Four-armed golem and robotic brain rape an earth slave

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I made myself a rule to run in the morning. And for health it is good and the mood after the morning air is better. And he began to run. Gradually he joined the team of runners, among whom there were mostly grandfathers and grandmothers. But the young also met. There was even a couple, one, about thirty. Oksana and Roma. Both fit, you see former athletes, and Roma also seems to be a jock, judging by the muscle relief. So we ran through the park, and the road from the park, about three hundred meters, to our houses, walked with a brisk pace, calming our breath. So it was that day. We ran for an hour and were already heading for the houses, when Oksana, who always walked between us, asked me, walking with an anxious face: – Why did you become so disgusted, Yura? – Yes, no matter what. I just don’t know if water has appeared. Looks like someone decided to change the pipes and when I left the house, the water was already turned off. I don’t know when they will turn it on. And I have to go to work, even for dinner. I’m not going sweaty. – So what’s the problem? Come to us. They seem to be familiar already. Rinse off after a run. On that and decided. We went to them. While I was getting used to it, I was examining the cozy nest, Oksana was the first to jump into the bath. Quite quickly leaving there and walking to us, sitting in a large room through the kitchen, she told me that I could go wash, and she would prepare breakfast for us. Her sight caught my attention. She was wearing only a long shirt that covered her half of her hips, nothing else. Although there was also an apron, which she put on herself in front of us, tying the ribbons at the back. I only had time to admire her hips for a second, until the apron covered them in front, and went to the bath. My cock is slightly full, from the sight of beautiful thighs. I went into the bathroom, undressed, stepped into the bathtub and turned on the shower, which immediately doused me from above with warm jets. At the same moment, Roma entered the bathroom. He brought me two towels and looked at me, standing sideways to him. His gaze went over me from top to bottom and stopped on a member. Shyly, I raise my hip, covering my penis. You have him handsome, cute. – he suddenly says smiling. And adding, turns around and leaves, – Here are the towels, you will wipe yourself with one, you will wrap yourself with the second, we do not have a robe for you yet. I, a little embarrassed, thoroughly washed everything for myself, wrapped a large towel around my waist and left the bath. I wanted to go to the big room, but Roma, who was going to the bath, told me to go straight to the kitchen. I went into the kitchen, and here Oksana was already doing magic, making us an omelet and putting sandwiches on a plate. Oksana stood with her back to me and my gaze immediately fell on her hips. An apron covered them in front, but at the back they were completely naked. I heard water pouring into the bathtub. I didn’t understand for myself, I took a couple of steps towards the girl, coming up from behind, and she suddenly moved back. Our bodies pressed against each other. My hands instinctively laid on her shirt in the area of her breasts, and I felt her nipples harden in an instant. Oksana, continuing to hold the knife in her hand, rested against the surface of the table, but pressed her back to me. Her head rested on the back of my shoulder. And my lips were already exploring her neck, shoulders, upper back. Oksana just melted from my caresses, and I continued to kiss and kiss her, listening to the sounds of the water from the bath. My cock stood up treacherously and protruding a towel, rested Oksana in the ass. But she did not recoil, but only rubbed her buttocks on the head. She lowered the knife and put her hand behind her back, feeling for my cock. – Wow! – suddenly escaped her lips. – she abruptly removed her head from my shoulder, opened her eyes, turned. Covering her mouth with her other hand, she said: – What a handsome man! Let me kiss you. And she sat down sharply. I stood fascinated, looking at how Oksana slightly masturbated a member in front of her eyes, took it in her mouth and began to suck hard. She lifted her eyes up, looking into mine. The girl did a very nice blowjob, so I quickly finished in her mouth. She licked her lips while still looking at me. I stood, looked into her devoted eyes and enjoyed after orgasm, listening to the sounds of water. Suddenly Oksana’s gaze shifted to the kitchen entrance. And at the same moment, I heard clapping hands. – Well done! – It was Roman who was clapping, standing in a bathrobe in the doorway and looking at us smiling. The noise of water from the bathroom made me realize that I had read something. I instantly blushed, burning with shame in front of the landlord and imagined how I would get hit on the head, because he is clearly stronger than me. But instead, Roman came up to us, took me by the shoulder with one hand, the other by the shoulder of Oksana, who