Lesbian friends with slim fitness bodies

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Tonya was 32 years old. Life developed in such a way that in her youth, when she was a mischievous, cheerful girl, she did not manage to meet that one and only one who would have shared her fate and bed with her. To be more precise, there were plenty of people who wanted to share the bed with her, but they only lingered for a short time. A little disappointed in the male half of humanity, Tonya resigned herself to long, lonely evenings and, wishing to bring at least a little consolation to them, acquired a satellite dish and a VCR. After a while, she already knew well all the television channels that showed both light and rather frank erotica. Almost every evening, Tonya made herself comfortable in an armchair and watched another erotic film, while recording it on a cassette. If she didn’t like the movie, she erased it, and left the best ones for re-viewing. Quite aroused by explicit erotic scenes, Tonya brought herself to orgasm, teasing her swollen clitoris with her finger. Such, albeit safe, but monotonous sex gradually began to bore her. He could not replace the stormy, intense sensations received from the fusion of living flesh and heated bodies, and even more so, replace the variety of pleasures that poured out on Tonya from the TV screen. Several times she tried to order some sexy \\ “toy \\” by mail, which she liked while viewing the advertising brochures, but she did not dare. And there was no question of buying something from \\ “this \\” in a sex shop. One night, watching another erotic film, Tonya literally froze in the very first frames. A young pretty maid lay down on the kitchen table and, spreading her legs, squeezed a huge, thick, shiny … eggplant into her vagina. Tonya pinched her hand. No, she was not sleeping. She actually saw it all on screen. The young maid continued to delight herself with the eggplant, taking pleasure in pulling it out and squeezing it back into the vagina. The eggplant was much thicker than her own hand. Tonya froze, her eyes fixed on the screen and afraid to miss the slightest movement of the grandiose “instrument of pleasure”. Her eyes frantically peered into the open bottomless entrance of the female \\ “passionate channel \\”, which amazed the mind with its gluttony. Sweet, caressing bliss spread over Tony’s body, promising to break out into a delicious, irrepressible orgasm. But what followed further exceeded all her expectations. Somewhere in the middle of the film, the maid again retired in the kitchen and, leaving her excited genitals to the camera coming from below, with a dexterous movement pressed a similar to the previous thick eggplant into her … anus. Tony’s breath caught in his throat, a wave of excitement never stopped hitting his body and even his mind throughout the exciting anal-eggplant play. For the first time in her entire sex life, Tonya reached the pinnacle of pleasure, receiving nourishment only from the spectacle, not even helping her by touching the clitoris. It was indescribable, indescribable, mind-blowing. After watching the film and rewinding the cassette to the beginning, Tonya, as if under hypnosis, went to the kitchen and, opening the refrigerator, looked at it for a long time, looking for a suitable vegetable, even from a distance resembling an eggplant. Not finding anything suitable, she closed the refrigerator and went into the room, realizing that at two in the morning she would no longer be able to replenish vegetable stocks in the market. Tonya once again watched the film, admiringly examining the most interesting, exciting erotic scenes and imagining herself in the place of a servant. As paradoxical as it may seem, but she really wanted to feel the same as the servant, so zealously pleasing herself with such a fat and voluptuous sexual \\ “tool \\”. Having suffered several not very violent, but rather prolonged orgasms during the second viewing, Tonya quickly and sweetly fell asleep. For the rest of the night, she dreamed of clips from the film. In the morning Tonya went to the market. The day was sunny and almost windless. Tonya decided to walk on foot in order to avoid the noisy crowd in transport and on the way once again scroll through the memory of the memorable episodes of the great film. Erotic reflections and a light breeze gently caressing the winding body led to the fact that on the way to the market her flesh literally languished with sexual thirst, and her eyes instinctively searched among the sellers for those who sold eggplants. After walking a few meters along