Alien Girl Pleases an Empire Soldier

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The order for the design of the ship to the next rich man did not come long before the planned vacation. In general, it was easy to refuse and prepare for a flight to the planet Maana resort, but the payment was more than generous, although the requests for equipment were not weak. Being a top-class engineer, he did not sit without work, and often carried out not only private orders but also state ones, once he even worked on a battleship for the Empire’s air force. It was quite interesting to work with fleet specialists. The Empire includes hundreds of worlds and not all are human, at first, before the unification of all into one state on the territory of the present Empire, there were ongoing wars that turned into xenocide of the population of enemy worlds. This would probably continue to this day, if not for the emergence of a new enemy, who destroyed everyone who came across on his way. Not more than half a meter in height, with an ugly muzzle, the dwarfs were quite weak physically, but their fleet was superior to all individually, then all reasonable ones began, albeit rather slow, but unification into one powerful state, this was the beginning of the end for the race dwarfs. Further history showed that unification into one state made it possible to avoid huge problems from the side of unexplored space. My name is Dima, I am 129 years old, athletic, 192 cm tall, black hair, brown eyes. Zhenya Lena is 92 years old, has an athletic build, height 170 cm, black long hair, slightly slanting brown eyes. Strong breasts of size 3, tight ass. Flat with slightly protruding abs, tummy. We have been together for more than 40 years now, we haven’t had children, and the work takes quite a lot of time and effort. New technologies, with the availability of funds, improved not only health, increasing the lifespan, but also made it possible to make a beautiful body without much effort. Although it costs a lot, our earnings allow us not to save on ourselves. So we decided this time to fly to the best, and naturally the most expensive resort in the Empire. The flight took 8 Earth days, but on the huge liner, there was entertainment for every taste, and time flew by unnoticed. After disembarking at the Cosmoport, we boarded the shuttle and went to the hotel. Located on the seashore, it was a large building built in a semicircle, with an open side to the sea. The ground floor was occupied by various shops and restaurants, while the other two were occupied by hotel rooms. The furniture was installed depending on the race, the intelligent entering there. The layout was a large room with access to a balcony that stretched across the entire floor. Also, the wall, if desired, became completely transparent, opening up a view of the entertainment complex, with swimming pools, discotheques, and the sea that spilled to the horizon.
Going to the pool, I put on shorts, and Lena had a white bikini consisting of ropes and 3 pieces of fabric. With a laugh, wriggling out of my hands, she slipped out of the room, shaking her sweet buttocks. Having bathed a lot, we occupied the sun loungers standing next to us, and watched with interest the half-naked representatives of various races. Here, perhaps, there were not only representatives of Intexoids. Powerful, from 2 meters in height, with dark gray or black skin, the Moors are men, and very slender with noticeable muscles and at least the 4th size of a woman’s chest. Most of all, they resembled minotaurs, from earthly legends, similar to a bull, horned head, only much less elongated, and the location of the eyes are not on the sides, but in front. From the back of the head to the tailbone, there was a mane of short but coarse hair and a rather long, flexible tail ending in a tassel. With a different shade of green scales, medium height, thin Adera lizards. A slightly elongated head, similar to the heads of terrestrial lizards, from the top of the head to the end of the flat tail of the men went a folding crest. Women were mostly with small breasts, were distinguished by lighter shades and lack of a crest. There were also people of different races, creatures more similar to us, only for example, with blue skin and completely black eyes. Not only people paid attention to Lenka in her rather interesting outfit, but out of the corner of my eye, I noticed a huge black Moor, who did not take his eyes off the elastic yet light chest of my beloved. Yes, and I looked at the representatives of different races with interest. In some, powerful muscles were visible, while attracting rather than repulsing, in others the presence of, for example, a tail, also quite excited the imagination. We spent the whole day by the pool, drank light drinks, swam a lot, and occasionally rested on sun loungers. Laughter sounded around, and not only familiar to the human ear, but also a rather unusual hissing or even coughing. Representatives of different worlds, having fun in the pool, absolutely not paying attention to species differences. So a rather attractive representative of lizards, with a loud hiss, was thrown by a mighty Moor about two meters out of the water, and flopping back down, with a cry still wanting, rushed to him under the cheerful laughter of those around her. However, the Moor did not mind, and with visible pleasure, periodically tossed various girls into the air. They decided to spend the evening in a bar, I put on loose shorts with a loose shirt, and Lena was just some kind of piece of fabric, for some reason called a skirt. However, the impression of the opening view was lethal and I, swallowing saliva, was immediately dragged out of the room towards the nearest bar. In the middle, there was a fairly large dance floor, and at the edges were tables with leather sofas.
