The young guy came to fitness and the trainer pumped his ass

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One evening my friend Slava called me. He just said he wanted to see me. Slavka and I were not that kind of friends. So, we got hooked once. And have not seen each other for a long time. So his call came as a surprise to me, and I spent a long time figuring out who was calling me. We shot an arrow 15 minutes later near my house. Slavik was 33 years old. He was married for the second time, and his wife, like me, was 19 years old. He slept with her every day, and I did not understand what makes him find more and more mistresses and periodically shoot prostitutes for himself. He was just an incorrigible whore. I have seen many males in my lifetime, but I still have to look for people like Slavik. After official greetings like “how are you” and “how long have you seen each other” we drove to a secluded place not far from home. Slavik sat down on the seat, sat me on top. From his burning eyes, I realized that he really wants sex. He pulled me to him and kissed me. Although Slavik was a rude lover, he kissed very tenderly and really cool! Hugging me with one hand, with the other he unbuttoned his pants and pulled out an already standing member. -Linochka, come on in your mouth! – he said in such a voice that if I do not, he will die. I took the head into Slavka’s mouth and began to slowly move up and down, gradually swallowing the penis deeper and deeper. -Lin, deeper please, more, more! – Slavik began to lose control of himself. He put his hands on the back of my head and pulled my head to him. I almost choked and pulled away from him to catch my breath. Then I started giving him a blow job again, this time helping myself with my hand. Slavik also did not sit still, he moved towards me. With a cry “that’s it, I’m finishing!” he let a hot stream of cum into my mouth. I opened the door and spit everything out into the street. Slavik laughed contentedly. – I love it when girls give in all the holes! – said Slavka. – You were wrong, I don’t give it in the ass! – And I’m drunk rushing! – Slavik grabbed my chest and put me back on his knees. – Oh, you fuck! he said to me. At first I was even offended. – Well, what the fuck is me? You probably haven’t seen whores! – As I have not seen. Yes, I fuck them periodically, a blow job costs 200 rubles, she starts to suck, and I ask, they say, how much more should you throw in order to thrust them. – And you want to fuck with prostitutes? – I love girls who give themselves without a trace. I love group sex, I love debauchery. He squeezed my chest even more. – You are a little scum, you are an abomination, you bastard, you rubbish! It started to turn me on. – You have a decent family? – asked Slavik. – Yes, mom is a girl before the wedding, everything is. – And you are not like that, your upbringing and your essence are fighting in you. – With these words, he abruptly turned me over and put me on my knees. He took off my pants and began to line up in the back. I got scared. – Slav, maybe not? – Shut up, you bastard! I’ll fuck you wherever I want! Vile creature! – Slav, stop! – You fucking! You can be fucked anywhere! Shut up and don’t fuck around! Bitch! How it turned me on! I was not at all offended, it only spurred me on. Slavka entered my ass. I felt a sharp pain and tried to escape, but he held me tightly. – Ay, it hurts! – Shut up, rubbish! He began to move deeper. It hurt me a lot, Slavka had a big dick. But when Slavka called me another insulting word, I forgot and shouted to him: – Slav, don’t! No, go on, go on! And he continued. Gradually, pleasure began to be added to the pain. – I feel good, Slav, come on, come on again! – Shut up, scum! Oh, you vile bastard! – Slavka was unstoppable. We finished at the same time. We lay down on the seat, unable to even move. Slavka hugged me. – My darling, you are so cool, I adore you! – What is it with you? Five minutes ago, you said something completely different! – Well, you liked it? – Yes, I liked it, asshole, fuck, fucker, fucking fagot !!!! We laughed happily and made an appointment for the next meeting.
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