the vegetable row, Tonya stopped near several boxes of eggplants, which in their size and shape resembled those that she saw on the screen. – You \\ “little blue \\”? Choose which ones are looking at you, – she heard the friendly voice of the owner of the goods. “Yes, I’ll choose now,” Tonya replied quietly, looking for the largest eggplants in the boxes, not looking up at the hostess and feeling the blood pounding in her temples. It seemed to her that the woman knew or guessed why she needed eggplants, and people had already noticed her excitement, thoughts and desires. But it was only a momentary weakness. A moment later, Tonya calmly chose the two largest eggplants and put them on the scales. Then, doubting that these formidable \\ “weapons \\” will enter it, I chose a couple more, a little smaller. After checking out and packing the eggplants in a bag, she went home, but, being in a state of heightened sexual arousal, went to the nearest toilet to immediately \\ “try on \\” the purchase. There were practically no people there, and Tonya, closing in one of the booths, took out the smallest eggplant. Without even squatting, she pulled aside a narrow strip of panties and put the desired object to the slippery swollen lips of the vaginal opening. A little effort – and a thick smooth eggplant smoothly entered, giving indescribable pleasure. Almost immediately, a soft wave of unexpected orgasm surged. Tonya squeezed her legs and, rolling her eyes, trying not to make too much noise, sniffled, covering her mouth with her hand. But at the same moment I heard a crash at the door and the knock of the cleaning lady’s mop. Almost instinctively, she straightened her dress, grabbed her bag and, trying to squeeze the eggplant there as tightly as possible with her vagina, slowly walked out into the street. There was a noise in my head, and my body had not yet fully recovered from the orgasm. Fearing that the voluptuous \\ “instrument \\” at the most inopportune moment could slip out and fall under her feet, Tonya walked slowly, straining her crotch and trying to squeeze the part that was peeking out. The moving thighs made the eggplant wiggle, and he gently massaged the vagina as he walked, rekindling new excitement in the body. After walking about a hundred meters, Tonya stopped on the sidewalk near the lamppost and, leaning her back against it, again reached the peak of pleasure, rolling her eyes and making several subtle involuntary convulsive body movements. But this did not go unnoticed by a passing man. He went up to her and asked, looking straight into her eyes: – Do you feel bad? – No, I’m fine. Even too much! – Tonya stretched a blissful smile. – I see you are all sweating and breathing so hard. Is there anything I can do to help? – he did not lag behind. – At the moment you can do nothing to help me, – said Tonya with increased intonation, wanting to get rid of him as soon as possible. The man once again looked her up and down suspiciously and left. Tonya looked around. The street was full of people, and there was not a single secluded place nearby where she could quietly free herself from eggplant. \\ “Never mind, I’ll get there somehow \\”, she thought, looking towards her house. Very slowly, with small stops, Tonya reached the apartment. She slammed the door shut behind her, spread her legs and, slightly pouting, pushed out the sweet fruit. “Well, wow, adventure,” she said in a low voice. After prolonged tension, the body, relaxed and received a repeated orgasm-charge, smelled of pleasant fatigue. Tonya wanted to sleep, but the desire to continue the experiment prevailed. Having thrown off her clothes and turned on the VCR, she laid out the whole \\ “vegetable battery \\” in front of her and settled herself more comfortably in the chair, spreading her legs and laying them on the armrests. Tonya decided to continue her acquaintance with the new \\ “pleasurers \\” right away from the biggest one that she had acquired. Attaching an eggplant to the exhausted but still thirsty entrance, she began to press it, looking at the TV screen and trying to repeat exactly all the actions of the film. For a moment, Tonya imagined that it was not a TV screen in front of her, but a mirror, and it was not the servant who was pleasing herself on the kitchen table, but she. Such a mental reincarnation with a vengeance turned her flesh. Tonya pressed on the eggplant with great force, feeling how it slowly and very hard moves into it, literally tearing apart the entrance. It was simply impossible to believe that she did not feel any pain, but only a new pleasure, overwhelming