Robot annihilator assfucks a surviving girl

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I always wanted to become a sex slave, but I didn’t know what to do to get what I wanted. After leaving school, I tried to go to college, but failed in the exams and decided to go to conquer the capital. For two months after arriving in Moscow, I worked as a waitress in a diner, but this occupation did not bring either pleasure or much money. Once on the Internet I came across an ad: A girl who loves rough sex is invited to work. I called the indicated number. I was offered a job and told that if I am ready for EVERYTHING, then they are waiting for me. I don’t know why, but … I went. I understood that this was prostitution, but I really wanted rough sex. I carefully prepared for my new job: I shaved my pussy and did not put on underwear. I arrived at the indicated address – to a cottage outside Moscow. A fat, flabby man met me in the hall and told me to follow him. We went into the office. He ordered to undress and spread her legs. He walked around me in circles, pawing and studying as if I were not human at all. – Have you ever been fucked in the ass? – No never. – You still have everything ahead of you. He sprawled in the chair, unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his limp cock. – Get on your knees and crawl here, you will suck. I crawled up to him and diligently began to suck him off, otherwise he would not accept him for work. Then he got up, pushed me against the wall and began to fuck in the mouth with all the foolishness, I thought that I would suffocate, but finally, he finished and kicked me off. – Now you will be taken to your room. You will live here. To carry out all orders, understand? – Yes understood. – Call me master. And you suck well. And you are an obedient whore. Let’s work together. I was taken to a small room. A hook hung over the head of the bed. And there were a lot of iron pieces here. The man who brought me ordered me to lie down. He attached his hands to the hook, and spread his legs and tied them to the poles next to the bed. Then he closed the door and left. A few minutes later, a naked man entered, lay down on top and entered me strongly and roughly. He fucked me for ages. His cock was big, and it was very painful. When he finished, he came out of me and brushed the rest of the sperm on my face. Immediately after him another came in. So in a row I got fucked by eighteen or eighteen men. Honestly, by the end I had lost count. I was in a semi-conscious state. A man came in and brought me into the room, apparently a servant – he was in uniform, untied and took me to the shower. I was fed and immediately taken to a large room there were three men sitting and talking. When I entered the room, one ordered me to bend over the table. – Was she fucked in the ass? – No, but we’ll fix it. – Let’s flog it first. – Rods? – No, I want her to be unbearably hurt. Better with a whip. My hands were tied. And they immediately began to beat. The pain was hellish, I screamed so loudly that they decided to put a gag in my mouth. When I was whipped, my ass was on fire, and I couldn’t even touch it. One of the men came up and put two fingers in my pussy. – Look, they beat her, but she all flows. The whore is immediately visible. My hands were untied. – Spread the buttocks. I followed the order, and immediately a fat dick rested against my anus. – Maybe with grease? – Will do. Let him endure. And my cock will crawl everywhere. This pain seemed to me even stronger than from the lash. I cried and prayed that it would stop. When he all entered, he began to fuck me with all his might. Everything seemed to be torn apart there. When he finished, the next took his place. They fucked me in circles for a long time. Moving from one hole to another. When they had no strength left, they brought in another girl. She was ordered to lie down on the sofa and spread her legs, and I was ordered to lick her slit. It was a shock for me, but there was no choice, and I stuck my tongue into her pussy. One of the men came up from behind and put the dick in the ass again. When I completely licked the girl, another man ordered to lick his anus. That one had a nasty taste. Then another man entered the room. And he immediately untied his robe. He had a huge cock as thick as two of my not skinny wrists. – Come on, spread your ass, they will fuck you again. I crawled to the table and stood up and bent over. He fucked me in the ass with his monster for twenty minutes. Then the girl started to lick my cunt. When he finished, I lost consciousness. I woke up on the carpet and saw a terrible picture. Four men whip a poor girl. She roars with a gag in her mouth. – She woke up. Let’s fuck her. Two remained to whip their victim. Others came up to me. One lay down on the carpet. I sat on top of him. And the second, the one with a huge penis, again drove it into my ass. They simultaneously began to enter me. – Well, spread your pussy so that I can see. And then I experienced the strongest orgasm. I have never had this. They mocked me for another two hours. Then one of them took me to a room. He also tied his arms and legs. Then he climbed on me and fucked me well. Leaving, he ran his hand over my pussy and said: – Nothing will get used to it. These are still flowers. It will be more interesting further.

Author: rendteam