In the far corner, there were about 5 closed booths, quite bright lighting was only in the center of the dance floor, further from the center there was twilight, slightly dispersed by not bright lamps from the tables. Fast rhythmic music followed by slow, beautiful melodies. We danced from time to time, returning to the table to drink another cocktail from a huge assortment, I must say. A couple of Moors settled down at the table with us, I recognized the man, it was he who was looking at Lena by the pool, and she remembered him from the court by her sly smile and her eyes shooting at him. In wide shorts and an unbuttoned sleeveless shirt, he made a pretty strong impression. Bod with black glossy leather were visible rolling bundles of muscles, wide palms, in addition to their size, hardly differed from human ones. The woman was dressed in a short, tight dress with an open cutout on the chest, while it is not clear how she had not jumped out of there yet, and a beautiful thigh periodically appeared in a strong side cut. The same black with much smaller horns, she attracted the views of those around her, and I could hardly take my eyes out of the section of her dress. Muscles, unlike men, did not create a feeling of power, but on the contrary, added femininity. In general, I must say that although some representatives of different races, although they resembled different animals, did not create a repulsive impression, on the contrary, they attracted with their exoticism. Moreover, I often noticed interested glances towards people and concluded that I am not the only one who thinks so. The Moors introduced themselves as Var and Masa explained that the full names of most races cannot be pronounced even with the help of an interpreter, and when Lena nevertheless begged to name him and tried to repeat it, Var only snorted, and Masa explained with a laugh that if you try to translate what was said, get a multi-story unprintable design. After drinking another cocktail, we again returned to the dance floor already four of us, moving to the loud rhythmic music. At some point, at another slow pace, I found myself dancing with Masa. Var with Lena circled nearby, he pressed her pretty tightly around the waist to him, well, I did not lose this opportunity and pulled Masa closer to me, to which she laughed merrily, and pressed her rather a big breast to me. In wide shorts, it was getting tighter every second, and Masa, noticing this with a pretty smile, tried to press closer to me. At some point, my hands slipped from the narrow waist, one hand slipped into the cutout on the thigh and squeezed a strong buttock, and the other, sliding along the fabric, grabbed the base of the tail, a palpable tremor ran through her body, and a hot velvety nose pressed against my neck, blowing hot breath over her. Her hands, under the unbuttoned shirt, stroked my back, sometimes going down to the shorts and a little lower, stroking the top of my buttocks.