with a beneficial and at the same time destructive wave. The erotic scene in the film changed, and Tonya continued to work with a dark blue smooth weapon, not paying attention to the screen and pumping the fetus into her aching flesh with her own hand. A violent, uncontrollable orgasm with screams and seizure convulsive shudders of the body, which took so long to reach its peak, threw out its energy in a short, but very strong discharge. For a few moments, Tony’s body sank into weightlessness, and his consciousness was covered with a black velvety blanket, but for her these moments seemed like eternity. The girl was lying in a chair, leaning back, with her legs spread out and a huge eggplant sticking out of her vagina, and the feeling that she had just died and was reborn was spreading through her body and mind. The credits running across the screen made Tonya pick up the remote control from the floor and turn off the VCR and TV. She pulled an eggplant out of the tortured vagina, and it dully and massively hit the parquet floor. The next day began with a cool, refreshing shower, washing away the salty sweat and smell of lust. At breakfast, Tonya recalled the incredible events and adventures of the previous day. Everything seemed like an exciting, exciting dream. In high spirits, she went to the market, remembering that yesterday, except for eggplants, she had not bought anything else. Walking through the stalls, Tonya drew attention to a woman who was choosing eggplants from the same saleswoman. \\ “The only thing is not enough for her to go to the nearest toilet \\”, – thought Tonya and opened her mouth in amazement, seeing that everything had happened exactly like that. Shopping for groceries didn’t take long, and she walked home with a filled bag along the same route as yesterday. I walked with a slow measured step, recalling with pleasure every segment of the way passed yesterday. Despite the fact that today she did not have the exciting, passionate \\ “tool” between her legs, her body and flesh, together with her thoughts, relived this pleasant route. At home, Tonya again turned on the movie she liked and, comparing the size of the eggplant that had been in her, with the eggplant on the screen, she noted with admiration that her fruit was much larger. Wanting to save the strength to continue the experiment, she did not please her aching vagina. Selecting the smallest of the purchased fruit, Tonya exactly repeated the pose seen on the screen. Having previously lubricated the eggplant with the secreted lubricant, I applied it to … the anus. But the fruit, despite all efforts, did not want to enter. Then she knelt down and, resting her eggplant on the floor, pressed it with her whole body. Stretching the anal entrance to the limit, the slippery fetus smoothly sank inside. A sharp, unbearable pain shot through Tony’s body. It seemed that the thin septum between the anus and vagina was about to crack. The girl screamed, trying to get up and stop the advance of the eggplant, but the pain took away the strength in her legs, and the anus continued to swallow the proposed fruit until the buttocks rested on the heels. Tony’s eyes went dark. For a while she sat motionless, with all her strength trying not to lose consciousness. The pain slowly receded, and the returned forces allowed me to rise and lie on my stomach on the sofa. Tonya turned her head and, continuing to watch the film, put her hand under her, feeling for the clitoris. By that time, the pain in the anal passage had completely disappeared, and light involuntary contractions of the anus created the feeling that someone was very lightly and gently fucking her in the ass with a very large and thick penis. Light teasing of the clitoris further enhanced the pleasant, exhilarating sensation. The pelvis moved on its own in ecstasy, and the vagina ached even more, demanding its portion of pleasure. Tonya felt the approach of orgasm and, wrapping her free hand back, grabbed the eggplant. Several strong, deep dives – and of incredible strength, the orgasm began a violent, prolonged release of energy. Tonya, screaming and splashing tears, jerked on the sofa, hitting her wet body with sweat on the smooth leather upholstery of the sofa, testing the strength of its springs and never ceasing to aggressively work with eggplant. She flew away, disintegrated, dissolved into infinity. The clouded consciousness gradually left her, and the limp body trembled for a long time in short chill waves, aiming at the ceiling with a formidable dark blue eggplant trunk sticking out in the anus …

Author: rendteam