A radioactive mutant pulls a poor girl on a huge dick

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Most girls talk about their first time as something romantic or funny, but I have a completely prosaic story, but funny in its own way. That summer I was vacationing alone in a Spanish resort. Once, when I was lying on a sun lounger, a guy came up to me and said that I had dropped my Panama hat. I thanked, raised, and we started talking. His name was Luca, and he was dark-skinned. We had a beer at the beach bar, then another and another. He chatted about his homeland, about work, and with the drunk it was more and more difficult for me to understand his English. I just took him by the ears and kissed him to shut up. Kissing was great. I’ll omit some details, but we hugged so hotly that I didn’t even understand at what moment he put his hand into my shorts and touched me down there. It was as if I was electrocuted I pressed my whole body to him and almost choked with my own sigh when he parted his lips and squeezed that very point with his fingers. Until now, nobody touched me THERE. There were guys with whom I hugged and kissed, but THERE no one touched yet. I accidentally bit his lip. He smiled into my mouth, continued kissing, and kneaded the clitoris with his fingers. I whined. He went down and bit my nipple through my shirt. At that moment I was ready to cum, but he suddenly stopped. – It’s inconvenient here. “Come on, let’s go to the room,” I said. How we passed the reception to my hotel – I don’t remember. The receptionist seemed to twitch his eyebrows in understanding. I did not care. When I got to the room, I immediately dragged Luka inside, locked the door and hugged him again. Then he did not hesitate and dived down, pulled off my shorts and panties and touched THERE with his tongue. I almost howled and slid down the door to the floor. Then he carefully lifted me up and put me on the bed – already without panties – continuing to caress me. He slipped his fingers between the lips and gently stroked there with his tongue. I was just “in seventh heaven.” But then he suddenly did something that made me hurt, and I gasped, pulling back abruptly. – What? He tried to stick a finger into me … inside. It hurt. I had to admit that I am a virgin. Yes, at 25. He was very surprised, was dumbfounded, even left for a few minutes (smoked on the balcony). And then he returned. And silently, without words, he continued his work – he just caressed and tickled my clitoris and lips, without penetrating inside. He did everything very strongly and skillfully, I felt good, and at some point it became very good, my head seemed to float, I stopped feeling where his fingers were, and where my body was, thrashed in strange convulsions – then my friends explained to me, that this is orgasm. But then, without understanding anything, I just passed out for a few minutes. And I woke up when he, with a sense of accomplishment, pushed his penis inside me. It hurt terribly. Imagine being stabbed in the stomach with a red-hot knife? That was roughly how it was. I screamed. He put his hand over my mouth. And then I was … all the same. I tried to come to terms with the pain that was happening, to minimize these sensations, to take some kind of comfortable position, and so on, and he just continued to tear my hole with movements back and forth. I burst into tears. He didn’t care. Then he lowered what had accumulated inside, patted me on the knee and left. And I was left lying – with blood flowing from within and a feeling of complete collapse. After that, I no longer went to that beach and did not see Luca again. And she didn’t have sex anymore. As soon as a suitable situation arises with some guy, I remember that pain and run, dropping my slippers.

Author: rendteam