A golem from ancient times fucks a slender girl

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I don’t want these lessons today! The mother had already gone to her office, and I peeped from the next front door as she went to the bus – and walk back home. It’s a gentle September outside! The sun is hot! What school can be on Monday? I’ll call Svetka, what if she’s at home too? .. Doesn’t answer … If she knew! .. Lenka often invites new acquaintances to her dacha when she takes the children to their ancestors in Kiev. She is already an adult, 40 years old – already almost elderly. She has been married for 15 years, and the eldest son is already finishing the third grade! She and her acquaintances are now elderly, the last khakhal was 55 years old. She told me, however, that with the man’s business everything was like that of a young bull. So this weekend I gathered old people. Probably already retired. There were not many people – about 10 people. At first I didn’t like HE. I just didn’t notice him when I arrived at the dacha. I noticed him when we drank and the slipper dancing started. And suddenly I saw how cool he is! He danced with me so tenderly and smelled of something foreign and very pleasantly fresh from him, his thick hair with beautiful gray hair suited him very much. In the dance, he stroked my back and shoulders and I realized that he liked me. I noticed how strong and dexterous he is, although at the age of my dad. And dad is already 56! At first I was embarrassed to cuddle up to him. And then she took a walk and grew bolder, I felt so much fun and easy with him as if he were my same age. He asked me about my age and I lied to him that I was already 18. He poured me champagne, said compliments, praised my plasticity and figure. By midnight I was already head over heels into him, I called him Lenechka and you, but he did not leave me, his eyes sparkled merrily, and his lips whispered in my ear all sorts of gentle jokes and various frivolous pleasures. Lenka slyly grinned in our direction and teased me by folding her lips with a bow as for a kiss. We went out onto the veranda without turning on the light and then he hugged me and began to kiss me lightly and tenderly on my neck and face, sinking lower and lower. And now he is kissing my chest! I felt how excited I was and began to stroke him myself and I wanted to have him. I did not immediately give in, but it was beyond my strength to hold out! I myself kissed him on the lips, my tongue intertwined with his tongue and pressing against him with my whole body, I suddenly felt his trousers bulge firmly and rest against my lower abdomen. I already knew what IT was. In the summer, for the first time, I held IT in my hands and not only … My beloved Borya, my uncle, was the first who opened up ways for me to enjoy IT. Our secret meetings with him taught me more than vids of porn. I didn’t notice how my unbuttoned blouse flew to the side. Lenechka stroked my boobs and petrified nipples, he kissed them, unbuttoned my skirt and I quietly whispered to him: “Door!” He nodded to me and rushed to the door, and in the next second the heck of the veranda fenced off us from everyone. With a catlike movement, Lenechka freed himself from his trousers. From his silk panties, a hard snake was tearing out. I helped him to free himself and kissed the head. Lenechka groaned. Then I licked the head, grabbed it with my lips and began to slowly stroke the trunk and testicles with my hands. Lenechka quietly moaned down on the trestle bed. At the same time, he easily grabbed and turned me so that his face was buried in my panties. I lay on him and held on to his penis with both hands. In the blink of an eye, he brushed off my panties and began kissing my pussy, licking it with his tongue, his fingers caressing my legs and ass. I pulled my legs and spread them. I sucked in his head and was ready to swallow the entire member whole, but it was too big. I became more and more aroused, kissed his testicles and stroked his penis with my hands back and forth, my tongue penetrated all the cracks and the hole in his head, my head was spinning, and I caught myself growling softly at the same time. His lips and tongue worked wonders for my pussy and ass! He licked my pussy, sucking everything. Then he licked my ass with his tongue, penetrating into the hole. And again the pussy … I felt all trembling with excitement. And then the bottom of my abdomen jumped habitually and I was seized by convulsions of orgasm. Holding back a moan, I sucked his penis, grabbing it with both hands. Then I felt that Lenechka shuddered and tensed. A second later, a jet hit his penis, I swallowed it and continued to suck everything out of his head. Lenechka softly moaning voluptuously caressed my crotch. After a minute, our bodies relaxed and calmed down. I slipped onto the trestle bed next to Lyenechka and calmed down, experiencing my feelings. He turned to me, hugged me, and began again whispering tender pleasures in my ear. His body smelled of some intoxicating pleasant scent of a man. We started kissing again. Lenechka stroked, crumpled and kissed my breasts, caressed my smooth pussy with his finger and my nipples hardened again. – I want you, honey! Lenechka caressed my body, gently stroked my stomach and pussy. His fingers alternately caressed, fingered my pussy and excitement rolled over again in a wave. – I … I … well, in general … I can’t … Lenechkin’s hand froze for a second. – Do you feel bad with me? – No! That’s not the point … You’re lovely! -? – I’m still a girl … And my mother is obsessed with virginity before marriage. Therefore, every month he takes me to his girlfriend’s gynecologist. Threatening to be kicked out of the house if that … He was silent and she felt his excitement and her mood began to turn sour. – I … that is … we … can … in a different way … I can … – Do you want one more mouth? – No. -? – We … can … I can … in the ass … -?! He enthusiastically began to kiss and caress my body. He squeezed my ass, parted it and licked the hole, while his fingers caress my pussy. His cock tensed and hardened again. Having laid it on the trestle bed on my back, I took out the Baby cream from my purse. I smeared his head and my hole well with cream. Climbing on top of him, I took his protruding member in my hand and slowly began to sit on it. At first it didn’t work, but I already knew how to relax my ass so that it was not painful, but pleasant. Finally, helping myself with my hand, I felt his head in me and sat down on him completely. Lena’s excitement was transmitted to me and I began to rise and squat. His hands helped me, and I stroked his smooth chest and felt his penis in me with pleasure. – I’m tired … let’s roll over. – Of course, honey! I got off it and squatted on the trestle bed so that my knees were at the very edge and my legs were in weight. He stood up behind and carefully inserted the head into my anus. I felt his entire member in me. And his fingers caressed my pussy. With his other hand, he stroked my nipples and stomach. His breath merged with mine. Our movements grew faster and faster. He took me by the hips and began to push on his penis faster and faster and his blows became more and more sharp. Pushing my elbows, I pushed my ass with sweet delight to meet his push. His testicles bounced over my pussy and I felt myself coming … The orgasm was stronger and longer than the first time. And so he planted me and froze. With a slight groan, he trembled and I felt his stream in me. I caught the last train. Tomorrow I had to go to school …

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