Features of the future sex with zombies and a mechanical spider

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It was three years ago, on a hot summer, on my birthday. By the way, my name is Marina, for friends and lovers Marinchik, then I turned 32, not a bad job, married to a wonderful person, children in general life worked out. We celebrated as usual at the dacha not far from the city, our younger sister, and her husband. during the warm weather, I was in a light open sundress and barefoot shoes. I think that in my years I do not look bad, dancing and dieting made my waist narrow, nature gave me elastic breasts of the third size, and whose nice ass I was proud of. It was on Sunday, so I had to go to work in the morning, and I persuaded my husband to take me home. Although he was no longer and could barely keep his feet, we still drove back along a country road along the forest. Having driven about 10 minutes with a risk to my life, since my husband fell asleep at the wheel, I already began to regret my act. Suddenly a truck with a trailer appeared on the side of the road and a traffic police car in front, I hoped that we would pass, but the traffic cop standing on the side of the road waving a stick. We had no choice but to stop and I began to quickly figure out what to do. My faithful with dim eyes reached for the wires in his pocket and immediately passed out to the sound of approaching footsteps. All!!! While I was pondering what to do, they knocked on the car window. -Yes? What’s the matter? -Your documents! I realized that I was in and did not know what to do. I took a closer look at him and realized that in front of me was a young guy, about 22 years old, apparently working not long ago. Suddenly, he began to draw in air and grimaced, asked … -To-ah-ak, it seems that we have not sober driving here! Well, get out of the car for a minute. I went out as best I could, although in the current state it was difficult. -So we are breaking ?! -Listen, I’m not tired a lot today, maybe we will agree … _Ta-a-ak a bribe for execution … -It is necessary to pass a sobriety test, let’s go to my car. Coming closer, I noticed that another one in camouflage with a machine gun was sitting in the car and was looking suspiciously at me through the glass. He got out of the car and spoke loudly. -Hear! Wan, dyke, I’ll search the suspect ?! At first, I thought that I had misheard, but he abruptly came up to me and with force turned to face the hood. He pressed on my back and now I’m already standing with cancer in the presence of men, and they are happy with this. He stood up to me and began stroking my legs from below lifting my sundress to my waist and naturally bared my ass in white thongs, they looked good on tanned skin. Judging by their smirks, they were also pleased. -Cute tattoo-The fact is that two years ago I got a butterfly tattoo, just above the lower back. -Hey, don’t you think you’re looking for the wrong place ?! We need to check much deeper! -And before I had time to think about his words, as the last barrier to the crack was torn off me. I stared blankly at the white lump of cloth on the asphalt.
A light breeze touched her naked pussy, causing arousal and memories that I hadn’t fucked a lot. -And nothing! Yes? -Talking to his colleague and stroking my buttocks. His movements mixed with drunk wine made me forget about my husband in the car for a while. It seemed to me that there weren’t many more and I would ask them to fuck me. Hands slowly crawled to the top, from the beginning along the stomach and then his palm covered my tits as if in the guidance I raised my hands to the top. A sundress was pulled over my head and two pairs of hands caressed me. Van squeezed my balls, thrusting each nipple into his mouth, from such caresses I melted in their hands like ice cream. and I could no longer endure and … -Listen! … -Shut up !! -And a strong blow to the stomach made me bend in half and rest against the hood of the car with my head sticking out my ass to the top. They thought that I was against, but also did not think could that I want no less than them. When I looked away I saw a young cop standing in front of me stroking his incredibly small penis right in front of my face. -Well, breathe in a tube ?! With great disappointment, I parted my lips and immediately got a dick in my mouth with might and main to the balls. Its end did not even reach the throat, I almost growled with anger. Of course, I had to do blowjobs, moreover, I could not sleep if I did not suck at least my husband. Trying to get used to its size and rhythm, I felt a palm on my hot pussy, it was the hand of another cop in camouflage. First one, then two fingers penetrated deep into my body, making me moan with pleasure. Mixed with growing lust and drinking wine, I began to suffocate from zemaniya. My girl quickly responded to the caress, smearing the cop’s fingers with grease. -Look Vovan! Yes, she is all leaking !! – Showing her fingers to a colleague from my hole. Vovan’s member began to increase right in my mouth. Then he began to pull his dick out of his mouth, I was not much upset. But stopping halfway as again He drove him back, he put his hands on the back of my head, controlling the movements. The position was not very comfortable and I had to lean my hands on Vano’s legs. After playing with my pussy, the cop from the back unzipped and began to squeeze his penis into my languishing pussy. If my mouth were not as busy, I would probably have screamed with happiness. My moisture and the efforts of the cop did their job – I was pulled on a decent-sized penis and such a wave of pleasure went from the pussy that I was dizzy. Slowly at first and then his rhythm accelerated driving his piston deep Vanya fucked me in the mouth faster and faster, I realized that he was about to finish. Another moment and a portion of sperm poured into his mouth. The taste is salty, but nothing, although I tasted it better. I swallowed it all with pleasure and licked the head as best I could, licking the remnants. -And you are well done! -I said, finally kissing the leading member. -Oh! You suck great! It’s been a long time since no one sucked me!
