Robot attacked the naked guard

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We had known Jana a long time ago. From time to time we saw each other in the same club and crossed paths in the cinema. She was 6-7 years younger than me, she was a first-year student of my university at my faculty, and sometimes asked for help or just advice. That day I came to the club too early. The room was almost empty, I didn’t know any visitors, so I took my coffee from the bar counter and sat down near the bookshelves, thinking about what to read. It was necessary to pass the time. I promised long ago to show you where and with whom I usually spend weekends, and in an hour you should be here. – Hello. – Jana’s voice sounded unexpectedly. Nobody here ever asks if it is possible to sit near her. It is possible a priori. We talked. Common interests, common acquaintances. You appeared in the hall in the midst of our argument about cinema. “The White Crow” – rushed through my head. Even in jeans and a sweater, you were not molded to these walls or to these people. The only thing that connected you now with this environment was a motorcade of two young and cute – me and the Yankees. All men your age come here with girls and younger than us. Usually girls look into the mouth and pay attention, and their gentlewoman in the ear of a newcomer tells us which one of them he had already slept with. I went to get you some coffee. When I came back, you and Yanka were already discussing the latest fashion director’s film. I sat down next to him in silence and started to watch. Janka threw back her red hair, played with her fingertips with an earring in her ear, then accidentally touched your hand, then smiled, looking into your eyes, then embarrassed and then stirred her coffee with a spoon. She did not drink it anymore, having forgotten about everything, except that a man, even if he is a stranger, sits on the opposite side. This game and amused me, and angry – I was jealous. If you looked like someone from “our”, she would not have clung to you. But you were different, and the energy of the Man was coming from you. – Well, shall we go? – You asked this question to me, but Jan answered it. – Let’s go! – she agreed and smiled merrily. – Let’s go! – Well, if you want so, girl, we will spend this evening the three of us. Jana sat next to you in the front seat, claiming your rights in such a clever way. Well, let it be that way. – Where are you going? – I never understood if you were sincere then or if you asked this question for proforma. – Same place as you – Yanka was still having fun. – All right, let’s go. – I agreed. Play so play! I took out a bandage from my bag. Actually, I made it for you, but if that’s the case… “Don’t move” asked me and blindfolded Jana. “Is it a conspiracy?” – “Why, are you against it?” I licked the lobe of her ear. If she does not want to play, she can tear off the bandage, ask to stop the car and leave. Didn’t she really think that in a few hours of empty talk she could take a man away from me? But she did not do anything like that, she just kept quiet. I asked you to stop and moved Jana back to my place. She sat in the middle so that you could see everything. I turned her head and kissed her gently on the lips. Our tongues were intertwined. Her lips were full and soft, she was confused, but I felt that the situation excited her. I took out a belt and bound her hands. What was she thinking about now? Was she scared? I saw that you were looking at us in the rearview mirror. I started unbuttoning a girl’s blouse. She had medium size breasts with small dark nipples. Then I raised her skirt. Jana was obviously not ready for such adventures, her panties were very ordinary. I quickly pulled them down and your eyes opened a smoothly shaved pubis. I leaned against her chest and walked on the nipple with the tip of my tongue. Jana made a quiet moan. – Do you like it, little whore? – Yes, she seems to have already accepted her role for tonight. I don’t know which of us had more pleasure at that time: I, finally having a woman’s body at my full disposal, or you, watching what I do with this body. I ran my fingers between her labia, through the clitoris and immersed them in the vagina. She was all flowing. She smelled sweat, fear and desire. I licked my fingers. I insanely wanted to try it there now, but in the car it would be terribly uncomfortable, in addition, I would close your view, so I only caressed her clitoris and played with her nipples until we stopped. I took your jacket and wrapped it up with Yana. I absolutely did not want to untie her or dress her. It was dark and we slipped quickly into the entrance and found ourselves at the right apartment. Like all rented apartments, it was clean, not without some signs of double morality of the owners: on the walls were hung icons, blessing random visitors. I quickly unbuttoned your jeans and released your friend on full alert. Jana stood at the wall blindfolded and did not understand what was going on. I wanted this first sperm of yours to be mine. I quickly swallowed your dick and started caressing it with my tongue, stroking your testicles with my hand. You were excited to the limit and came quickly, filling my mouth with a viscous, tart seed. I did not swallow it as usual, but went to Jana and let your sperm into her mouth. Let her enjoy your wonderful taste. I don’t know if she had swallowed sperm before, but now she has swallowed it without any objections. I took her to a room and put her to bed. You settled down in a chair. I pulled everything from Jana, except the blouse – her hands were still tied. Then I undressed myself. The smell of her body circled my head. I laid down on her and kissed her again. The taste of your sperm on her lips turned me on even more. We licked with all the passion we were capable of, and you watched us, not hurrying to join. My hands walked on her body, crushed her elastic chest, went down to the rounded butt, ran through the clitoris and went back up again, to her chest. I then gently kissed her nipple, then squeezed it with force, forcing her to moan with pain and pleasure. Then I pulled it back into my mouth, my tongue, like a butterfly, swung around and suddenly bit it again. Jana wriggled like a snake and moaned loudly. Your dick stood, you sat