Senior lieutenant of the police of the future and her everyday uniform

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A couple of weeks have passed since the events described in another story. It was Saturday, I went to the car service in the morning, I had to change the pads and oil. About 12 o’clock my wife called me and said that she and her friend would go shopping. Only in the evening I found out what really happened, so the story will be on behalf of my wife Sveta. Ilya went to the car service in the morning, but I had nothing to do and I was lying in bed. Suddenly my phone rang, the number was unfamiliar to me, I answered the call. It turned out to be Igor, he immediately sternly asked me why I let him down. I did not understand and asked what. Igor replied: “I told you that you should call my friend the traffic cop and meet with him. Or you, whore, forgot everything I told you. Maybe your husband should show the video?” I was at a loss, not knowing what to answer him. And Igor said: “Today is a day off Dima, so that in 10 minutes she would dial him” and hung up. Ilya knew about everything, so Igor did not scare me with this, but a wave of excitement rose inside. I myself wanted to once again feel like a whore who does not belong to herself and does what she is told. I dialed my husband and said that I would go shopping with a friend. Then I dialed Dmitry, a pleasant voice answered me. I greeted: “Hello Dima, this is Sveta” – “What Sveta?” – “Do you remember you stopped the car, your friend Igor was there, and I was giving him a blowjob at that time.” I don’t know what made me say exactly that, I probably decided to immediately define my position as a whore, excitement drove me. There was a laugh: “Look, Igor keeps his word.” We agreed that Dima would pick me up in an hour. I jumped out of bed and went to the shower. There she meticulously examined herself in the mirror, shaved her pussy, she is always naked, without a single hair. After swimming, I went out and stood in front of the closet and wondered what to wear. I wanted to make an impression, while making it look very naughty. I chose black underwear, panties were of the same name – a small piece of transparent fabric that barely covered my lips and the same transparent strapless bra that barely hid my breasts. It was hot outside, so on top I wore a flared skirt that reached mid-thigh and a black translucent blouse. I put on bright makeup and looked at myself in the mirror – a spectacular blonde was looking at me, awakening the most lustful thoughts. Well, Ilya was not at home, otherwise he could not let me go like this. The bell rang, Dima was waiting for me near the house. I put on open black high-heeled shoes and left the house. Approaching the car, I saw how his jaw dropped from what he saw, I was pleased that I could shock a person so much. I sat in the front seat next to him. “Hello!”. He literally undressed me with his eyes. “Hi, you look awesome!” I laughed and asked: “So are we going to stand or are we going somewhere?” Dima shook his head and said: “Let’s go to my dacha, it’s not far from here.” We drove off, I put my hand on his knee and said: “Control yourself, or we’ll drive somewhere.” At the same time, I did not remove my hand from his leg. For a while he drove in silence, then said: “Igor knows how to choose heifers, I want to fuck you right now.” His hand fell on my leg and he began to stroke me. I asked: “Are you sure you can drive?” He nodded his head, I suddenly wanted to look depraved in his eyes. I put my hand between his legs and began to stroke his fly. His cock immediately began to grow. I, without hesitation, unbuttoned his fly and running my hand there, felt his excited penis. I took it out and began to jerk off slowly, looking at it. The member was about 19 cm long, rather thick, without a single hair. I pulled the skin off the head, it was large, I ran my other hand over it. I licked my lips and, looking into his eyes, asked: “Do you want me to take him in my mouth right now?” Dima silently put his hand on my head and pulled it down. I also silently opened my mouth and cupped the head with my lips. I felt the velvet skin of his penis and I wanted to do him well. I began to slowly suck on his erect cock, putting my painted lips on the strong trunk. I, a married woman, did not care if someone saw me now or not, I wanted one thing – to suck this hot, hard cock. Dima moaned with pleasure, I sucked a member, licked the head. Suddenly he stopped me: “Pick up your skirt.” I had a skirt with a special fastener, only three buttons, so I just jerked to the side and the skirt unbuttoned. I threw her in the back seat and was practically naked. He looked at me, grinned and said: “If so, take off your blouse too.” I was left to sit in my underwear. “Spread your legs and caress yourself.” I spread my legs, pushed aside the triangle of fabric covering my pussy and began stroking myself. Then she ran two fingers inside and started fucking herself. Dima continued to drive the car with one hand, and with the other lowered my bra and began to wrinkle my breasts. Imagine a sight – a car is driving without tinting, and a naked girl sits in the front seat, which the driver paws with might and main, and she jerks off herself. I was insanely horny, I didn’t care, I acted like the last whore. Dima left my chest, grabbed my hair and pulled me down again: “Come on, suck, you’re good at it, just make sure you don’t spill a drop.” I knelt on the seat and bowed to his cock. At the same time, my naked ass became visible through the glass of the passenger door. I can imagine what the drivers of passing cars thought, but I was busy …

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