A robot submarine entertains a girl

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– And what turned you on today? – Alena herself guessed, but she wanted Sasha to say it himself. It was not the first time that she noticed how her fiancé aroused the attention of the surrounding men to her. Especially when it comes to some spicy situations. And today, in the fitting room of the store, where Alena tried on jeans, he, leaving the booth after a different size, carelessly closed the curtain and on the way back found that a man who was waiting for his wife from the next booth was neatly peeping into the gap left. Indignation was replaced by excitement again, and he waited until his wife called the spy lover into the booth. After changing Alena’s jeans, Sasha went out, leaving a gap twice as large, this time on purpose. Soon the observer returned to his starting position. Alena had already guessed everything by that time, and decided to play along with her husband, taking such positions that the man had to cover up his rapidly growing interest in the young girl with his wife’s things. – You didn’t pull the shutter on purpose, did you? Yes? – Alyona asked her hand caressing for the fourth time in a row Sasha’s swelling member. – And I was waiting there, waiting for you to bring new jeans, I was all upset in front of the mirror. It’s good that I also took the blouse on. She did not take it, through her too nipples shone through when I measured without a bra. Or should I have taken it? Instead of answering, Sasha pounced on Alena for the fourth time, and harshly, as if he was punishing for something, took possession of his bride. Feeling that the punishment was coming to an end, Alena continued to inspire the young man. – Do you want when tomorrow we go to the dacha on the train separately? I’ll sit in a skirt opposite some man, and forget to wear panties? Will you see how he will look at me? .. Sasha finished, calling his favorite bitch. Alena did not seek the fifth time, taking up the collection of things for departure to the dacha, and after twenty minutes Alexander felt that he was not getting the same picture out of his head. A picture of a train ride described by Alena. And the more he thought about her, the more he wanted to turn this depraved idea into reality. The desire accumulated, and on the morning before the trip he could not stand it. The backpacks were already collected, Alena had already mentally said goodbye to the stuffy apartment and went in a light dress to meet the long-awaited dacha, when her beloved blocked her path. Without any explanation, the dress was pulled up and the presence of panties was greeted with a reproachful look. – So they are transparent, Sash, and so everything will be visible. Don’t worry, honey, I’m not giving up my words. I’ll sit across from some man. And by chance I will spread my legs apart, and not by chance, since it turns you on so much. The backpacks fell on the floor, and Alena had to lean against the wall … The “punishment” was short-lived, but she managed to ask: – Do you want me to promise you that I will say “yes” to any of his questions? The answer was a stormy ending. – Well, I got my panties dirty, now I will definitely have to take them off. With these words and an almost innocent smile, the panties were thrown aside, confirming the seriousness of Alena’s intentions. Sasha had known the bride for several days, and he guessed that Alena, having made a promise, would keep it. But the behavior of the principle libertine in the carriage surprised him too. Carefully examining five carriages, she suddenly stopped her gaze on a lonely man of about forty. – Viewers are requested to take their seats in the hall and observe silence. – The last thing that Sasha heard before the start of the game. The spectator obediently took a seat across a row of benches diagonally from his beloved. The bulk of those wishing to leave the city left much earlier, and the carriage was half empty. There was no one next to the man, and Alena shared a bench with her grandmother buried in a book. Now he will definitely not remember any of those who sat next to Sasha. Since all his attention was riveted on another part of the car. The action was not long in coming. Alena attracted attention very easily. Five minutes after the departure, she pretended to fall asleep, and her body, as if by chance acquired a completely relaxed look, opening the man a full view of the fact that Alena’s panties were somehow hiding recently. After a few seconds, the man began to correct something in his shorts with one hand, and with the other he adjusted the camera on the phone to the desired angle. Below is a description of further events from two participants in the events. Sasha. I didn’t see Alena’s face, I didn’t allow the review, but from the reaction of the stranger I understood for sure that “waking up” Alya not only didn’t move her legs, but also encouraged the man’s curiosity with a smile. She’s good enough for him! I thought that now, meeting her gaze, he would assume seriousness, make her some remark … And he did, but obviously not a remark. He whispered something in her ear, and she immediately nodded positively in response. Then I didn’t quite understand what happened. He returned to his place, and she dropped something from the bag, and for a long time looked for it, bending over the man. Then he again whispered something to her, and she, without even nodding, followed him into the vestibule. It was as if I saw through the wall how he was pawing her there. Kissed for sure. Well, what … I agree to everything, without panties … Fuck, of course, will not dare, I thought then, but he might put it in his mouth once. But then we drove up to a fairly filled platform, and I decided that it probably didn’t come to sticking in, they would frighten him off now. And, as a result, I myself had to get scared when from the window of a train leaving the