Automatic robots guards caught the perpetrator

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Last Friday, my friend, an electrician, Anatoly, came to our dacha. I called him to help me with street lighting. We finished our work in three hours. During this time, the bathhouse was heated, and the wife laid a good table in the rest room. After drinking a glass of vodka, we went to the steam room. A few minutes later, Alenka joined us and sat down on the lower shelf. The wife was wearing only a bath cap. I managed to notice that my wife shaved her pussy while we were busy with work, since in the morning she was going to work with a hedgehog between her legs. Tolik purred like a March cat at the sight of a naked wife. Previously, my wife and I and Tolik were not in the bath together, although we steam with friends every weekend together. After warming up, the three of us drank another glass and Tolik volunteered to steam his wife. After sitting in the steam room for a while, I went to the cellar for cold kvass, when I returned, I involuntarily admired Alenka, who was walking from the bath to the river, the bath is on our water. Anatoly walked behind and admired his wife’s steamed buttocks. After swimming, the couple returned to the steam room, where I was already whipping with might and main with a broom. Then I dived into the river and stood in the water up to my chest. Soon, Alenka came out of the bath and walked towards me. I hugged her in the water and she said that Tolik soars amazingly. I asked her where Tolik was, to which she smiled and replied that he had a member and apparently hesitated to go ashore. I asked my wife how her pussy was doing, to which she replied that she didn’t want anything with Tolik. After making a couple of visits to the steam room, and taking a few glasses on our chest, we went to wash. At first I washed my little wife, while my dear lay down on the bench so that all her charms were on display at Tolik’s. Alenka specially teased the guest, and he hesitantly hid the excited member. I love it when my wife flirts and teases men. When I washed Alenka’s buttocks, as usual, I inserted a soap finger into her ass, my wife is crazy about it, a small tremor immediately ran all over her body. Tolik froze with his mouth open. I rinsed my wife with water and went into the break room as my cell phone rang. Returning a few minutes later, I found Tolik sitting on a bench, whom my wife was rubbing with a soapy stick, bending down slightly and thrusting back her round tanned ass. Passing by, I lightly slapped her on the bottom and began to wash my hair. Having rinsed my head with water, I was pleasantly surprised by Alenka, who squatted down and washed the guest’s manhood, while Tolik leaned back on the bench and spread his legs wide. After the standing penis with the testicles were washed, she squeezed Tolik’s soapy penis in her palm and began to move her hand along the penis. Tolik closed his eyes and baldheaded, I decided that my wife changed her mind and decided to flirt with the guest, so I rinsed myself and went into the locker room. Next came a smiling wife with little good words, and soon the offended Tolik, who categorically refused a glass and was preparing to go home. Fifteen minutes later Anatoly left our company. My wife and I laughed at the topic that Tolik received a boost of vigor and flew to rape his wife. Tolik, left alone with Alenka, decided that everything was already possible and tried to seat his wife on his standing penis, but Alenka did not let him do it. After drinking one more glass, the wife began to rub her body with coconut oil, and I went to heat the stove in the house. Fifteen minutes later Alyonka came into the house and said that Tolik had returned. I went to the gate, where Tolyan explained that there were gay people on the track. I walked him into the house and poured a glass, winking at my wife. It was clear from his eyes that Tolyan was cunning and simply changed his mind about leaving. We continued the feast in the house, where it was getting hot, as I threw in a full fire-box. My beloved took off her robe, and turned naked in front of the dresser, pulled on white swimming trunks and my light shirt. I sat in only shorts, in Tolik in jeans, but with a naked torso. My wife and I were sitting on the sofa, and the guest was sitting on a small round chair opposite, so Tolik did not take his eyes off the female breast, which periodically popped out of an unbuttoned shirt. The feast with frank compliments to his wife ended after midnight. Tolik managed to kiss his wife’s nipples while I went to the toilet, but that was all. My wife and I collapsed on the couch, and put the guest on an inflatable mattress. Alenka took off her shirt, got to the pillow and immediately fell asleep. Tolik and I fell asleep next. I woke up from the call of my mobile, it was five in the morning. A colleague called and asked to drive up to the office for a while. Since someone broke the window. I quickly pulled myself together, fixed my eyes on the tanned ass of my wife, who looked awesome with white swimming trunks. I didn’t wake anyone up. I returned only two hours later. Tolik’s car was gone. Going into the house, I found Alenka sleeping on the sofa. I poured myself a cold beer and turned on the quiet TV. After drinking a couple of glasses, I undressed and was about to crawl under the covers to Alenka. What was my surprise when, in the rays of the sun from the window, I looked at yesterday’s swimming trunks of my beloved on an air mattress. I turned on the light, pulled the covers off my little wife and was stunned. Alenka slept on her side without swimming trunks. Her swollen pussy glistened with the abundance of juices. She woke up and asked where Tolik was. I replied that he left while I was away. Then she sat down on the couch and began to examine her wet pussy, from which someone else’s sperm ran out. My sleep vanished. I poured my wife a glass of cold beer. Having quenched her thirst, Alenka began to tell how at night in the dark I gently woke her up kissing her neck and stroking her breasts and ass. Then the handles pulled her panties off. The wife, without opening her eyes, pushed her ass back, where a hard penis was waiting for her. The member inside moved slowly and shallowly, gradually increasing the pace and penetrating deeper and deeper. Then the penis huddled deep into the pussy and began to pour out sperm. The wife was covered with a strong orgasm. Coming to her senses, she let go of her penis and turned around to kiss, but I was not there. Behind was Tolik’s satisfied face. The wife was at a loss, and with the words, we’ll talk tomorrow, turned to the wall and fell asleep. Member I stood like a stone, roofing felts with a hangover, roofing felts from what I heard. Without thinking twice, I turned the little wife on my stomach and inserted it into her wet pussy and was soon discharged abundantly. My wife kissed me on the lips and said that it was necessary to repeat something with Tolik, otherwise she did not taste awake, but she remembers that she was very good. I hugged my wife and fell asleep.

Author: rendteam