Two lesbians dance their erotic dance

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I was on a bus from the Kanash-Ulyanovsk flight, which was completely packed with passengers. As always, the impudent hands of various perverts stroked my ass, but I no longer paid attention to them. It was a hot afternoon, a very boring day, they began to finish me off, and why the grandmas need to give way, I would gladly sit by the open window. And in the middle of the bus there was only one fetid breath of various perverts. The bus stopped and dropped several people, exactly the ones who stroked my ass while standing in the crowd. I looked with interest at those who they were. Cute guys, and what they know about sex, probably never even tried it in their life. I noticed that they were looking at me too, which means they remembered the owner of such an appetizing ass, and that it was weak to fuck. A hand lay on my buttocks. This means that not everyone got out or the one who saw everything decided to take an example from these fagots. I tried to forget, but then someone pressed against me, I felt his swollen crotch like buns. No, this guy will be more interesting. I answered him with a reciprocal behavior towards me. He immediately grabbed me around the waist and pulled me tightly even tighter to him. I started to like this game. The next moment he grabbed my breasts, crushing them roughly. With circular movements of the pelvis, I began to massage his penis, which fell slightly between my buttocks as far as my skirt allowed. His right hand slid down his stomach and crawled under her skirt. With his other hand he continued to knead his chest. With the fingers of his right hand, he felt the elastic band of my panties and pulled it down, they did not give in, then I helped him with my own hands. Only then did I hear that he was exhaling strongly into the hair fluttering over his face. When the panties slid down to his knees, he covered my pussy with his palm, running his middle finger between the labia, slightly touching the clitoris, which made me exhale noisily. The same middle finger continued to move, sinking into my current bath. With my pelvis, I pressed more and more against his penis, already with great force, rested between my buttocks. My hand lay on his right hand, caressing my pussy, and with quick manipulations pulled a finger inside my womb. And he, in turn, introduced the second ring finger to the middle one. From the approaching orgasm, I strongly twisted my backside and let out a noisy exhalation, slightly spitting on the back of the standing grandfather. At that moment, he took his fingers out of my bosom and brought them to my mouth. I happily licked them and even sucked lightly on my completely clean fingers. I’ve always liked my juices. And at that time, with his other hand, which was no longer crushing my chest, lifted my skirt, exposing my bottom and began to unbutton his pants. Soon the head of his penis poked into the hollow between the rolls, just above the entrance. I jerked my ass, trying to catch his cock. But he soon poked it himself into my anus. With difficulty, his cock began to make its way. I stood, overcoming weak pain and restraining myself from a moan of pleasure. Finally his balls were hanging between the buns and I felt them well on my skin. The member filled all the space in my spacious ass, although I would not say that it is big, rather even too small for me, but the extravagance of the situation overexcited me and even from that I got great pleasure. With light jerks, he moved his weapon in me. I helped him, wiggling my butt, but it was more difficult for me to do this, because in front of me was almost close to an old man in an old-cut jacket I had spattered. Unlike me, he had more space behind him, since the place for the boys was free, no one sat down. His hands slipped under my blouse and pushing up my bra squeezed my breasts. But soon he pulled his hands back and grabbed my hair, pulling my head back. I obeyed him like an animal. And I loved doing it. With one hand he let go of my hair and dived under the jacket again. With each push, I spread my legs wider and wider, now I rested one foot on someone else’s boot. On this stopping the movement, I completely fit on his penis. He whispered in my ear: – I can’t take it anymore, I’m finishing. Indeed, a soft warmth spread inside me. Then I felt a drop of my secretions flowing down the inside of my thigh. I smiled slightly and waited for him to take his penis out of me, or to get excited again to fuck me again. The road is big, enough for everything.

Author: rendteam