next station I saw my Alena in the strong arms of the same stranger. Moreover, he was clearly leading her somewhere. Naturally, I immediately rushed to call. Either she thought about it in advance, or she did it by accident, but after politely informing me that I had a wrong number, she “forgot” to turn off the phone. True, only for half a minute, during which I heard three “yes” from her. And from him – three questions: – Do you like to take in your mouth? – Do you like to fuck too? – Do you want with two at once? Perhaps there were more questions, but she turned off the phone, making me go crazy with such an unexpected turn. For three hours then I, madly worried about her, then ran around the neighborhood. True, he could not explain to himself why, but for all three hours the member, like a madman, was torn to freedom. And now, finally, it goes. The hair is disheveled, the lipstick is worn out, the stray, but obviously pleased look is trying to find my number on the phone. From the vibration of the teleon in my pocket, I almost finished … I want, I WANT !!! To know about every look, touch, penetration … I will not rest until I know everything! *** Alyona. He even asked the name later, but first: “Do you like to show yourself?” I promised to completely agree, and nodded. Then he told me to show my boobs. Of course, in front of strangers, I could not just pull up my T-shirt, and began, as if, to look for something on the floor. A couple of times she even pulled the topic off herself, but he was still unhappy and called me into the vestibule. Honestly, agreeing (I promised!), I thought that now everything would shut up … Well, it will touch, of course … It will twist, turn, and let go. The station is coming soon. And Sasha can be a little and turn … I guessed the beginning. He twirled for a long time, only for some reason he grabbed by the hair. But then … somehow he suddenly said so … that I was going out with him. I automatically “YES”, And now we are on the platform. I was afraid, worried, but as if the spoken word repeated these two promising letters. With the first repetition, I agreed to a blow job, the second to sex, and after the third I realized that sex would be group. *** At this point I will ask Alena to stop. Then we will check how the expectations coincide with reality. Continue.) – Do you really want to know everything? – Yes! YES!!! – Then listen. On the platform, he almost didn’t even touch me. Just under the ass pushed towards the forest. Already resigned that he would fuck me there, but we kept walking and walking. About five minutes later, a dacha village appeared behind the trees. Then he called someone. I don’t remember exactly, but he said something about a gift that would bring if the bath was properly warmed up. I made me look in the direction of some kind of smoke from the chimney … And then, Sash, he did this to me … I didn’t even know that it was possible. He sat with his back on a tree. “Close your eyes, open your mouth …”. It was clear that he would not shove candy, but he didn’t just shove it, he … Do you know the difference between a blowjob and sexual intercourse through the mouth? And now I know. They almost merged with the tree. But I was between his penis and the trunk of the birch. It seemed to me that he was just fucking a birch through me! When I felt nauseous, he let me catch my breath, and all over again … I didn’t even feel the taste of his semen. She somehow immediately appeared in the stomach. He helped to get up, slapped on the priest, and answered the fifth incoming call in a row. “Yes, I’m coming, I’m coming! With me, of course, where will she go! ” I realized that today he will use me as he wants, but his plans to share me were frightening. While I was trying to formulate my request not to offer me to anyone, we had already entered some gate and approached the very pipe. I finally formulated my idea, but expressed it when it was quite late. “I thought that only you would …” – I said, finding myself in the middle of a small steam room. One above the other, there were two benches in it. On them two absolutely naked men were at ease. Their members turned into an instrument of sexual aggression right before our eyes. I involuntarily tried to break free, and mumbled something about consenting to only one man, but this only became an excuse to show my friends my sex-friendly holes. He boasted of me like a new car! And the words were like from an advertisement: “The ass is not touched, the boobs are, he loves to suck …”. To demonstrate, he had to undress me. While checking the elasticity of the chest, I held on. It didn’t close, it turned … But when they began to check the vaginal wear with comments like “one owner”, I started to flow. They immediately noticed it and I felt very ashamed. But also pleasantly insane! They tested me in turn, with my arms resting on the bench. They constantly asked if I liked it. Yes! YES!!! I answered, between requests: “just not in me, finish, please!” Then the phrase somehow by itself was reduced to “Please, finish, please …” and the men did not hesitate. Sasha involuntarily grabbed his love by the hair. Unfolded to face him. Alena closed her eyes and licked her lips. – You are a bitch! Why didn’t you call? – Honey, I wanted to. I even had to agree to a frank shooting for the sake of a call, but you were busy. But they didn’t give it any more. They took the phone. He was shot as the sperm flows out of me. They said they would give it back if I spend the weekend with them. – Where did it come from? What weekend? – When they give it back, dear, you will look at it. Now, please let me sleep. It’s already Friday. They ordered not to be late. – And you agreed? – Yes, honey, you remember the rule. Yes! Yes!!! YES!!! Sasha finished in his beloved. Alena threw her legs up. He understood the meaning of such a pose immediately. If anything…

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