Now I could enjoy the piston working in my pussy, feel its size, and the rhythm of the blows on my ass. Everything inside was on fire, I waved to meet my dick in ecstasy, more, more, e-more-e and … A wave of orgasm all over my body on my wings, pleasantly spreading over my body. I looked over my shoulder at the guy fucking me and saw in front of him, his contented muzzle. “Well, do you like it ?!” he asked, squeezing and twisting my nipples. -Yes-A !!! And how !! Fuck me, I ask you not to stop !!! -Scha will be even more interesting! Diman comes here !! Another cop came out of the truck, looking like a pear, small in stature, and with a double chin. – Don’t give a fuck to yourself! Checking !! -Let’s get in, and while I put it in her mouth! He walked around me and stood near the place with Vovka, pulling his head over his lips and buried his nose in his lips. The pungent smell of my secretions and semen hit my nose. I opened and put my second penis into my mouth and began to suck. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as possible. so that he was satisfied with me and tried with might and main, swallowing the balls. She took it in her hands and licked it like a lollipop, massaged the gnat, and kissed the head. Then Vano perked up seeing such a show. – I’m looking for a cache. I had to pay attention to him and his penis again. I hardly pulled out such a delicious penis and immediately shoved Vanin. Treating two members at once with their tongue, lips, hands, they drove a dick in size into me with dryness, larger than the previous one. -This is yes! He pounded me so that the tits cracked in a frantic rhythm, the men liked it and everyone began to paw them, squeezing them in the palm of his hand, leaving bruises. He scurried in my hole with a loud squelch as if it was so stretched in a bucket by the previous cock. Suddenly he stopped abruptly and pulled a dick out of my cunt, over the last eighteen minutes of fucking she was very stretched and did not ache much. Suddenly I felt his dick touching the anus, my guess turned out to be correct when he pushed hard and … -Hey! Bitch come on, relax ass, otherwise, I will not insert it! I had no choice but to obey and provide another hole for intercourse, while not forgetting about the members that were in front of my nose. At first, the head got in with difficulty, and then the whole member. He waited for a little and began to slowly pull it out and push it in again. I probably would have yelled at the whole forest if it hadn’t been for Vano’s dick in his mouth. It took some time to get used to and now his penis flies freely As if he was always there. So we fucked for about ten minutes until I started to cum again. Spasms of ecstasy shook my body, I could hardly stay on my feet if it were not for the hands of the cops who were sweeping over my body. While I came to, I received another blow of the penis in the ass and a large portion of Molossia poured into me. I kept it there until he lost an erection. , the ring of the anus began to slowly narrow. The young man began to moan softly, twitched a couple of times, took out his appendix, and jerked off on my face.
