Here they are what women of the future

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Anton finally coped with the key and opened the door to the room. They entered. – How cozy it is! – Svetlana stopped – so that Anton lightly collided with her from behind. He immediately hugged her from behind and gently took her breasts with his right hand. Sveta felt Anton’s tense member with her body and froze in anticipation of the continuation … – Well, can I help you undress? – How, just like that? – maybe we’ll have some wine – standing on the table. – I read reviews on the site – the wine is cheap … – Well, then it will be easier to communicate, – Sveta laughed invitingly. – Is it difficult for you to communicate with me? – Well, I have never been so close – Svetlana giggled again – – Let’s undress and drink naked! – No, it’s better to have a drink first, and then we’ll undress, you yourself say that it’s easier this way. They took off their shoes, Svetlana went to the bathroom to wash her hands, while Anton opened a bottle of Moldovan wine on the serving table. The wine was quickly poured into glasses and drank “for a chance meeting”, after the onset of a state of light dizziness, they decided to arrange a joint entry into the bathroom. We decided that they would turn off the light and stay in the dark. Anton closed the door – the darkness was complete. Svetlana was breathing rapidly next to her and judging by the rustling and fussing, she quickly undressed. Trying not to push her accidentally in the dark, Anton took off his T-shirt and jeans, quickly, as far as the rebellious member allowed, took off his panties. The firm little hand of an experienced woman immediately seized the penis. Anton stretched out his hands, felt and began to gently squeeze Svetlana’s swollen chest. Sveta often breathed, and pressed her small hot body to Anton, wrapping her arms around his neck. His penis rested against the pubis, Svetlana felt the edge of the bathtub and put her foot on it. Her vagina opened, and Anton entered, although not deeply. Sveta moved her hips, pressed closer to Anton, whispering to him, “my gentle, gentle – come into me, go deeper …”. Then Anton carefully lifted her by the buttocks and sat down on the edge of the tub. His penis has already penetrated deep into the vagina, the lovers rested against the walls of the bath and began to move vigorously. Svetlana pulled back and now only her nipples slightly touched Anton’s chest in time with the movement. They finished quickly, Sveta groaned and fell relaxed on the gentleman’s chest. – So quickly … – Well, we are together for the first time – we have to “get used to” each other … – Well, yes, just get used to it, Svetlana giggled nervously. – Are you fast with your husband too? – We haven’t fucked for ten years now – and there is no possibility and there is no desire either … – And Lyudmila and I systematically … We close the door and window to the room so that the little ones would not hear and fuck for an hour or two. – Wow! Aren’t you lying? With me, you somehow succeeded … – Your vagina is hot – just red-hot, it is clear that you have not done this for a long time. Do you masturbate? – And you? – I – systematically. I open porn sites and sit jerk off – usually when no one is at home, or they are sitting deafly in their room. – This is bad – it would be better to fuck his wife. – It doesn’t always work when you want … – And often you want? – Is always! Svetlana laughed. – Well, come on again then? – Come on, I can only ask you – take it in your mouth first so that he gets up … Svetlana went down to the floor, sat down on the shaggy bath mat, carefully, with two fingers, took the drooping oud, bared her head and kissed it. Then she took the scrotum with her left hand, and with her right hand, slightly podrachivaya, began to suck the male. He stroked her fluffy hair, then bent down slightly and picked up her drooping breasts. The member quickly came “into a firing position” and Anton suggested moving into the bedroom, since there were much more opportunities to diversify the ways of love. The partner, at first he was a little “kobenilas” ashamed of her middle-aged, although slender and harmonious body. She was already forty-eight and her once elastic and bulging breasts – alas – drooped helplessly when her mistress took off her bra. Her partner was also no longer young – over fifty – but there was no belly (although there were no “cubes” either), and all male dignity was still with him. The light in the room was still extinguished, setting up semi-darkness. After drinking more wine, they lay down. At first, they simply lay next to each other, softly caressing each other’s genitals, then, by mutual agreement, they took the pose of a horsewoman. The member entered easily into a heated vagina, Svetlana rode on a partner leaning back and her chest, strained with excitement, flew to the beat. This time she finished alone and groaned pressed against Anton. – Why didn’t you finish? – I cannot recover so quickly … and what confuses you? – Yes, in general, nothing … I just have a stronger orgasm when sperm ejaculates … – But now I can hold out longer. Roll over? – We turn over! Anton took Sveta’s hips “on the elbows” and quickly and freely began to work with his pelvis. Svetlana was moaning all the time. The member was like steel, and the woman’s labia were glowing with red-hot magma … Soon there was a volcanic eruption … Anton, exhausted, fell down next to his mistress and closed his eyes. – Do not sleep! We do not have time for this … A small demanding hand energetically took up the “root of pleasure” and began to rub it with her fingers. Anton grinned and stuck his right hand between Svetlana’s legs. With two fingers – the index and middle, he penetrated the vagina and began to caress the woman, while stroking the clitoris. Sveta groaned again and twisted herself. – Want more? – Can I come into your ass? – You can, but first in the back of the vagina! Svetlana turned, Anton settled down behind and, not listening, began to carefully introduce a member into the partner’s anus. – Anton! – I am a little … I am gentle. The anal ring has already grabbed the slippery penis and the partner carefully began to fuck in the ass … Svetlana, indignant at first, began to patiently “podmahavat” – she did not hurt – just not accustomed. The anal act did not satisfy anyone, and Anton soon left “out of the gate” and entered “another door”. Having experienced several orgasms, the partners were already more patient with each other and the contact turned out to be long, very long … The orgasm also turned out to be long and comprehensive – the lovers experienced it almost simultaneously …

Author: rendteam