Mutant in an old suit wants to fuck his mechanic

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I’ll tell you a story that happened to me recently, and which I still don’t know how to evaluate. I am 30, my wife is 27. We have been living together for over 5 years. But the story is not about his wife, but about her sister, Svetlana, 35 years old, a little plump, with big breasts and ass, cheerful, with whom we have always had a good relationship. About two years ago, Sveta began to have disagreements with her husband. Kolyan started drinking, he had problems at work, he worked as an ambulance driver – he was laid off, he went as a security guard, a lot of work. He is on duty two-in-two, he comes home to drink and sleep. In short, mine said that scandals did not stop with them, the matter was going to divorce, Svetka secretly whispered to her that they had not had sex for a year and a half. After the last family gathering at Svetka’s house, my wife got into the car, and I forgot my bag with license plates in the house, and went in, and there Svetulek cleans up the dishes after the holiday. – Sveta, we went – I say. – Come on, good luck, when you get there, call me – and hugs me goodbye, and somehow does not let go for a long time, she pressed her chest against me, got up, she felt, blushed and let go. – We’ll type, no question – muttered, and into the car. A week later, Katya, his wife, asks Sveta to come to work, the documents need to be picked up. Svetka is a nurse, she works at the trauma center. Okay, I say, only I will be free by 20:00, and Svetka works until 19:00. – Nothing, she will wait for you – says the wife. I drove up to the trauma center, went in, only the light in the reception was on. I see Svetlana stretched out on her toes, trying to shove the card onto the top shelf, with her back to me, and a short robe, lifted up, a little more and panties seem to me, she can’t hear me. The thighs are plump, but without cellulite, tanned, juicy. Well, everything started to smoke. I walk up quietly from behind, hug, and in a terrible whisper, “Everyone to stay in their places is rape!” Svetka screamed, then “Ugh, you fool, Sanya, scared”, jerked, my hand, which was on her shoulder, somehow lay on her chest, and the other I hold her around the waist. “Let go” – I won’t let go – I say, and suddenly something came over me, I begin to press her to the windowsill, and my hand jumped inside the robe, caressing her chest. – Sasha, let go, what are you doing! – He says hoarsely, but does not break free, and begins to slowly cuddle up with my ass. I can’t tear myself away from her breasts, I caress, nipple, fidget and at this moment, I start kissing the neck and earlobe. – Sasha stop, Sasha, if Katka finds out? “He won’t learn from me and from you too,” I say, but there’s no one else. She breathed, does not escape, it is clear that she wants. It seems that it does not show initiative, but it doesn’t say “no” either, it rubs its back more and more. And my dick in my pants is already up, rests between her buttocks. I run my other hand under her robe, reach her panties, and crawl under the elastic. – Spread your legs wider. – Sasha, please. – Spread your legs! – I already speak harshly. With two hands, he rests on the windowsill and spreads his legs. To make everything clear to her, I lower my panties to my knees, pull up my robe. I pass my finger over the labia – everything is wet, I push it apart and dive into the vagina with two fingers, and then even start the boat, it pours out of it so that it almost drips onto the floor. Fingers began to massage the clitoris, at first gently, then faster and faster, Sveta hastily lowered her panties from one leg, took off her legs, bent down and spread her ass wider with her hands. I see her legs began to shake, then I insert two fingers into the vagina, and begin to gently fuck her with my fingers. – Sashaaa, Sashaaaa, – she begins to howl softly. I unfold it towards me, press on the shoulders. She sits down, her mouth at the level of my groin. – Take it into your mouth! – I order. She hastily unbuckles the belt, zipper on the jeans, pulls them down and takes out a member. I spread my legs, she eagerly swallows a member, chokes, swallows again. – Do not forget about the eggs, – she begins to lick the eggs, wraps her lips around them, sucks each testicle in turn. I put my hand in her penis in her mouth again, start to move her pelvis, she adjusts to my movements, I put one hand on the back of her head, the other under her chin and start fucking openly in her mouth. – Caress yourself, – I wheeze to her. Sveta squatting starts to caress her clitoris, she is uncomfortable, sits down on her knees and continues to suck and jerk off. At some point, I thrust her penis deep into her mouth, she gags, I take it out sharply, I let her clear her throat, and I thrust it in again. I feel that it begins to approach me, I lift it with a jerk from the floor, again put it on the windowsill, plant my dick and begin to violently tear it up. In a minute, I slow down, the windowsill is high, uncomfortable. Near a table, a worker. I unfold Svetka and put it on the table, now her ass is at the level of my penis, I plant it again. Sveta, groans, goes to howl, her legs begin to shake, stomach, finishes, vagina mumbles. At this moment I see a large mirror right in front of the table, where the girls from the emergency room preen before leaving home, take her by the hair and lift her head so that she can see in the mirror how I fuck her from behind. Her face is red, her mouth is twisted, she no longer moans, but simply screams and ends, her knees are bent, I grab her under her stomach, I hold her hair with my other hand, not letting her head down, she practically lies on the table, her legs are powerless corrupted, I give her a minute to recover. I unfold it and again force me to sit on my knees. – You will now open your mouth and swallow everything I give, to the last drop, – she nods, fog in her eyes. Kneeling in a raised robe, she opens her mouth wide, I put my penis in her mouth, I start moving my pelvis, and after just 40 seconds, I finish abundantly in her mouth. She swallows hastily, but does not have time, she starts to run down her chin, pull out the penis, collect the remains on the chin and put it in her mouth again so that she licks it clean. I pull out the limp member, Sveta sits down on the floor without strength and leans back against the wall, sit down next to me. – I had never been fucked so hard before, I didn’t know what it turns out to be like it when they tear me off as a whore. Mine’s absolutely useless in this case, ”she mutters. – Contact. I get up, button up my jeans, give Svetka the lost panties. – Let’s put yourself in order, I’m waiting in the car, I’ll give you a lift home. I go out, light a cigarette, I think that I will come here again, Svetka will need to print out her ass. But not all at once.

Author: rendteam