The member seemed to explode from the tension, except for my partner, I did not notice anything around, I continued to iron my strong ass, constantly squeezing it tightly. When the music ended, I hardly forced myself to unclench my hands and offered her an elbow, which she immediately grabbed onto. Together we went to the table, at which Var and Lena were already sitting. Var breathed quite heavily and exhaled often, accompanied by a rather loud snort, and Lena, who was very flushed, whose chest was also shaking, suggested that I was not the only one who got great pleasure from the dance. Var’s voice distracted me from my thoughts by announcing a wonderful cocktail that was served here, and, having received approval, went to the bar. Masa, went to the ladies’ room, leaving us Lena alone. Lenka giggling, pressed up to me and under the table grabbed me by my not completely fallen member, whispered in my ear. At first, I was confused, finding myself in Var’s arms, but he immediately took me in the dance, tightly pressing me to him, and I quickly relaxed. In the end, I didn’t even notice how my ass ended up in his huge palms, at first he said something to me, but when I started to wind up, I didn’t notice anything, and when something big and hard pressed against my stomach, it melted. You have no idea how I want you. – Is it me? – Honestly? – Well, of course! A sly smile appeared on her face, and a blush filled her cheeks, sweet lips dug into mine, kissing passionately, and her hand crawled under the shorts and began stroking my reared dick, and when she came off, she defiantly reported. – Not only you! But after all, when you returned to the table, you didn’t want me! – I won’t even try to deny it, I don’t see the point. My answer satisfied her, and Var, returning with a tray, forced her to take his hand out of his shorts. Deftly maneuvering with the tray between the dancers, Var went to the table and quickly arranged cocktails of a poisonous green color with red splashes. We already drank more exotic-looking drinks, and having learned that it is also safe for people, we stopped paying attention to the color. The drink turned out to be quite pleasant to the taste, with a warming effect. – Dima, will you allow me to invite your companion to dance? Two pairs of eyes stared at me with apparent hope. I nodded with a smile. – I hope you won’t leave me alone for a long time? Var answered with a broad smile, giving his hand to Lena. “Masa will be back now, so I don’t think you’ll get bored.” And with a wink at me, he pulled Lena to the dance floor. From excitement and excitement, I felt my heart bursting out of my chest, and chaotic thoughts were not occupied at all by Lena, laughing merrily in a dance with Var. Returning Masa, sat down in the place where Lena had just been, pressing her hip, which was very exciting to me. She grabbed a standing glass. – For acquaintance! To the dregs! We hit our glasses and drained them in one gulp.
Masa pressed close to me, her hand slipped into the shorts, breathing noisily, approached her velvet nose to her ear, and slightly licking it, from which a herd of goosebumps ran all over my body, began slowly massaging my penis, not forgetting about the testicles. I, getting high, stuck my hand through the cut of the dress on my thigh, and discovering the absence of underwear I penetrated the dripping pussy. Moan – A wheeze that doused the ear and neck with strong heat, made it clear that everything was done correctly. The second hand slipped into the cutout on the breast and grabbing a large, elastic breast, I began to massage it, not forgetting to caress the hard nipple. Silky lips pressed my ear first and then fell on my neck, it was indescribable. I don’t know, for some reason, I turned to face her, and first gently kissed her nose, feeling her body fluttering, I ran my tongue from the upper lip to the upper edge of the velvety nose. This caused a prolonged groan, strong legs parted to the sides, allowing the fingers to penetrate deeper into the hot pussy, hoarse breathing turning into snorting became more and more frequent. – Dima … Wait … ah … hrrr … – What happened? – Can’t you see ours? “Hmm… to be honest, I almost forgot about them. – Let’s go and dance. What if we see something interesting? The smile playing on her face said that we would see interesting things. Leaving the table, I sat behind Masa’s back, hiding the shorts in a tent. At the sound of slow music, we again hugged each other, and carefully looking around, slowly moved around the dance floor. I have already, without any embarrassment, kneaded with both hands such an attractive and desired tailed ass. Vara and Lena, we found on the other side of the dance floor, and without attracting attention we took a table nearby while extinguishing the lamp standing on it. Slowly swaying completely out of time with the music, she put one hand on her powerful chest and passionately kissed her partner’s nose and lips. At the same time, we could see how the arm bent at the elbow made movements that did not allow double interpretation. His powerful chest was shaking, and his wide palms, easily lifting his short skirt, tightly squeezed his round buttocks. We settled down behind them a little to the side and against the background of a well-lit dance floor, we saw everything that was happening. At the same time, being with his wide back to the hall, Var seemed to cover what was happening from prying eyes from the side of the site. Resting her hands on Var’s chest, Lena pulled back a little, looking into his eyes, looked around, apparently looking for us, and not finding and making sure that no one was looking in their direction, took off her panties and thrust them into shorts Varu again pressed against the broad chest of the Moor … From what was happening, the member stood with a stake, and the heartbeat in the temples. Masa’s heavy breathing said that she was also very excited about what was happening. I carefully watched as Lenkina’s hands grabbed the edge of the shorts, and pulling them towards myself, they lowered them down, hooking the edge of Var’s huge balls.
