Three girlfriends explore each other’s pussies

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It was cold and dark outside. I still had to walk a whole block, and I was already so cold! The wind played with my long brown hair and coat hem. It’s hard to walk in stiletto heels anyway, and when it’s still dark and there is a thin layer of ice on the asphalt … I slipped, but didn’t fall. I walked with my eyes down, and suddenly in the darkness I stepped on someone’s foot with a hairpin. This someone flinched and said loudly something like “Damn!” I raised my head. Before me stood a tall guy in a black jacket. “Excuse me, please,” I said. “I’m sorry,” he mimicked me and grabbed me around the waist. I started to struggle, then I wanted to scream, but he quickly covered my mouth with his hand. – Shut up and don’t resist, or I’ll break all your ribs. And if you do what I tell you, in three hours you’ll be home safe and sound. I shivered. – So what? Will you rock the boat? I shook my head in dismay. – Well, that’s great. Let’s go! – and he took me to the nearest entrance. We went up the stairs, and he unlocked the door to some apartment. – Go to the room, I’ll take a closer look at you. I categorically did not want to “go to the room,” but I had no choice. He took off my coat and threw it aside. – Let’s go! – he pushed me into a brightly lit room. The TV was on, and some unfortunate girl was being brutally fucked in the ass on it – and this was an amateur shoot, not just a porno. I turned pale and my hands went cold. He followed me into the room. – Well, what are we standing? He asked. – Let’s take off your clothes. By the way, my name is Lenya. “Look, I never… I don’t want… let me de… give you money, and you let me go…” I muttered. – Nah, – stretched Lenya, – I don’t need your money. – What are you with me … – Fuck it properly, – Lenya grinned. – Okay, why the hell am I talking to you here? Take off your clothes. “If you are obedient, then I will not be very rude,” he added, unexpectedly serious. Well! There is still no way out. So he won’t let me go, and I didn’t want to aggravate my situation with resistance. I took off my boots, then, biting my lip, hesitantly reached out to the top button on my blouse and froze. Recovering herself, she quickly unbuttoned all the buttons, took off her blouse, threw it on the floor, then unzipped her skirt. The skirt slid down my legs and I got out. – Further, further, take off your bra and panties! – demanded Lenya. I obediently took off the last remnants of my clothes and now stood naked in front of this man. I was very ashamed to stand like this, but I started to flow anyway. The clitoris is swollen, the labia has increased in size, the nipples are hard. “God! I really am a whore! ” – flashed through my head. He came closer. With one hand, he began to knead my chest and twist my nipples, and with the other he climbed between my legs. – Ltd! And you already started flowing! – Lenya stretched out in surprise. – That bitch! – he stated and suddenly sharply twisted the left nipple. I yelped and felt myself even more aroused. There was almost a fire between his legs. I reached out to the clitoris and began to fiddle with it. Half a minute later, Lenya, without letting me finish, tore my hand from the pussy and let go of the chest. Lenya unbuttoned his fly and a rather strong member fell out of there. It was big, about as thick as my wrist. With difficulty I looked away from him. – Get up with cancer and suck! – ordered Lenya, and I obediently stood in the required position and took his dick in my mouth. I always knew how to do blowjobs, I licked the head, tickled the penis with my tongue and swallowed it as best I could. He finished pretty quickly. I swallowed some of the semen, and the second part ran down my chin. Somehow wiped off, I felt that Lenya parted my buttocks and began to lubricate my back hole with cold gel. I began to beg: – Well, please, don’t, nobody has ever gotten me in the ass … well, please … Lenya grunted and said: – Never mind, once we have to start! – and with these words he put his penis to my point and pressed. I instinctively tensed, and he failed. Lenya slapped my hand on the buttock, and I shuddered. – Relax, it won’t hurt so much! He advised hoarsely. I relaxed as much as I could, and he managed to stick the head of my penis in my ass. He hesitated, letting me get used to the new sensation, for which I was very grateful, and then abruptly entered the full length. I gasped. Lenya began to move in me, slowly at first, then faster and faster. At first it was just painful for me, then the pain began to go away, giving way to pleasure. After about a minute, I groaned and finished. Lenya also finished after me, without removing the member from my ass. After a few seconds, he pulled out a member, stroked my pussy and stuck his finger there. I shuddered, and he added a second, then a third. I was so horny that the lubricant was running down my legs. Lenya took his fingers out of me – they were all in my juice, walked around me and ordered me to open my mouth, which I did. He immediately put all three fingers in there, and I licked each one. Lenya returned to my pussy and shoved a member into it. – How narrow it is! – he moaned and began to move in me … He had me for about an hour and did not calm down until he had visited each of my holes twice. During this time I had three orgasms, and I finished at least six times. “You’re a good whore,” Lenya praised me (dubious praise, I thought). After that I