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Recently I went to a Caucasian wedding with a friend. This friend and I studied in the same group at the university, she had a strict Caucasian upbringing and even made me quit smoking. But we were very close friends during our studies, and after school, when she went to her home, she got married and the first one she invited to the wedding was me, although I myself got married 3 years earlier than her, I decided to go to the wedding Without a husband. It was in one of the Caucasian republics, a friend’s wedding was very magnificent and cheerful. I was the only Russian girl at this wedding and quite often caught the loving glances of hot young mountaineers on myself. But in general, at first I was not up to this + I will go straight to the final of the wedding. I myself drank too much, I myself am a slender blonde 24 years old with good forms, every now and then all the men invited me to dance. Some of the guests left, some fell asleep, to put it mildly, not sober. It so happened that all the beds were occupied (there were too many guests). I began to wander through the numerous rooms, and in one of the rooms I found a free air mattress. And two drunken men were sleeping next to them on two folding chairs. I was very tired and without really undressing (the room was cool), I went to sleep on the mattress, turning off the light. And so at about 3 am I woke up. The highlander, who was sleeping next to him, but half a meter higher, woke up and tried to get up, but first he tried to feel the ground with his hand. His strong hairy hand fell right on my soft fluffy ass (I always sleep on my stomach). The highlander himself did not understand what it was, but continued to feel a new thing, incomprehensible to him (in the dark), pleasant to the touch. I froze. + … did not move. … She didn’t say anything, for the simple reason that I was very pleased with these touches and squeezing of my lobules, even through clothes. Then I heard a click, with his other hand he turned on the lamp. Then there was a pause, apparently he recognized me and began to just admire me for a while. I pretended to be asleep, and then he put his hand on my thigh and began to stroke slowly. I felt myself getting aroused. I felt like a female, whose ass is thus checked by the male before putting his male farm into it. I was not wearing panties, but I was wearing beautiful (with patterns) transparent dark tights. And then his big hand slipped under my skirt and began to actively stroke my ass and squeeze. Oh God, what a bliss it was, I felt myself flowing quickly. During his next stroking, I could not stand it and issued a loud groan. He said: \\ “Olenka, dear, it’s you, wake up and don’t torture me anymore, look around and see how we love you \\”. I turned around, opened my eyes and did not have time to say: \\ “Do we know each other? \\”, when I saw the following picture in front of me, a tall Caucasian, about 34 years old, hanging from his bed on my mattress, he was no longer wearing clothes, with one hand he rested on the ground, and the other held a very long and beautiful member, which was directed directly towards my face and was literally 10-15cm from my mouth. I didn’t want to say anything more, I saw in front of me what I madly wanted with every part of my body. Some unknown force made me, without thinking for a long time, grab this penis with my lips and swallow it as deeply as possible into my beautiful, small, delicate mouth. I saw different members before him, but this one seemed to me to be the best and most delicious in the world. I sucked very quickly and passionately, as if this penis contained a mysterious life-giving force, which certainly was not in my husband’s relatively small and not so tasty penis. I passionately kissed the head of his penis from all sides. While I was sucking him off, the Caucasian moaned with pleasure, he tore off my blouse and bra and began to paw on my lush but firm breasts, sometimes squeezing my nipples. And I touched my wet pussy with my hand and was afraid that someone extra would come into our room and ruin such a sweet suction with his presence. A couple of minutes later, with my other hand, I squeezed his steel round balls, and exactly at that moment he shot a volley of sperm right into my mouth. I greedily swallowed sperm, I was very excited by the thought that this sperm now in my teeth (instead of toothpaste) and in my stomach fills me all from the inside. Some part of the semen leaked out and flowed down my chin and neck. He collapsed on top of me, with the words: \\ “honey, you see how much we love you \\”, he kissed my forehead. Then he sank down and began kissing my breasts, slightly biting my nipples + I finished + but he continued to skillfully kiss and paw me with big strong hands – a real male male! Then he said: \\ “I want you from behind + \\” Without thinking for a long time, I quickly turned my back on him. He lifted the hem of my skirt up and pulled the pantyhose down to his knees. Then he lay on my back and quickly entered my soft pussy wet with excitement with his long hard bayonet. I still didn’t understand – it looks like his penis, even after my blowjob, continued to be on alert and even, despite the fact that the owner of the penis was drunk, he fucked my pussy very skillfully and strongly + Not just fucked me had a real male, had a wild and passionate. I finished again + Suddenly, his penis accidentally jumped out of my pussy, I immediately grabbed it with my hand and sent it to my ass. I love it when they fuck me in the ass + But this penis. This penis did not enter immediately, at first it was a little painful, but I endured it, because I really wanted it in my ass to the very balls. I can’t even describe the delight that was inside me when, in such a cool room, such a hot penis entered my anus, and when its large balls hit the soft white hemispheres of my beautiful ass + mmmm +. I wanted to belong wholly and forever to this penis. I even slightly raised and protruded my ass, so that it was more convenient for him to enter and exit again and again. He kissed and bit me on the neck and shoulders, and this made me want to obey my male even more. I wiggled my ass a little, wriggled under it like a snake, then touched my clitoris slightly and finished a third time. And he continued more and more + fucked without respite, I felt his penis deep in my intestines, it seemed he would soon reach my heart, then he took out his penis and shoved it back into my pussy. I thought my anal pleasure would end on this, but he took out a member and began to fuck me in both holes in a faster rhythm, alternately, without slowing down, but on the contrary adding it. I was in 7th heaven with happiness. And then with the words: \\ “I love you! \\”, he began to lower me right in the ass. His thick abundant sperm filled my rectum, and when he took out his penis, she jumped out of my ass in a small fountain and began to spread over my soft fucking buttocks. I began to rub this semen on the skin of my buttocks with my hands. And at that moment, from the thought that I was such a fucking slutty bitch, I finished for the fourth time. He got up, lit a cigarette and said: \\ “My name is Aslan, all the men here already know that your name is Olya, I personally admired you for the whole evening, but I couldn’t even dream that everything is so successful with you and me end. \\ “. I wanted to get up, but he said lie down, we just started. After drinking another glass of vodka, he turned off the light and again sat down behind me from above. I lost track of how many more orgasms I got this night this night, I can’t count, but this night was long and extraordinary. The highlander kept repeating: \\ “You are my Russian goddess! \\”. All the time I was lying in my favorite position – on my stomach, with my ass lifted up. The most amazing thing is that he fell asleep, in the end, and did not get his cock out of my ass. And I got another orgasm from the thought that his penis would stay in my ass until the morning!

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