in the priest and the overwhelming excitement, my legs even gave way. Having washed my face with cold water, I slowly wandered into the room, moving not by my own gait, it was unusual to feel something in myself that did not allow the anus to close and the sweetly rubbing vagina through a thin septum. While I was going to college, I was completely accustomed to my gag and only waves of excitement spreading through my body made my anus contract and thereby feel the cone plugging my lustful ass. Arriving at the institute, I already felt how the lubricant from the pussy wetted my panties through and through, I was especially excited by the thought that the base of the cork was sticking out of the narrow hole of the ass under the skirt, and no one could even think about it. Having barely finished one lecture, I rushed back home. Having passed, I took off all my clothes, leaving only stockings tightly tightening my slender legs into nylon. It was itching in the ass, and the mink was burning with desire, so, without wasting time, I turned on yesterday’s movie, took out my new toys and lay down on the sofa. Putting a pillow under the lower back, spread her legs to the sides and pressed them to her chest, touching her knees to her nipples. Over the morning I got so used to the feeling of a cork inside myself that I did not want to part with it, but even more interesting and unexplored sensations awaited me, therefore, grasping the tail of the cone sticking out of the ass, I pulled it out. The plug first pulled the edges of the anus, and then suddenly jumped out. Taking the cream on my finger, I began to lubricate the ass well from the inside, and since the sphincter was slightly stretched by the cork, the finger entered freely. Taking hold of a small phallus, which was already familiar with my ass, she put it to her back door and began to plunge it inside. He entered practically without encountering resistance and I began to push him deeper. This made my mink howl with desire, then I almost completely thrust the vibrator into the ass and took up the second, larger one, made in the form of a healthy male member and in one motion pushed it all the way into my wet mink, turned it on at a low speed and my feelings overwhelmed me, I began in a frantic rhythm to drive these stallions into the ass, then into the gap, but I wanted more and I changed their places, now the thick penis that my mink could barely accommodate was sticking out of the ass tightly covered with a ring of a broken anus, and his younger brother went to the whole in my totally stunned pussy. Having got used to the size of the penis in the ass a little, I turned on the vibration to the maximum and began to work it in the ass like a jackhammer. Practically taking it out, so that the anus had time to shrink a little, and then driving it to the very base in the form of healthy eggs. I finished over and over again, but I could not stop until I fell into complete ecstasy … A little after recovering, I realized that this miracle of technology still sits deep in my ass and still vibrates, making my whole body shudder. Grasping the base, I slowly pulled it out, the edges of my ass did not converge, everything inside pulsed and burned. But I still felt good, feelings overwhelmed me, I did it, I fucked myself in the ass. After that day, a lot of time has passed, and my love for anal sex is getting stronger every day, especially after I tried to fuck in the ass with my new friend, I almost fainted from a live member in the ass. Now my ass is ready for whatever adventure I constantly find for it.
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