got up with difficulty and went to get dressed. – What are you? Are you ready to leave yet? – Lyonya asked with feigned surprise. “I have many more plans for you,” he laughed. – To do an enema there … With a doomed look, I threw back on the floor my panties, which I had already begun to put on. – Well, more fun! He chuckled. -I’m not a beast, I’ll hold it for another hour and let it go. Well, let’s go do an enema? – asked Lenya and, taking my hand, dragged me towards the bathroom. I was afraid of enemas since childhood, but there was nothing to do. Moreover, he really is not a beast, he gave me a lot of pleasure, he did not cross the border, maybe it won’t hurt me here too? – Don’t be afraid, – Lenya smiled. – It’s even useful. I just shook my head. The bathroom was spacious and light. There was a huge wide bath in the corner. I climbed into it and stood in the “knee-elbow position”, that is, cancer. Lenya took out an enema and began to lubricate its tip with cream. Then he drew water into an enema mug and turned to me. “This enema has only a liter and a half, no fear,” he said. – Spread your buttocks. I parted it. He bent down and began, twisting, to insert the tip into my anus. When he entered fully, I jerked, and at the same moment cool water poured into me. At first I was silent, but after two minutes I groaned. My stomach puffed out, I twitched, but the tip was tight in me. The water stopped pouring, and thank God, otherwise I would not have resisted. Lenya pulled out the tip (I squeezed the anus with all my might so that no water spilled out) and literally screwed the butt plug into its place. She entered with difficulty, but when she entered, I could not push her out myself, which means I could not worry that the water would pour out. Lenya climbed into the bath and sharply introduced his penis into the vagina to its full length. Oh! What a sensation it was! I was all filled! Lenya reached forward and squeezed my nipple. I groaned. Lenya began to quickly fuck me, and I began to hammer in an orgasm. Lenya pulled out a member and, it seems, finished on my back, I did not notice, I was trembling and shaking with excitement. After letting me recover, Lenya sent me to the toilet, allowing me to pour out the water. I just ran there! While I was sitting on the toilet and pouring water out of myself, I accidentally touched my clitoris with my hand and finished again. Lenya was waiting for me, lying in the bath. I silently climbed up to him. – Get on your knees and open your mouth. I want to piss something. No, I haven’t been humiliated yet! This is some kind of nightmare! I wanted to be indignant, but I was afraid to resist him. – Faster! I knelt down and opened my mouth. My head was noisy. He stood to the other side of the tub and, without even trying to get into my mouth, began to piss. The urine got into my mouth, nose, hair, flowed down my neck onto my chest … – Lick your dick, – Lenya ordered. After the humiliation I had experienced, it was stupid to argue, and I obeyed without question. Lenya gave me a shower. – Rinse yourself and go back to the living room, – and left the bathroom, putting on a robe. I washed and rinsed, directed the shower over my hair, dried myself with a towel and went out into the living room, as I was, naked. I didn’t have a dressing gown … – You are cool, – said Lenya when I entered. – I really liked you, I don’t want to let go directly. But once I promised to let go, I will. Now … let me go. He stepped closer and drew me to his waist, looked into my eyes, and I was amazed. There was no rudeness, no anger, nothing in his eyes. There was tenderness, participation, sympathy … Something like that. I didn’t understand how it happened. He tilted his head to me and kissed my lips. I answered a kiss, then he took me in his arms and carried me into the bedroom. He put me on the bed and started kissing my nipples, then moved down, stroked my clitoris, and then began to lick my crotch. I moaned and moaned, and he licked and licked and did not stop until I finished again. Then he lifted his lips to my neck, kissed her and gently inserted a member into me. I froze, and then threw both legs over his back. Thus, I opened myself to him to the utmost. At first Lenya moved slowly, then the rhythm became fast and wild. A few minutes later he wheezed and finished right inside me, and with me. I don’t seem to have finished as many times in my entire life as in this evening! When we caught our breath, Lenya got up, helped me to get up. – Well. I promised to let go, ”he said quietly. – Get dressed and go. I looked at my watch. They showed one in the morning. And I made a decision. I’m not going anywhere from here! – Where are you driving me so late? – I asked. – Or do you want me to be raped again? “I don’t want to,” Lenya shook his head. “Then I’m not going anywhere,” I said firmly. – What? I live alone, no one is waiting for me at home, and you also live alone, so decide where I lie for the night. He paused. – Where to lie down for the night? He repeated. – With me, of course. “Okay,” I shrugged. – You know, I’ll go to the bathroom again, wash my hair. I went to the bathroom, but Lenya stopped me halfway. – What’s your name? He asked. I laughed: – Lera. – Clear. Lera, if you don’t go away now, I won’t let you go anywhere else. – I understand, – I smiled and disappeared into the bathroom. Two years have passed since then. In general, I married Lenya and am very happy! This is how I found happiness – through rape. It happens…

Author: rendteam