Terminators fuck a human girl

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I want to tell you about my recent close acquaintance with one man. I met him in social networks. We talked with him for a while. He is 42 years old, at first we talked with him as friends, talked about everything, about family, hobbies, about work. If something interesting, immediately went to the site and wrote about it. We are so used to each other. Once he said that he was very used to me, and that day and night he thought of me. And that he has this for the first time, and that he has a family, he does not know what to do. I suggested that we not communicate for a while. So we didn’t write to each other for a week. I missed him so much, I really missed him. And in the evening he was the first to write that he can no longer live without me, he wants to meet. I said I couldn’t do that, because he and I have a family. But I also wanted to see him. So he asked every day. Once he wrote that he wanted me. I didn’t know what to answer him. She sat and was silent. I wanted that too. He lived in another city. In the evening he said that he was going to our city tomorrow morning and wanted to meet me. I don’t know why, I immediately agreed. He wrote down the address of a friend’s house and said he would wait after lunch. So I wanted to see him faster. At home, I said that a friend’s birthday. I took time off from work and ran home. I took a shower, because I knew that since I decided to meet with him, then we would have intimacy. This made me so excited. I put on black lace underwear and stockings. Short red dress. It was so tight around my body that every curve was visible. I put on high-heeled shoes, it looked great. She let her hair down and put on a cloak slightly longer than the dress. I left the house and caught a taxi. I wanted to see him faster. I easily found that address. This was the first floor. She stood at the door for a while. My heart was beating so hard. Then I pressed the bell. I had to wait a second. He immediately opened the door. How beautiful he was in life. He was much taller than me. So stylishly dressed. Of course, he’s a lawyer. I went in and he closed the door behind me. We stood in the hallway, and he stood there and looked at me. Then he helped to take off my raincoat. Having hung up, he turned around and hugged me, began to kiss. Kissing he kneaded my breasts, nipples, it turned me on so much. Then he lifted me in his arms and carried me into the bedroom. Laying on the bed, he continued to kiss me. He whispered tender words that he wants me so, turning me over with cancer, lowered my panties and began to lick my ass. It was super, I was so moaning with pleasure. He dropped his pants and panties and entered so abruptly. I screamed so much, it aroused him even more. He fucked me so much, I felt so good. He did his job stronger and stronger. He screamed so much and it excited me even more. He took out his cock and came on my back and smeared cum all over my back. Then he went to the shower, and came out after 5 minutes, said that he was waiting for me in the living room. I also undressed and went to the shower, refreshed, put on the shirt he left behind and went out to him. When he came in, he looked at me, smiling, said that it suits me very much. He took my hand and gently, embracing, kissed. I sat down at the table, but he told me to sit on his lap and that he would feed me himself. I did just that, sat down on my knees, he hugged me and poured me some juice. He made the Italian dish himself. Once he wrote that he is good at it. Indeed, it was very tasty. He did not take his eyes off me, he said that he was good with me, that he was looking forward to this meeting. He began stroking my legs, saying that he had dreamed of them for a long time. Kissing unbuttoned and gently began to stroke my breasts, knead the nipples. This made me excited and moaned softly. Then he began to suck them, not taking his eyes off my eyes. How nice it was. He lifted me up and sat me on the sofa, continued to suck my nipples. Slowly I went down and sat down on the floor and spread my legs. Then he began to caress my pussy with his finger, I moaned. It turned him on more. He put his finger inside and began to fuck them, and lick her with his tongue. How nice it was. I shouted loudly not to stop. Yes, more! Mmm … I was cumming. He took out his fingers and started sucking my pussy, saying that he wanted to drink my nectar. It was awesome! I screamed loudly and finished in his mouth. Then he got up and started kissing me, I could taste my pussy. How sweet it is. I quietly told him that I wanted to suck his friend. He was very happy about this. Now I sat down on my knees and started stroking his hard cock over his panties. I took them off and his dignity jumped out. Gently taking him, she began to lick the head, from this he moaned and I felt pleased from this. I slowly lowered my tongue to his balls. Licking began to suck them. I loved it so much. Then, continuing to lick, I went up to his head, and tightly clasping my mouth began to suck him. How nice it is to suck it. He liked it very much too. I continued to suck while massaging with my hands. He screamed so much. I love it when a man moans loudly. And so I continued to suck for a long time, he held my head and pulled me to the penis. Then he got up, and sat down on the edge of the sofa cancer, slowly put his finger into my hole. He asked if I wanted him to fuck there. I agreed, of course, because it’s so nice. He slowly massaged a member entered there. What a thrill it is for him and me. She’s so narrow. He gasped when he entered. At first, slowly, then harder and harder he began to fuck me, firmly holding my hips and slapping my ass. Oh yeah! Yet! Yet! It was so exciting! Then he sat down on the sofa, and I was on his penis, and now I was fucking him on top, and he was finger on my ass. More and more, more, I moved the booty and screaming and moaning I finished. I sat down on my knees and took his hard cock in my mouth and began to suck, he held my head and screamed. He, too, was coming to an end, and said that he would finish now. I continued to suck and he finished in my mouth. I continued my work, how good it was for him, his body trembled with pleasure. I licked every last drop and sat down next to him. He started kissing me. He said that he would like to continue this in the bathroom, but I refused, saying that I needed to go home. He said that I would not let him go anywhere. I didn’t want to leave myself. But I had to go home.

Author: rendteam