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Each person has a photo album. This is a whole story in the photo. My wife Zhenya also has such an album. I recently learned that this is a treasure trove of sexual stories. By chance. Therefore, I will tell the stories, breaking the chronology. This is a photo when Zhenechka was an assistant teacher in a summer camp by the sea. The second story. Smiling Zhenechka among her detachment, next to … the hero of the story Borka. Zhenya came running from the institute and happily declared from the doorway: – Lenka agreed, we are going to the camp for two shifts. Yes, for the second year now, my 21-year-old wife goes to the camp to the sea to work. After all, this is rest, housing and feeding for free, and there will be time to swim and relax. A lover of singing and dancing, Zhenechka immediately singled out Borka in her squad, a joker who skillfully played the guitar and a lover to sing, having gathered around the girls. He was a strong 18-year-old boy whom his parents (I must say, not only him) managed to get into a camp. In the evenings, they prepared the number for the concert. – Enough to sit Zhenya went to swim, said Lenka entering the room where they rehearsed with Borka. – And I can go with you – Borka was impudently asking. – The pioneers are asleep, Lenka dismissed him. – Come on, Lenka, let’s take him with us, Zhenechka intervened. It was already dark and the trio went unnoticed to a secluded place where the girlfriends bathed in the evenings away from prying eyes. – Oops! Zhenya, we are without swimsuits, but today you brought – and she nodded towards Borka. – It is possible and a naked man in the moonlit path – he brazenly said, expecting their reaction. – Maybe show-parried Lenka. Zhenya silently pulled off her T-shirt, revealing full tight breasts. Lenka followed her example. The kid stared in amazement at their bare breasts, untouched by a tan. Under the shorts Borka began to reckon with a mound of flesh, abruptly tore off his shorts, he rushed into the sea, flickering his white ass. – Problem solved – Lenka laughed, pulling off her skirt and panties. Zhenya threw herself into the cool water and quickly swam from the shore with confident swings, she loved to swim enjoying solitude. Lenka swam in shallow water near the coast. When Zhenya had swum a lot and turned to the shore, she saw that Borka and Lenka were kissing while standing at the water’s edge. Borka’s right hand fumbled between her legs in a businesslike manner. Hearing the splash of water from a floating friend, she pushed Borka aside and shouted to Zhenya: – I’m on duty in the detachment today, let’s go! – No, I will swim and send Borka to the corps. – Okay, as you want, I ran. Lenka quickly dressed and disappeared on the path among the trees. Borka turned to Zhenya emerging from the water and … A thick, long, reared penis with a red head protruding from a thick bush of reddish hair opened up to her gaze. A fire broke out in Zhenya’s lower abdomen, a week of abstinence did its job, she took a step and there was tight hot flesh in her fingers. – You kissed Lenka, but will you try with me? – Not only, she gives to fuck, and you always turn up your nose. – And you her … – Zhenechka was surprised, also my friend and when she has time. – Anton does not fuck her, I thought to try it today. – Do you want me, do you like me? – You ask, I would not get off you. Guys tell you only your husband fucks, and Lenka is half of our squad. Zhenya sighed, dropped to her knees and eagerly dug her lips into the head of the penis, slowly immersing it in her mouth. Borka made a movement with his pelvis and met no objection, put his hands on Zhenya’s head, began to put her mouth on the penis, all accelerating and accelerating the frictions. She felt the swollen veins under the skin of the penis slide over her lips and a hot wave descended down into the vagina, it became wet between her legs. – I’ll cum in your mouth now, you turned me on like that, he said. – No no! Stuck in your pussy, you have such a big one my husband has less. I want to feel in myself. But Borka no longer heard and was not going to stop, straining, pouring out a thick abundant stream of sperm into her mouth. Pulling the still protruding member out of Zhenya’s mouth, Borka put her on all fours and drove him into a wide open vagina. – Now it will be in the pussy, you have it wet, like you have been fucked all evening, he laughed, roughly driving a member into the hot depth of the vagina, roughly and sharply moving it in Zhenechka. Unaccustomed to such sex, she was surprised to feel the approach of orgasm and finished acutely, violently with a loud moan. Rising from her knees, Zhenechka thought that she had never finished like this and did not scream when she finished. -Let’s go to your room, Lenka is on duty, you can fuck lo in the morning, Borka