We could see a huge penis standing upright, slightly pointed, it was solid, without a head like people. Huge palms squeezed the elastic buttocks more tightly, and Vara’s arms, bending at the elbows, pulled Lena off the floor, lifting her higher and higher. Her palms wrapped around a strong neck and her gorgeous chest rested against the elongated face of the Moor. He continued to lift Lena and stopped only when the member was at the entrance to the pussy. Here her floor, closed eyes, circled the hall, lingered on our table, I don’t know if she saw anything, turned her head to Var, and looking into his eyes, nodded slightly. And his hands very slowly, began to unbend, lowering Lena to a member that was trembling with desire. Masa grabbed my shorts and with a jerk, pulled them off, while jumping out a 25 cm member, hit her in the face, and stopped in an upright position, swaying from side to side. We met with gazes, silky lips stretched out, kissed the head of my penis, and then a wide, hot tongue went from balls to the tip of a penis that was about to burst, and without stopping the rather big cock completely disappeared into Masa’s mouth. With pleasure, I caught my breath, I grabbed the protruding horns with my hands, thinking to keep her head in this position as long as possible. However, she was not going to pull away, obviously not that could fit in her mouth, and the tongue spinning inside, polishing the penis along its entire length without taking it out of my mouth, made me moan loudly from KAIF. At the same time, Var’s Tool rested against Lena’s labia, froze, and did not dare to enter the bosom that was full of heart. She biting her lower lip, looked into his eyes, again a slightly noticeable nod, and spreading her pussy, very slowly Var’s cock began to penetrate inside. Her body arched in an arc, and her head with closed eyes and wide-open mouth, although not audible because of the loud music, but with a palpable groan, leaned back. The gorgeous chest, on the contrary, rested against his face. Var’s wide lips grabbed a triangle of fabric, and pulling it under the elastic chest, dug into the hard nipple. Introducing the penis to the middle, Var stopped and began to lift her a little faster, and without fully reaching the penis, already without stopping, but at the same time and slowly began to fuck Lena, literally sucking her already completely bare breasts in turn. Suddenly, Lena grabbed Vara by the horns with both hands, her body shook in the strongest convulsions of the surging orgasm. Giving her a break, Vara’s hands froze in one position, while his lips continued to caress Lenin’s elastic breasts. I can no longer restrain myself, I began to pour out streams of sperm into such a sweet mouth of Masa. And when her hot tongue crawled from below and began to lick my balls with the tip, while she managed to suck out the sperm and swallow it at the same time. Probably for a couple of seconds from the pleasure received, I still passed out.
Lifting her head from the penis and releasing it with specific cotton from her sweet lips, she breathed deeply and smiled back against the back of the sofa. Wanting to thank the woman who gave me so much pleasure, without wasting time, I dug a kiss on her lips and grabbed her waist, put her on the sofa in a pose with cancer. Turning her head to me, she watched my actions with a smile, her arched back in a place with a high tailed ass, legs wide apart, all this, despite the recent powerful orgasm, made my penis move again. Taking the tail out of the hole cut in the dress, I lifted the hem of her dress to a narrow waist, from what I saw once again this time, I caught my breath. Masa, arching her tail, managed to caress herself with it, and seeing my reaction, laughing enough, threw it behind me and pushed me towards her. I grabbed her buttocks, and parted and dug into the dripping nectar pussy. A brush at the end of the tail, rested against the back of my head, trying to pull me closer to her. Licking Masa’s Pussy, I introduced the first one and then the second finger into it, and gradually increasing the pace began to fuck the woman, which was dripping with juice. Var, feeling that Lena had stopped beating in convulsions, continued to have it slowly, enjoying every second. Every time he lowered the woman down, his penis turned out to be a millimeter deeper, gradually approaching huge swollen balls. Grabbing her ass with one hand, he grabbed Lena by the chin, and with pressure stroking his lips with his finger, made her swallow him. Moistening his index finger in her mouth, Var lowered his hand to the ass, again grabbed it with both hands, while pushing her buttocks apart more forcefully. Continuing to slowly develop Lenkin’s pussy, he moistened with saliva finger, put it to her anus. She started to stare at Var, but when she heard something soothing, she relaxed, enjoying herself. Having received the go-ahead, Var began to massage Lenkin’s anus with pressure, he did not stop and continued to tenderly have my wife. Another orgasm overtook her when Var’s cock entered three quarters, while in order not to scream, she gagged her mouth with her own hands. I watched them, continued to diligently lick Masa, and when I saw him getting close to Lenka’s ass, I pulled myself away from the sweet pussy to lubricate my free finger, and at the same time sticking my tongue into Masa’s bosom, I began to massage her anus with a greased finger. Lubricant splashed out of her, a guttural cry escaped from her closed mouth, and, shaken by violent convulsions, she collapsed onto the sofa. A member of Vara was already entering almost its entire length, to the goal he had a couple of centimeters, Lenka holding on to the horn, pressed her head to his forehead, and did not understand much from the orgasms that followed one another.
