Taming a radioactive monster with a narrow cunt

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My name is Katya. I am 25 years old, brunette, long, slightly curly hair. I graduated from the institute about two years ago and now I am trying to climb the career ladder in one successful company. Fortunately, I’m doing well, because I am the lover of my boss. And no wonder he chose me. A few months after completing my studies, I finally saved up money and jumped from second to fifth / sixth breast size and the same giant ass. It is worth saying that I also go to the gym every Friday and keep myself in great shape. Today I received an invitation to a meeting of students on Saturday. A very close friend of mine, Igor, decided to organize the meeting; I met with him for a while, when I was in my second year, but I still kept good relations with him. It is noteworthy that he did not see me in the new “image”. I hope to surprise him today. I put on jeans, underneath them are black lace thongs, a white bra, a light T-shirt. It turns out that the meeting takes place outside the city. Well, I think they rented a cozy room. But in the end, a taxi drove up to someone’s dacha. – Is it exactly here? – Yes, there can be no mistake <...>, there is no other such place in the Moscow region. I paid for the taxi and got out of the car. I looked around the site: it seemed to me that it was in the area of ten acres, a high fence (about two / three meters high), behind it, almost along the entire perimeter, tall green thujas were planted. A tall building (probably three-story) was visible inside. All this made a rather strong impression and, willy-nilly, one wonders about the status of the person living here. I went to the wide gate and rang the bell. About a minute later I heard a trill and I freely opened the door. On the territory of the dacha, everything corresponded to the initial impression. There are many narrow and long alleys, magnificent shrubs and trees cut to fit different shapes. There was even a small pond with live ducks. I looked at everything for about half an hour. Recovering myself, I went to the house. Yes, the house was three stories high, with large round windows, several white marble columns that propped up the roof near the front door and gave the impression of an ancient Greek temple. The door gave way easily and I entered. Everything inside was as beautiful as outside. Strange, but nobody meets me. Suddenly I heard laughter, conversation and a splash of water from the room in front of me. I open the door. An absolutely naked petite blonde of about eighteen is swimming in the pool. – We were waiting for you, – came from the corner. – Hello, where are the guys? – Still not guessing? Well, what else to expect from such a slut. You are here alone. And hardly anyone will come. I have a good suggestion. Will you be a kept slave? Thoughts quickly buried in my head, but most of all was the deafening thought that everything is as it should be, that this is a turning point in my life. Either I run away and never know myself, or I stay and never be the same again. – Well, whore, are you staying? This is my last chance. – Oh … I stay. I mumbled. – Louder, whore! And say everything completely. – I remain, become a dirty kept woman and your rightful property. – Fuck her already! – the girl from the pool squeaked. I was dumbfounded from such impudence. Apparently she feels herself in charge here. Then she flew out of the water and aggressively walked towards me. At that moment I was able to consider it in all details. The chest is rather big, but not big – the third size. A flower tattoo on the left shoulder. There was also something on the right hand near the beginning of the hand. There was a ring in the right nostril. Sharply, my cheek flushed from her slap. – Well, get undressed and lick! – Alice, now Katya will be constantly at your disposal, try not to tear her holes right away and make friends with her. By the way, I have to go. Come on here yourself. The gentleman went out and the door slammed. – Well, what are you standing, bitch ?! Take off your clothes quickly! She took off her top, pants, bra and began to pull off her panties. – No! Leave them. Uhh, these are the boobs, this is the ass. I feel I will come off on you in full, whore. Start licking, or I’m already all wet! Alice lay down on the sofa, on which Igor had been sitting, and spread her legs as wide as possible. I licked all the juice from the labia in one motion. Then she began to lick around them, shove him inside and fiddle with her clitoris. After about 20 minutes, she squirted long into my mouth and made me swallow. – So, – she straightened her hair and blew off the curls that fell over her eyes, – now let’s go to my room and take care of you. We walked along a long corridor and went up a spiral staircase to the second floor. Ahead of them stretched a dozen living rooms. I asked: – For whom are all these rooms? – You’re an idiot. This is our grief with Vanya, and you, whore, will be one of the copies. Having passed the entire floor, we found ourselves near a massive pink door. To open, Alice put her finger to a special device. Swinging open, the “princess room” appeared in front of me. All the walls were lined with wardrobes with clothes, shoes and other accessories. One of them was transparent and contained various whips, dildos, vibrators, butt plugs and balls. – I’m too lazy to develop you today, so sit down in that chair and, using one saliva, open your anus to your hand. Although … First, let’s go, I’ll wash you out. In the bathroom, she stuck her finger in her mouth and thrust it into my anus, already kneeling with cancer. A couple of minutes of development and my anal, sore from the first time, exploded with hot energy flowing throughout my body. A shower tube with a full stream of hot water was inserted into me. I began to feel myself filling with water and it was already very painful for me, but Alice did not even think to stop. In the end, I was allowed to pour it out of myself. I never thought that so much water would fit into me at once. We came back to the room, butt ached as if she had been raped by a group of blacks for at least a day. I started to insert my fingers. Two went harder, but after a while they walked back and forth like a pendulum. With three more difficult, it took about ten minutes. But she deserved that divine feeling in the end. Four inserted through the fierce pain and screams of Alice. Even a few drops of blood came in. – What a good nipple you are. I always wanted to have an anal whore, and even with such forms! You have to look for such talent and zeal as yours! – said the lady. – Now the five will come in, relax. I tried to completely open up to the new, but only the fist was brought up to the open hole and began to push inside, I could not restrain myself and finished until my hand was completely immersed. It seemed to me that pour water into the anal now, it would instantly boil. – Come on, move too! I’m not the only one who should try. I began to sit down on the sly, after a couple of dozen light pushes, the priest got used to a foreign object. The tremors went stronger, stronger and deeper. I began to moan and briskly walk back and forth on my arm. I was in agony, my whole body seemed to be thrown open to the world, it felt like my ass had been turned inside out. I finished two more times. It was the best fucking in my life, albeit with Alice’s hand. – So! Now tell me your measurements and we will order you something more decent. Better get ready, though, and we’ll go shopping tomorrow. Your room is right next to mine to the left. Come on, I’ll put your finger in the base.

Author: rendteam