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Masha, hi!” I – “Hello! How are you?” Masha – “And Natasha and I are going to sit somewhere)))” This is how that usual Saturday evening began. We were also going to relax in the evening with a buddy, gawk at the girls, and have a good drink. Masha, my new acquaintance from the Internet, whom I met two weeks ago on a dating site. Without bothering with long correspondence, we met the next day and in the evening ended up in bed. A girl of about thirty, overweight in places)), but with beautiful large breasts with large nipples that she so loved to caress and lick herself, when she sat on top of me, with surprisingly large “wide-looking at the world” eyes, the real color of which I never found out because she changed colored lenses periodically. The entire first week of our acquaintance, I spent nights with her, we did not get out of bed, both had not had normal sex for a long time and we tried to make up for his lack. By the end of the week, the question arose about my toothbrush and I decided it was time to take a short break. Moreover, another blockage arose at work and I could not concentrate, being in a state of constant lack of sleep. The break turned out to be almost a week-long, from time to time we chatted with Masha in ICQ and called up a couple of times. And so the next weekend crept up unnoticed. Having already taken a shower, after a Saturday working day, and going to a meeting with a friend, I looked into ICQ. I didn’t know the machine’s girlfriends yet, and the name Natasha didn’t tell me anything and didn’t bode well for anything unusual. A friend’s spouse had just left, and we decided, having phoned him, that we would not waste precious time searching for someone unknown, we would invite the girls to a cafe, and then we would see how to proceed. When we met our girlfriends in a cafe, we were a little crazy! Natasha turned out to be a very spectacular 19-year-old girl, height under 180, chiseled figure, high chest, slender legs “from the ears”, long blond hair, sensual lips. And as it turned out in the process of dating, she is a very sociable and cheerful little girl. All evening in the cafe, my friend and I stared at her breasts and long legs, literally drooling. Masha was a little lost against this background, and I was envious that my friend would get such a miracle today if everything went well. The evening gradually gained momentum and became more and more pleasant, the awkwardness of the first minutes of acquaintance was quickly removed using delicious alcohol, the mood was excellent, everyone was joking and chatting a lot. I, sitting next to Masha, and taking advantage of the fact that no one was paying attention to our corner table, periodically ran my hand under her skirt, and she continued to chat happily as if nothing had happened, while I stroked her girl through her panties.
My girlfriend was in stockings and lacy underwear, we were both very excited from this game, and when a couple of times we went out to breathe fresh air from the stuffy and smoky cafe hall, Masha pounced on me with passionate kisses and I caressing and sucking her playful tongue with both hands hugged her elastic ass. The cafe was closing soon and we, with everyone’s consent, decided to continue the evening at Masha’s house. Having bought wine and fruit, we quickly drove to her house, which was very close. The girls set the table in the living room, we opened the wine. And after drinking a glass, they began to dance with the girls to slow pleasant music. Our dance with Masha more and more resembled a passionate embrace, my friend and Natasha did not lag behind us. Burning with desire, I gradually pressed Masha to the wall, lifted her skirt, and put my hand into her lace panties, and her hand had been in my pants for a long time and was holding onto my dick, ready to explode from excitement. For a while, we did not notice anything around, busy with each other. Looking back slightly, I noticed how my friend hugging and kissing Natasha gradually moved with her towards the bedroom, Natasha made weak attempts to resist. A couple of minutes later, Masha and I were alone in the room. Tearing off the remnants of clothes from each other, we fell on the sofa, Masha was in my favorite position on top. An insane leap began. I squeezed her breasts and hugged her shoulders and thighs, trying to penetrate her as deeply as possible. She closed her eyes and uttering very loud moans raised and lowered her girl on my penis with an ever-increasing rhythm. I grabbed the halves of her ass with both hands and spread them apart, at the same time with my index finger I felt the opening of her anus and lightly pressed on it, The machine’s ass was all covered in secretions and the finger entered there without resistance. Masha moaned louder, grabbed my shoulders with her sharp claws, and soon a spasm of orgasm ran all over her body. After giving her a little rest on my chest, I took it off my penis and put it on the sofa with cancer. My gaze opened a wonderful view of the gorgeous ass and the girl Machine with open lips invitingly. I bent down, inhaled the exciting aroma that emanated from her, and ran my tongue from the hollow at the base of the coccyx to the swollen pea of ​​the clitoris, Masha leaned towards me, issuing a loud groan towards me. Having returned a little higher, I began to drive my tongue around the anus from time to time trying to get inside and prepare the ass for a meeting with my “friend”. Taking my penis in my hand, I began to drive them along the crotch, then slightly inserting it into the pussy, then pressing on the anus ring. – No, Dim, no, not there! Come in soon, I can’t!
I, too, could no longer restrain myself and inserted a penis into Masha’s pussy to the very balls. Holding her hips with my hands, I pressed to her harder and harder, Machine nails dug into the upholstery of the sofa, and she finished again. After making a couple more movements, I took out my penis and also finished, filling her entire back with sperm. After a little rest, we went to the shower, dressed, and, as if nothing had happened, sat down at the table. Our friends soon joined us. And although they pretended that everything was fine, joked and chatted with us, it was felt that there was some kind of tension between them. Simply put, Natasha did not give it to my friend. After spending half an hour at the table, having slightly drunk and refreshed, Masha and I left our friends alone, going to the bedroom. Having already satisfied our first sexual hunger, we slowly began to undress each other, kissing gently on the lips. Embracing, we went to bed. Gradually our caresses became more and more passionate, with one hand I hugged Masha, with my tongue I caressed her swollen nipples, and with the other hand, I stroked Masha’s pussy, which had already become wet again. Masha also wasted no time and caressed my penis and testicles with her hands. A minute later, I was ready to rush into battle again. Turning Masha on her side, with her back to me, I lifted her leg with one hand, introduced her penis, and began to slowly move inside her hot pussy. Masha, moaning slightly, moved to the beat. So, changing positions, speeding up, then slowing down our movements, caressing each other with our hands, then with our tongue, we fucking selflessly, not noticing anything around. After a while, resting after another orgasm, we heard the front door slam. Masha put on a robe and went to see what was happening there. Returning a couple of minutes later, Masha said that my friend had left, having quarreled with Natasha. It turned out that Natasha did not like him at all and no matter how he tried to persuade her to have sex, nothing happened. Soon Natasha came into the room. She was dressed in satin pajamas of short shorts and a blouse. – Can I sleep here? I don’t want to be alone today, ”Natasha asked in an innocent voice. No one objected. We moved to the edge of the bed, Natasha made her way to the wall, pretending not to notice that I was lying completely naked with a standing member. I found myself between two adorable sexy girls. Natasha lay down on the bed, turning her back to us. We chatted a bit. The girls, laughing, discussed my friend. Gradually the conversation subsided, and Natasha seemed to fall asleep, sniffling softly. All this time my penis stood like a stone, especially since Masha slightly stroked it during the conversation. Now she took it seriously. Masha began to kiss my neck, then her chest gradually sank lower and lower. And now she is already caressing him with her tongue and lips, sometimes breaking away from him, dropping lower and kissing and biting my testicles …

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