There were splashes all over the face on the forehead, on the nose a little on the cheeks, a large drop was hanging from the blond hair. -Funny earring! Natural !! Ha-ha-a The cop in camouflage took me by the ears and pulled me so that my nose touched his pubic hair. The head went almost into the throat, I pressed my tongue to the palate and took it all. Until he froze in orgasm, his head expanded and poured into his mouth, not just a lot, but a lot of sperm. I barely had time to swallow it, it poured in a continuous stream. Only then, licking the head and kissing in gratitude, I realized that it was the most delicious cream of the whole day … Coming to my senses after such a frantic fuck, I was finally able to straighten up when I heard a voice with a Caucasian accent. -Uh-uh! And I can -How much? I thought I misheard, the fact that they pushed me into all the holes does not mean that I am some kind of roadside whore. I am a mother of two children, a married woman, yes I love, I just love sex but … -Two! All that there are men! Vano looked at me appraisingly and then told the truck driver. – Okay, come on. Damn, they also trade me like some kind of slurry, and they even appreciated me for only 200 rubles. Besides, who’s to blame, I stand completely naked, soiled in death, surrounded by men on the side of the road. He roughly took me by the arms and led me to the truck. Moving his numb legs from the itchy anus, the sperm of the fat man who was grinning at my ass started flowing. He was pleased with himself because his work flowed almost to the knees. I boldly looked into his eyes, wiped middle finger sperm from the thighs, and sent it into her mouth. Where erotically licked and wagging her working ass in high heels went to the truck. She opened the door and climbed into the cab on the seat. My first customer also climbed. -Love blondes -I stroked my hair-Darling are you ready? -Then he took off his sweatpants and it was not a dick that fell out into the light, but some kind of monster, with healthy meaty eggs. I have never had one. He shook them and said. – To work? I bent down and took it in my hand, at first I licked it all over, it smelled of sweat and God knows what else. At first, it fit, but when it began to grow, I could only swallow the head. -Bad huesoska. Lick at least eggs. I started to take alternately one or the other left, sometimes all together. -Okay enough! And then I have to go, the cops and so detained. He put me on the bed, lifted my legs, and as if in a big way it will drive me to the very uterus. I already howled in pain. – Be patient. – He whispered in his ear – Right now he will stretch out. Lying under it, I felt that the pain was starting to go away, giving way to arousal. I tried to relax and the familiar feeling of fullness began to excite the clitoris. The Caucasian was breathing heavily as a result of fucking, breathing in my face, and mumbling something in his language. Tired of this position, he took me for the ass, raised it a little, and started poking into the anus. I was scared how his big dick would fit in my hole, but the fat man’s sperm and my sweat did their job.
I took his monster in the hand and directed it into the languishing brown hole. Having completely caught up we froze for a second, I was in pain, he was in pleasure. He took it out, stuck it in again and so over and over again until I screamed. -Dava-a-this quicker !!! -Now slut! I’ll fuck you to death !! He fucked me sweepingly, squeezing my breasts in his arms, which already ached. I was addicted to their elasticity, shape. This was another stimulant, of course, after the member was scurrying in my ass. I began to approach another orgasm. The cabin walked along She carried the smell of sweat and fucking. Having pounded my hole for two minutes, I got the strongest orgasm for the whole evening, got scared under it, and ran my nails into my thighs. -That bitch !! Faster me! Suddenly he pulled out his penis, hovered over me, and began to jerk off furiously at me, another second and a large amount of sperm poured over me. It flooded me from the head too tired vagina. It felt so good, I lay playing with nipples, rubbed the demise on my tits My first experience of a corrupt slut seems to have been successful. My fucker finally hit his swollen lower lips with his dick, shaking off the remnants, and got off me. -Sorry for so quickly-He began to put his handsome man in his pants. – Nothing, I also finished. It was not comfortable for me to sit, bare ass on a cold chair. – If we had more time, I would have fucked you right. Coming out of the cab, I fell from fatigue, all my holes ached, especially the ass, so it had never been stretched. Near the car with my husband, all three fucks were waiting for me with my quite forgotten sundress. -Thank you for your assistance. They handed me my sundress, all three of them neighed, watching how I could not bring my legs together in a tight dress. I put myself in order a little, pulled the hem of the sundress down below to hide the bruises on my thighs. Something like erased the rest of the sperm, saw a drop on her hair, picked it up with her fingers and sucked it with pleasure, remembering wild sex on the sidelines. She took a breath of cologne, kissed her husband on the cheek with her lips, which she had recently held on the members of unfamiliar men, and said. -Dear climb !! I agreed on everything! She leaned back in a chair and drove home pleased with herself.

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