Another rise and Lenka, planted to the end, is simply hanging on his penis, for a minute they stood motionless, so her pussy crawled up again, but stopped in the middle and immediately dropped noticeably faster to the very end. I saw her lips move, except with the words YES! YES! YET! YET! It could not be anything else. A minute later, Var increased the pace again, and Lenka caught another orgasm, but he did not stop to give her a rest. Masa, moving away from orgasm, and seeing my smoking penis, jumped on top of me, resting her gorgeous breasts in my face. Immediately exposing her, I dug into tense nipples, Masa began to fuck me with force, sitting on my penis, the moans became louder, and the snorting often coming out on exhalation, more and more prolonged. I felt how the muscles in her pussy pull my penis into themselves, not holding back myself, I almost screamed with pleasure. Her orgasm caused such a wave of convulsions that I finished a moment after her, the internal muscles as if it were milking my penis, making me almost whine with pleasure. When I was able to focus my gaze on what was happening in the hall, I did not immediately find Vara and Lena. They left their place and slowly moved to the nearest corner, Var continued to methodically put Lena on his spit. – So Dima! Do you want to watch it to the end? – Well, of course!!! – Pull-on your shorts and go faster! At the pace of putting ourselves in order, we rushed after Var and Lena, he continued to move into the darkness, and we, not hiding with interest, following what was happening, moved two meters from them. I think even if we would have approached the tight one, Lenka would hardly have noticed us, being nearby we heard only loud, drawn-out groans. Reaching the corner, the var took her off the penis, turned her back to him, grabbed her shoulders with one hand, while blocking her arms with the other hips. Again the rise above the penis, only now fast and sharp, the movement of the hips trying to get into the developed pussy, a sharp movement, and we hear his balls slapping on Lenka’s pubis. – AAAAAAAAA !!!! FUCK !!!!! YESAAAUUOOOO! The last orgasm knocks the consciousness out of her, which does not prevent Var already fiercely, to hammer the unconscious body. – Do not worry, she will wake up now, you’ll see. Masa’s words stopped me when frightened, I jerked towards them. A powerful growl escaped from Vara’s throat, he drove a penis, to the full length trying to push Lenka on himself harder, swollen muscles and the whole posture said that he was throwing out his seed in Lenkino’s womb. Simultaneously with him, not so loudly, but we, being around, heard everything perfectly, with a groan in another orgasm, Lenka began to hammer. After a couple of minutes Var, without turning around, said not loudly: – Masa. Come on, help me clean. Deftly diving under the still impaled Lenka, Masa opened her mouth wider and as the penis diminished out of Lena while hiding in a 4-centimeter foreskin, she caught dripping sperm.
A couple of centimeters before the end, she covered her pussy with her mouth completely, and for about five minutes I watched Masa suck the sperm out of her. Lenka woke up only half an hour later, at first she did not even understand where she was, but seeing how I hug Masa, she also clung to Var, causing a contented snore. Var, looking at us, asked: – How do you like it? – Fiction!!! – Fiction!!! Our simultaneous cry caused a burst of laughter. – If you want to show a lot more interesting things !!!

Author: rendteam