suggested to Zhenechka, who was stunned by the experience. Picking up tight panties from the sand, she put on a skirt and they went to the camp. When a couple passed the administrative building … – Evgenia! -Called her director of the camp Anatoly Alekseevich-Now at 12 o’clock you have to look after the guys, and wander … Come to me, the camp is sleeping, the street is not for talking, and you are Boris too. Strangely, Borka was not at all taken aback, on the contrary, a grin appeared on his face. The director went not to the office, as Zhenechka expected, but to his room. – What do you want to do with you, do not work, but swim, sunbathe, began Anatoly Alekseevich. – Yes, look what a tan Borka, who was standing next to him, brazenly lifted her skirt, revealing Zhenya’s ass with a white intact tan strip from panties. – You Borka was stunned !!! – she was indignant and realized that the director and Borka … The heat suddenly slowly crept down the belly. – Well done, and then our unkissed Zhenechka … – she heard, Anatoly Alekseevich pulled off her T-shirt – And what tits! – She has a pussy like a virgin, said Borka. – So you already … He squeezed elastic balls of breasts and pressed Zhenya to him, hot lips dug into her mouth, kissing passionately and skillfully. Borka pulled the skirt and panties down behind her. Zhenya was squeezed by four hands. Borkin’s finger slid along the clitoris, slowly penetrating into the opening labia. Anatoly Alekseevich lowered the naked Zhenechka onto the plaintively skipped bed and, kneeling down, spread her legs apart. He began to kiss his neatly shaved pubis with a narrow strip of hair, slowly descending to the clitoris. Carefully opening his lips, he ran his tongue over them, the tongue slid over the tender flesh, forcing her whole body to shudder with excitement. In front of Zhenya’s eyes, Borka’s reared member swung, which sat on her chest and pressed it to Zhenya’s lips. When the director got up, Zhenechka pushed the impudent Borka away. He had already pulled off his clothes, Anatoly Alekseevich’s penis was thick, fleshy with a sharp head, his size amazed Zhenya. She leaned forward and took the slowly hardening flesh with her lips, first ran her lips over the delicate flesh of the head, carefully and deeply swallowing it, feeling the veins running under the skin. Borka came up from the side and began to shove the second member into her mouth and they both fit sliding on their lips. “I can’t, I want to !!!”, growling like a wild boar, Anatoly Alekseevich, knocking her over on his back, fell on her, hastily driving his weapon over Zhenya’s pussy, sharply and roughly circling into tender pliable flesh. A member roughly walked in her with a chomping sound, bursting with the girl’s tender insides. Don’t bother !!! – he croaked when Borka tried to fit into her mouth. The bed creaked pitifully under their bodies, the pace quickening and quickening. Finally, a tight stream of alien sperm poured into her and flowed down the lips, squeezed out by a thick member. Anatoly Alekseevich muttered something unintentionally separately, fell on the bed, looking with a smile as Borka almost jumped into his place, threw Zhenya’s legs onto his shoulders and drove his rearing stallion into the wet, sperm-dripping vagina of his rearing stallion. Puffing heavily, he moved his white ass back and forth, pushing Zhenya onto his penis. Suddenly Anatoly Alekseevich got up and began to stroke the ass … Borka froze for a second, but then continued to fuck her. The director pressed back to Borka and he froze without interfering with him and suddenly his penis in Zhenya tensed. She understood the director’s member in Borka’s ass, who was fucking her, and his Anatoly Alekseevich. With excitement, she moaned ending with a stoma and shuddering all over. Borka began to cum inside her. Zhenya got out from under Borka in the priest, whose member was moving. They sniffled and moaned. But Anatoly Alekseevich is not going to pour sperm into Borka, he preferred Zhenechka’s pussy. Lying on the bed, he roughly planted her on the penis, being on horseback she began to bounce on it. – Borka her ass is yours, cream near the bed. Zhenya felt like a finger greased with slippery cream slipped along her anus, massaging and penetrating her ass. – No, no, just not in the ass, she asked jumping on a member of Anatoly Alekseevich. But then a member pressed against her anus, she moaned with instant pain, but he slipped into her at first with his head and finally entered the full length. Separated by a thin septum of the perineum, they moved in it, giving even greater acuteness. The creaking bed seemed now to fall apart under their bodies. This time they ended up together. In that photo there is no Anatoly Alekseevich, but Lenka’s girlfriend told me everything about Zhenya who sleeps only with her husband.

Author: rendteam