in the chair already completely naked, masturbating. Playing with my breasts, I began to slowly sink down, examining with my tongue and lips every inch of a girl’s body. And here I am finally at the target. I take her legs apart, pull her by her hips and gently guide her tongue between her lips. I find a clitoris, pull it into my mouth and start to lick slowly. At first, my tongue is hard, it teases the sensitive bump, giving it too sharp pleasure. She tries to get loose, but I hold her hips too tight and her hands are tied. My tongue becomes soft, licks her gently, thoroughly, slowly. She calms down, starts to move her hips, fasting. Her juices are mixed with my saliva; the sheet under her is already wet. I descend below, begin to carefully lick the sashes of her cave, penetrate as deep as I can with my tongue, begin to caress the walls. Now Jana only regrets that I am not a man and my cock can not enter it. I can feel impatience in her movements. After all, she knows that you are somewhere nearby and you can give her what she wants. But I am not ready to give up my place to you yet. You sit next to us on the bed, then move closer to Jana, and, standing over her face, you put your dick in her mouth. She starts to suck. You move slowly, completely immersing your dick in her mouth. I lift Jana by her thighs and touch her anus with the tongue. I don’t know if she had anal sex before, but today she will have it. I start slowly licking her ass, preparing it for you. My tongue penetrates inside, but it is not enough. “Relax,” I tell her, and I slowly start to put a finger up her ass. She tries to relax honestly, but it turns out badly. It seems that this ass is still virgin. I take the grease out of the bag. I grease my finger and try to get in again. This time it turns out better. I start slowly moving it in Janina’s ass. It seems that she has already got used to it and even started to have fun. She extends her legs as wide as she can. She would probably even ask me to move faster if her mouth wasn’t busy with your dick. But I don’t want to rush. I also had my first time once. I want her to like it, so she would beg you to take her ass. I ask you to stop and turn her on her stomach. She gets down on her knees and her ass protrudes upwards. I penetrate into her again with my tongue. She moans and starts to move, trying to put herself on my tongue deeper. It is useless, my dear, nothing will give you such a doubling as a man’s penis. I pull away and push two fingers up her ass. With grease, they enter easily. She is already ready. You stand next to me and wait for me to give you a place. I take your dick in the mouth and grease it with saliva. Now I will watch my man fuck some little bitch. You put the head of your dick to her anus and slide it in. I know what a pleasure it is. I’ve felt your cock in my ass many times, and I’ve been weary many times waiting for you to come inside me. I untie her hands and lie down in front of her face, spreading my legs widely. Jana begins to caress me hard with her tongue as you force your cock into her. She moans, bends out, waving at you, but I hold her head firmly and she tries as hard as she can. With one hand she rubs her clitoris, and after a few seconds I can feel it freezing – she ends loudly, an orgasm covers her with several waves. Next to her, you come, driving your dick deep into her ass. You lie down next to her, watching us. Jana gets up and we kiss. She has long since been blindfolded and we look into each other’s eyes funny. “Come on, baby! I want to come too. Jana drops lower and starts licking my pussy again. This time you don’t distract her and she takes the job very diligently. Her tongue then plays with my clitoris, then begins to dance around, but I stop her: I like it when only the clitoris is caressed, then accelerating, then slowing down, then playing with it one tip of the tongue, then caressing the whole surface. I feel an orgasm approaching, I start moaning louder and stronger, but you bend over and kiss me. Insanely gentle. You have done so many times when I masturbated before your eyes. And now you kiss me, and I twist, pressing Jana’s head to my crotch. She rises and we lie on both sides of you. – Girls, what about a blowjob? I am not jealous of you anymore, now we are at the same time. We go lower. I take your dick, and Yanka lick her testicles. Then we switch places. Jana sucks, and I accept to caress you lower. My tongue slips to your anus and starts to play with it, wandering around and penetrating inside. Probably, Jana has never done that. She even gets distracted for a second to see what I’m doing, but you don’t let her get lazy and immediately put her deep down to the throat. I can see that she is not comfortable. Be patient, bunny, you will get used to it soon! “Give me that,” I suspend her, go up and sit on top. Your cock penetrates my pussy as I have been waiting for it for a long time. Jana sits next to me, not knowing what to do. “Lick the girl”, please, I beg you. I know how good you know how to do it. Jana is sitting over your face and while I am slowly moving on you you are licking her pussy. I like to be on top. I have to admit, in this pose I think only about myself. I know that you are unlikely to end up, especially now you are busy with Jana. I am moving slowly, with the strength to sit on your penis. I want to feel you deep inside. I lean back a little and feel your cock resting on a cherished point. Now I can move faster. In a minute, I come and fall on you, exhausted. Jana takes my place. She places emphasis on her hands and moves her hips up and down. I know that you like it. You put your hands on her hips and drop her down sharply on yourself. She can’t stand it for a long time and soon comes to a violent end. You get up, and we kneel down in front of you and start to give you a blowjob for two again. You come very quickly, smearing our sponges with sperm. I bend over to Jana and lick your sperm from her face. She does the same. An hour later you take Jana home. On the way she once again had time to suck your sperm. When you came back, you woke me up with a slap on the butt. In pain and surprise I jumped up on the bed. “Do you like to have fun with girls?” – You asked and pulled my hair painfully. But this is a very different story.

Author: rendteam