stood up, and squeezed our sides. – Well done! he repeated. Then turning to me: – Do not worry. Everything is OK. Sit down, we’ll eat, and I’ll tell you something. Depressed, I quickly swallowed the omelet, washed it down with juice, and at this time Roman told me that he was no longer so strong in men’s affairs and he was not worth it because of an overdose of some kind of “kachkov” drug, but he loves his wife very much and wants some male to spend time with her sometimes, pleasing her female lusts. In addition, a fantasy has long been creeping into his head as he spies on sex, where someone, and not he, is fucking Oksana. We realized that you are a cool guy, serious (he nodded at my dick), so we decided that you can please Ksanka, – Roman looked at his wife lovingly. In response, she kissed him on the cheek. Roman continued: – I hope you rested? Now we will go to a large room. With these words, he took us by the hands and led us. Entering it, Roman directed us to sit on the sofa, and he sat down opposite, about two meters away, in an armchair. Oksana and I didn’t even know how to react at first. We just sat next to each other. I put my arms around her shoulders. For a few seconds we sat like schoolchildren before the first kiss. Then I put my hand on her thigh, ran over it towards the crotch. Oksana turned, wrapped her arms around my neck and we began kissing passionately, pushing our tongues into each other’s mouth, sucking on them. I pressed the girl closer to me, moved my hand from my thigh to her chest, stroking her and sometimes squeezing her swollen nipples. From such caresses Oksana only sucked my mouth harder, got up. My hand unbuttoned the buttons of her shirt, once again squeezed her breasts, twisted her nipples and slid down. It turns out that all this time she was without panties. When I covered her crotch with my palm, she only spread her legs wider. Her lips and clitoris were already aroused and swollen. They flowed so hard that the palm got wet instantly. I abruptly flew off the couch, positioned myself between her legs, and began to lick her pussy lips and suck her clitoris with my tongue. She dragged herself very much from this, moaning loudly, and writhing, despite the presence of her husband, who was staring at us. Roman parted the flaps of his robe and tried to jerk his cock. But so far these attempts were in vain, which, however, did not upset him, as he just wanted to see his wife being fucked. My penis was staked. The towel was thrown off, Oksana’s legs were thrown onto her shoulders. I slowly enter it with a member. I begin to slowly fuck the landlady, and she, groaning and holding on to her breasts, moan. I accelerated everything and accelerated the pace, Oksana sighed louder and louder, her feet rubbed against my shoulders, Roman pulled his pussy faster and faster. I lifted Oksana up, put her crustacean on the sofa. She rested her breasts on the back of the sofa, spread her legs wide apart, and I began to fuck her from behind, standing with one foot on the sofa, the other on the floor. Turning around for a second, I saw Roman’s admiring gesture and continued to fuck his wife. Everything between her legs was flowing strongly and a member rhythmically entered her, emitting a sigh with each push. But even in this position, after a couple of minutes I got tired. So I sat down on the sofa with my booty, and planted Oksana on a member, facing me. She hugged me with her hips, which I began to stroke, she offered me her nipples for kissing, she stroked her whole body with her palms. And squatting on my dick, fucking with me. I helped her by grabbing her buttocks and lifting her to rise. While I was holding her ass, I suddenly touched the entrance to her ass with my finger. Everything was wet there, so when I pressed, my finger easily penetrated the girl’s ass. A moan of pleasure and slight pain came from Oksana’s ajar mouth. And I began to fuck her with a penis and a finger. About a minute of fucking and the girl, froze for seconds, began to shake in convulsions of orgasm. She was shaking, strongly pressing her nipples to my hairy chest, rubbing them against her, claws slightly scratching my skin. When she finished, Oksana lay flat on me. Resting, she gently hugged me, I stroked her back, kissed her shoulder. The standing member remained in it, and I did not want to get my finger out of the ass. For about a minute we lay motionless. You could only hear how Roman rubs his penis. Suddenly, right above my ear, I heard Oksana’s faint whisper: – Fuck me in the ass. I had no choice but to help her stand up, turn her back on me. Oksana, standing with her feet on the couch and holding my penis with her palm, sent it into her ass, sitting down. I pulled her hips down sharply and she planted on him, to the full length. Scream. He raises his palms, squeezes his breasts with them, to divert the thought of pain in the ass. I slapped her lightly. And he began to slowly raise and lower on his penis. She moans and groans. Now more from the high than from the pain. I glance over at Roman. And again, in response, an approving gesture