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Oksana, she is very beautiful, long legged blonde with big elastic ass and elastic tits, but this is what she always hid under the terrible pants and sweaters. She is a technical college student, an excellent student, and in general, a nerd. In one of the ordinary evenings, someone knocked on her door and walked in without waiting for an answer. It was a small girl with the third size of her chest and a small round ass. Installing bags near the second bed (oksana lived in a double room in the dorm) the girl said something, but the clearest thing she said was that she was her new neighbor. Oksana was shocked, but she could not imagine that shock was just the beginning. They spent the rest of the night in silence; to be more precise, the neighbor said something loud and fast. Half an hour after the students went to bed a knock on the door followed: -Oww, Lenochka … (that was the name of Oksana’s new roommate) … open the door! Lena quickly got up from the bed as she did not sleep waiting for this knock and quietly followed the knock on the door. – Go on…only quietly, this mouse is already sleeping. After literally 15 minutes, Oksana woke up from a wild moan, opened her eyes and was in shock. Her new neighbor was lying on her bed with her legs spread, and her friend carefully licked her pussy. With his tongue he led from the anus to the clitoris, accelerated you with the tongue clitoris, the middle finger of his right hand diligently fucked Lenochka in the ass. Lenochka was quietly fasting, stroking her friend’s hair. Oksana felt a slight excitement and laid down in a comfortable position and started masturbating. Her palm stroked her already swollen lips, the middle finger slowly slipped into the hole. If she hadn’t started moaning, everything is possible that Lena wouldn’t have noticed her. But suddenly Lena revealed that she could hear someone else moaning. Without explaining anything, she got up and approached Oksana: – Open your pussy, remove the blanket. Oksana, being already excited and apparently in a slight blackout, did exactly what her neighbor asked. After throwing her long hair on her shoulder, Lena started licking hot pussy with her tongue. Lena’s strange friend, whom Oksana never noticed, sat on the bed and jerked off looking at the girls. Oksana rubbed her nipples, and Lena persistently licked her pussy… then began to fuck the pussy with her finger periodically giving it to her friend. A little later, Lenin’s friend, feeling the approach of sperm, carefully entered Lenin’s ass with his cock (she was standing in a comfortable position for this). Now Lenin moaned louder, and Oksana began to cum. A friend of Lenin’s decided to change the situation, he pushed his girlfriend aside and once licked Oksana’s pussy with his cock, she twitched a little and apparently came to her senses. The friend tried his best and moved faster and faster, Oksana started screaming. Lena, all excited, was lying on the bed and fucked herself with her finger. Her friend called her up and asked her to play with her testicles. When Lena’s sperm came close to his head, he took out a cock from Oxana and directed it in his mouth to Lena, who was already waiting for a new dose. After swallowing the sperm, Lena climbed up to Oxana and began to kiss her, almost licking her gums boldly. A friend eager for a new portion of orgasm began to fuck Oksana to her pussy again, but now slowly as if he pressed the car gas. Lena went down to Oksana’s pubis and started licking a thin strip of hair. Oksana suddenly came to her senses and got a little hesitant before she finished… But her fucker turned her off again, sticking his cock into her all the way. Having finished after a while again in Lena’s mouth, he began to dress and left. Lena, who came that night about 3 times exhausted fell to the floor and fell asleep. Oksana also did not wake up until morning. In the morning she felt it all as a dream, before Lena came out of the bath and said: – You were out yesterday. I went up to Oksana and gently kissed her on the lips.

Author: rendteam