Graphite blonde in the laboratory of the future

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This incident happened to me in the summer. Then there was an abnormal heat. It was +37 on the street. I was 20 then. And I drove from my girlfriend to my home. The clock was 19:00. And the minibuses were packed to capacity. I missed 2 minibuses. It was just not realistic to cram into them. But still you need to go home. And I decided to squeeze into the third minibus. I barely pushed myself into the center of the minibus. After all, I had to go to the very dead end. And then I felt someone’s hand on my buttocks. I immediately turned around and saw a smiling woman. – Oh sorry. I said nothing. The woman was in a beautiful short dress. And it was clear that she was coming from some kind of holiday. Apparently she was a little drunk. She looked about 32-35 years old. Slim brunette with a beautiful figure. I pretended nothing happened. And after a minute I felt her hand squeeze my buttocks again. It pissed me off a lot, but at the same time it started to turn me on. I was in shorts and my dick began to rise. I didn’t know what to do, because a man was standing in front of me. I can imagine what it would be like if my cock rested against his leg. I quickly turned around to face this woman. She smiled. And she pretended that nothing had happened. My cock rested against her stomach. And so I have never been excited. Around a bunch of people and my dick rests on the tummy of a beautiful woman. I could not restrain myself and ran my hand along her leg and put my hand under her skirt. This clearly the woman did not expect. Her face immediately changed. She very quietly said: – Don’t. I continued without saying anything. I felt with my hand her panties, or rather a strip of fabric cut into the ass. And pushed them back a little. I started stroking her pussy with my hand. The woman got wet instantly. Everyone stood around and no one could see anything because of the number of people in the minibus. I began to drive my finger into her wet hole. I looked the woman in the face. Her eyes closed and she bit her lower lip. And then people started pushing to the exit. But I never pulled out my hand. The two of us were pushed to the end of the minibus. I was already fucking her girl with my finger. The woman was breathing loudly. It’s good at least that the minibus made a loud hole and no one heard it. And then the woman said: – I need to get out. I didn’t want to lose this chance. – Can I go out with you? The woman nodded. And I took my hand out from under her skirt. When we went out the woman said: – There is my house. Only my husband is at home. Let’s go to the next entrance. I agreed to everything. We entered the entrance and went up between the seventh and eighth floors. I pushed her against the wall and pulled up her dress. – I felt so good in the minibus. the woman said. I already pulled off her thong. And took his dick out of his shorts. I lifted her leg a little and pushed the penis into her wet hole. The woman groaned. The echo from her moans was on the entire entrance. And I started kissing the woman so that no moans could be heard. I fucked her faster and faster. The woman interrupted me for a second. – Just don’t cum inside me. And I continued. I touched her ass, squeezed her buttocks. And he decided to put his finger in her ass. The woman did not resist. And I started finger fucking her ass. I broke the kiss and asked. – Will you give it to the ass? – Yes. And I raised the woman in my arms. She wrapped her legs around my waist. I put a member to her ass and the woman herself planted on it. – Ayy, how good. Fuck my ass. I again began to kiss her lips while pulling her ass. With every thrust I gave, the woman bit my lips. It was terribly cramped in the ass and for a long time I could not. – I’ll finish now. – Cum in the ass. And I increased the pace, began to cum inside. Then I lowered the woman to the floor. Semen was leaking from her ass. – Kitty, it was super. – Yes. I liked it too. – My husband works tomorrow night. Do you want to come to me? – With pleasure. After that case. I fucked this woman for another half a year. Until he got married.

Author: rendteam