and a smile. While my penis is in Oksana’s ass, she lowers her hand and begins to rub her clitoris and labia with her palm. And I keep pushing a member in her ass. Several thrusts and she abruptly falls back on me and begins to shake. I am finishing too. I finish violently, pouring into her ass. Again for a minute we lie quietly, the two of us lightly stroking her limp body. She turns and tries to kiss me. A bit inconvenient. And then she remembers her husband. A sharp look at him. And he gets up and comes up to us. Sits between the legs. Leans over. Kisses her husband on the tummy. Turns to her: – It was lovely! Are you okay, my dear? – Yes. Very. Did you really like the way I get fucked, honey? she asks slightly embarrassed. – Sure. I really enjoyed watching. I so wanted to join you. But how can I help you? – AND? – Oksana conspiratorially looked at me, then at her husband. (she was embarrassed) – Maybe you ..? – Speak more boldly. Any fantasy. – Then maybe you can lick my ass after Yura’s sperm? – And Oksana, embarrassed, pointed down. – ABOUT! How cool you came up with! Sure. Roman bent down, ran his tongue a couple of times over his wife’s labia, over her clitoris. Then I lifted. Oksana for the ass. My limp cock popped out of her ass. My semen started to flow out of her. But Roman immediately put his mouth to the hole and began to lick and suck the viscous liquid flowing from it. – God. So glad! – said Oksana. – Push. Get out of yourself, love. The wife tensed and another portion of sperm flowed out of her, onto the protruding tongue of her husband. Again he gently licked everything for her. We sat quietly on the sofa for a while. Talked. Oksana continued to sit on my knees, hugging my neck. The novel showed us how his penis swelled from what he saw and said that, according to his assumption, after several such sessions of psychotherapy he would be able to join us in an active role. After sitting like this for thirty minutes, Roman offered to visit the bath again. We agreed. Oksana tried to get up from me, but I stopped her and carried her to the bath in my arms, which caused her extra delight. He took it, put it in the bath, climbed in. And she again wraps her arms around her neck. Well, how can you not kiss such a charm? Of course, he pressed her by the waist and ass to him, passionately kissed her with his tongues. We are so absorbed that we do not notice Roman who comes in after us with a bunch of towels. We don’t even notice how he turned on the shower and started pouring water on us. He got us wet. But we continued to kiss. Then he ran both hands over Ksankina and my priest. I did not expect this and recoiled a little from his wife. And Roman needed it. When Oksana and I looked inquiringly at Roma, he just reached out to my penis and clasped his trunk with his palm. He began to jerk off an almost arose member. I tried to move away, but Oksana’s hand, placed on my ass, explained that I should not be afraid. After masturbating me a little, Roman bent down and took a member in his mouth. He began to suck on it, stroke the scrotum, rolling my testicles. He sucked very hard, not like girls. I liked it and I began to calm down. Oksana, seeing that I had calmed down, took me by the chin, turned to her and again dug into me with a kiss. I dropped my hand to her crotch. The girl was flowing again. So I quickly turned her back to me and pushed her against the wall. She lifted her ass, and I immediately drove a member into her vagina, which had already released her husband’s mouth from his embrace. I started to intensively fuck Oksana. Oh, she, pressed her cheek and breasts to the wall of the bathroom, moaned and tried to scratch the smooth tiles. The cold surface of the wall and my hot cock quickly brought the girl to orgasm. But this time she didn’t finish that long. As soon as I pulled my cock out of her, she immediately fell to the bottom of the bath. But I had not finished yet, so I sharply thrust my cock into her mouth. Roman, who was standing next to him and stroking his wife while I fucked her, began to jerk off a member sticking out of her mouth. And the second time I finished that day in Oksana’s mouth with special pleasure. Having completely emptied the balls, I filled her mouth with a lot of sperm, which she was not going to swallow. Roman, lifting his wife by the waist, pulling her out of the bathtub and holding her over him, opened his mouth in front of her, where Oksana threw out my sperm. Then they hugged each other and kissed long. They kissed for a long time. I got out of the bath and sitting on the edge of it, wiped myself off with a towel. For some time there was no strength to move. Came out. They followed me out, holding hands. I had to get ready for work. Already on the threshold, saying goodbye, Oksana clung to me, gently kissed me on the lips and whispered with a happy face: – You must come to the park tomorrow morning. Let’s run. – I hope that tomorrow you will not have water in the tap, – Roman, held out a strong hand to me. – Yeah. I hope too. – I hissed …

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