Two temple whores having fun at the temple entrance

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I woke up with something large sticking out of my ass, causing inconvenience. My hands were numb, but they were moving. I looked at my wrists and saw rope marks. Everything that happened yesterday might seem like a terrible dream, if not for these traces. My husband and I have been married for 5 years. He works as a loader in a store and is satisfied with the meager salary he receives there. I am a beautiful girl with long blond hair and blue eyes. Most of all in myself I like the third size breasts, which fit very neatly into the palm of any man, but the men in me most of all like the ass, elastic and smooth. My husband came home from work, as always, in a bad mood and from the doorway declared that I would drag him to eat on TV, he would watch the news. This behavior instantly pisses me off, and I started yelling that, they say, let him first bring money, and only then begins to download rights here. And let him cook for himself, I’m already tired of cooking for free! Everything was as usual, and such quarrels were repeated in our family for a long time, but apparently yesterday my husband decided that I needed to be brought up, otherwise it completely broke up! He slowly took off his shoes, looked at himself in the mirror and said quietly: “So, you don’t work for us for free? And who are you working with for money?” I realized that I had gone too far and started making excuses, tried to explain that everyone is saying that now, and I hadn’t cheated on him with anyone. I’m not some kind of prostitute. He smiled predatory so and said: “You are a whore, dearie! They all fuck you for free!” Then he began to approach me with a completely frenzied look. I realized that I had nowhere to retreat, not to grab the knife and tried to calm him down, but he was determined. He grabbed my hair and threw me on the table, and then pulled the belt out of my trousers and tangibly kicked my ass a couple of times. I screamed, but he just laughed. – What a whore, so no one had you yet? Strap on the ass ??? I could not answer him, tears rolled from my eyes, but he did not stop and continued to lash my ass. Then the blows began to hit the legs, between the legs and on the back. I was already roaring loudly, but it turned him on even more. Suddenly the blows stopped, and I heard his retreating footsteps. While I tried to get up and wipe away my tears, he returned carrying a roll of clothesline. Without saying anything, he again grabbed my hair and dragged me into the room. Without hurrying anywhere and muttering under his breath: “God, how I had not thought before that with you a slut is exactly the way it should be:”, he put me on cancer and began to tie my hands to the corners of the bed. Having finished this procedure, he stroked my butt and asked, laughing: “Did you like the slut, how did I caress you in the kitchen?” – You are completely crazy Andrey! What are you doing? I screamed, hoping he’d finally come to his senses. – I did not hear, did you like it or repeat? he said, and his eyes hardened again. – I liked it, I liked it very much, – I stammered, realizing that it was better to agree with him in everything. – Now I will caress you every day so that I know my place. Whore! – he yelled and with all his might hit me with his palm on the ass. After that, he began to spank my ass, so thoughtfully, weakly at first, but gaining momentum. It gave him great pleasure, and especially the fact that I roared and tried to dodge his hand. Some time passed, and I felt that he was pressing against me from behind. Through my pants, I felt that he was standing, so much that his pants were cracking. He got out of bed and quickly undressed, after which he walked around me in front and began sweeping my chest. He did it very roughly, squeezing her in his palms, occasionally pinching her. Then he took hold of my nipples and began to pull them. I was in pain, I grimaced in pain, and he just got hot. He pulled my nipples and began to twist them in different directions, saying: “My slut has too small nipples. We need to pull them out so that they become bigger and stronger.” When my nipples were already sore from pain so that I stopped feeling them, he crawled under me and his penis was right in front of my face. Unhurriedly, he began to drive his penis over my face, then he began to beat me on the cheeks, in the eyes on the nose. I closed my eyes and suddenly realized that I was already dripping with juices. I was just wet, and rivers of grease flowed out of me. I wanted him to fuck me, but he apparently decided to enjoy the show to the end. He penetrated my mouth with two fingers and said: “Suck your fingers first, practice. And then I’ll fuck your mouth with my penis.” I obediently began to suck his fingers, working with my tongue, licking them from the base to the nails. He closely followed the process, and then, unable to bear it, pulled them out and immediately his huge cock entered my mouth. He grabbed me by the ears and began to just openly fuck me in the mouth, there is no other name for this action. He did not pay attention to the fact that I was suffocating, that it was hard for me. He just found a hole that gives him pleasure. However, I also unexpectedly liked this procedure. I began to help him with my head and tongue as much as possible. He roughly and quickly pushed my head onto his cock, wheezing with pleasure. Then he stopped abruptly, pulling it out of my mouth, looked at my dull eyes and patted my cheek. – You are my slut. Did you like the way I fucked your mouth, bitch? I already understood the rules of this game and, quickly nodding my head, said: “Yes! I really liked the way you fucked my mouth!” “Now lick my balls,” he said, and thrust his hairy balls right into my mouth. I must say that having sex in my married life, I often gave him a blowjob, but usually we did not go that far. I began to suck on his hairy balls, feeling the taste of sweetness in my mouth. This went on for several minutes, after which he grinned. An even more brilliant idea came to him. – Your filthy mouth now belongs only to me! Lick my ass bitch. Before I had time to look back, the hole of his anus was in front of my face. He turned around a little, seeing that I was hesitating, he just grabbed my head and poked his nose into the hole. I had no choice but to start licking. I licked his hole, but that was not enough for him, I heard him scream: “Stick your tongue in your ass. Lick it, whore!” I stuck my tongue into his ass and he began to sit down on him, holding my head and not letting me move away. When he was tired of this procedure, he got up, climbed over me and sat down next to my ass. – You are a good slut, but you need to be educated, taught how to train a dog. I’ll take care of it, – after these words he got out of bed and went into another room. He was gone for several minutes, after which he came, holding a tube of Vaseline in his hand. My head was clouded with horror, I realized that he wanted to fuck my virgin ass. I never let him even touch my hole, but now he is unlikely to ask my permission. – Honey, maybe you don’t need to be in the ass? Fuck my pussy, fuck me, whatever you want, just not in the ass !!! He hit me hard on the butt and said: “Does the dog bark until the owner gave it permission ??? Shut up, bitch.” I moaned softly, for which I received another blow to the ass. Then he unscrewed the tube, squeezed Vaseline onto his fingers, and two fingers entered my ass at once. It was very painful, but he did not stop pushing my ass on them, then he squeezed out the Vaseline again and three fingers entered the ass, and after a while, four. I was terribly hurt, I roared, and he only spanked me with his free hand on the ass, and the second continued to jerk off in my hole. After that, he put the head of his penis to my hole, everything shrank with horror, but this did not bother him at all. He just said: “The harder you squeeze your ass, the more painful it will be! So the bitch relax and have fun.” After these words, he pressed with force on his penis on my hole and slipped inside to the full depth of his trunk. I screamed in pain and surprise. He just grunted with pleasure and, not even letting my ass get used to it, began to drive his penis deeper and deeper with a completely wild speed. After a few particularly deep thrusts, I felt an orgasm approaching. He, too, was already at the limit and we finished at the same time. Before I passed out, he whispered in my ear: “Now I will train your ass every day.” I woke up with something large sticking out of my ass, causing inconvenience. My hands were numb, but they were still moving. I looked at my wrists and saw rope marks. I started feeling my hole with my hand and guessed to the touch that a large cucumber was sticking out of my ass. I groaned and fell back on the pillows, wondering what else my husband had in store for me.

Author: rendteam