The new reincarnation of a alien this time has a cunt

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It was a hot Tuesday afternoon. The warm light of the July sun seeped through the windows through the curtains. You were in the kitchen cooking something when I went home. Looking through the doorway, I saw you in short shorts and a white T-shirt with loose hair and dancing to Lazarev from a TV set. You were standing with your back, so you didn’t see me sneaking up behind you. I abruptly pulled you to my waist and kissed you greedily on the neck, just below the ear. In surprise, you screamed and knocked the cup of flour on the table. A white cloud rose up. With your hand soiled in flour, you passed my cheek and we merged in a greedy kiss. I pressed you to the table, my hands gripped your ass, crumpled your buns. “Well, now it’s such a mess,” you said jokingly in disappointment. We laughed). I had to put things in order together and make a pie) I went to the bath to wash the flour off my face. When you returned, you were standing up drinking cool water. Boo! I shouted, your hand trembled and some of the contents of the glass spilled onto your shirt. This was enough to get the top of the shirt wet. From the coolness, your nipples immediately stood up and protruded through the shirt. Two small tubercles surrounded by dark spots of halos. A condemning glance fell on me) “I confess! Guilty!” – I repented. “Ready to make amends …” “Good! Punishment, massage! Back and legs!” We went to the hall. We threw the wet T-shirt on the floor. The hair was disheveled when we took it off. You looked great, in only shorts, with swollen breasts and erect nipples and with your insidiously charming smile … We are on the couch, it is larger than our old couch. It still smells like a store, and the leatherette does not stick to the skin at all and squeaks funny when people sit on it. I sit on top of you, transferring the weight to my legs so as not to put pressure on you. Stroking your shoulders, neck, along the spine, kneading your waist, stroking your ass). I crumple my shoulders then with the back of my hand tapping along the spine. I see a smile touching your tender lips. I move my fingers from top to bottom along the oblique muscles of the back, dropping lower and lower. I run my middle and ring fingers in the hollow between your sweet buns and through the shorts I touch your lower lips with them … “Ooooohh …” – I hear and squeeze them a little tighter. This went on for a while. He stroked the back with one hand, and with the other he examined your slit. She was already so wet that her fingers slid freely between the two halves of your womb. I pull off your shorts, they fly after the T-shirt and our underwear joins them right there. You bite into my lips like a cougar into your prey, squeeze my ass tightly, pulling it towards you and feel how “he” stands between us, hard hot and pulsating. I squeeze your breasts greedily, pinching the nipples between my thumb and forefinger, twisting and squeezing them slightly. The halos narrow even more, the nipples become even harder … Our bodies are covered with a kiss, fire flows through the veins. Your hand wraps around my cock and starts stroking it slowly. Then you start to caress him with both hands, one you touch and stroke my balls, and with the other you squeeze the penis and release, squeeze and release … Mmm … I am ready to howl with pleasure from the sensations and from the realization that you like him. You are on your back, I go down, cover your thighs, knees, calves, ankles so thin and skillful, with kisses. Stroking them with your hands from the foot to the buttocks, inside the thighs, from which a chill runs down your back to the crown of your head. I push it apart. Mmm … What a sight … A small fluff on a cute little pubis, no thickets, no. A neat haircut, a triangle, like a pointer to the world of pleasures and pleasures. Your hands go down and with a playful look, you spread your pussy with your fingers … Oooh … As if an overripe peach burst in the hot sun and now oozes with sweet juice, which smeared the lips and flows on … You caress the pearl with your finger and penetrates inside. You squeeze your chest and caress yourself at the bottom, an indescribable spectacle, but the cherry on the cake is your look, expressive, languid, fiery, it dissolves everything that comes under his gaze … And a smile … Mmm … Without her, everything was not complete. .. Finally, I tasted this sweet nectar, pressing my lips to the vagina, trying to embrace it all and completely. You grab my hair and squeezes even tighter, moving the pelvis closer. The tongue is wielding there like a madman, inward, around, around, up and down, in circles, tip on the clitoris. “Suck it, tenderly …” And I fulfill the wish of a beautiful beloved. Slightly squeezing my lips, I begin to suck it and caress it with my tongue. With your hands, either pressing you to your ass, or caressing your sweet tits, they swelled up as if they became harder, like ripe nectarine. Breathing becomes deeper and more frequent, I feel your hips and pelvis tighten. Increasing the pace. Deep breaths … Body shudders, thighs squeeze my head, fingers in my hair loosened their grip … The member is already at the entrance. Slightly pressed, it breaks through the wet lips of the vagina, passing the head along the entire upper wall. A groan of pleasure escapes my chest. Your warmed-up mandanka sends impulses of ecstasy back to your brain. You squeezed the piles. Your legs are on my shoulders, I grabbed your ass and begin to put you on a hard swollen cock. I can feel how you squeeze your muscles, how you envelop him completely. I increase the pace, grab your hands and just start to tear you to the full length of your penis. Juice squishes between us, it runs down you more and more. “Fuck … Fuck from behind! Take from behind …” I put you on your knees with cancer, hands squeeze your thighs tightly, insert and start to fuck you madly. I grab your chest with one hand and continue to fuck you, greedy, frantic. Sometimes pushing through the eggs. Sliding your finger between the buns touching the anal, slightly pressing on it. You hide one hand between your legs and start masturbating, swinging to the beat. Dull claps and sonorous oohs are heard throughout the apartment. You come again, freeze, everything shrinks inside. Your body flexes in a fit of orgasm. From all this my brain begins to cum like a member. I take out and put everything on your back … We fall on the sofa. We breathe heavily. Sweaty. Red. Beloved. “It was cool,” I say. “Well, yes. Not bad not bad,” you answer with a smile. “What does it smell like?” Your eyes widened … “Pie” …

Author: rendteam