Three boobs are better than two

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My name is Olga. This story happened to me when my first husband decided that he wanted to start a new life, and I was absent from it. It was a nightmare! He told me to pack my things and dump them. The name of this goat is Maxim. But the problem was that I had nowhere to go … That’s how we began to live in the same apartment, hating each other. A week later, Maxim gave the first demonstration performance, he brought home some 20-year-old girl and said that it was Christina, and she would live with him, i.e. with us – he said with a grin. I was shocked, I sobbed into my pillow when I heard it behind the wall. Max pounded this chick in all the holes, and she screamed so that the whole house could hear! And they did it all the time, she walked around the house without clothes, my ex made dirty jokes. It became completely unbearable … I tried to appear at home as little as possible. And now my birthday has come! I stayed late at work, celebrate with colleagues, and returned home around midnight. Opening the doors, I began to take off my coat, the apartment was full of smoke, a bunch of empty bottles in the corridor, music was playing loudly from the room of these freaks, and this mare’s whine was heard. I wanted to quickly slip so as not to intersect with anyone of them, but then the door of the room opened and a drunk Maxim fell out from there, shouting: Happy birthday, my dear! And rushed to hug me. – Come here, look, Christina and I have prepared a present for you! – I went to look into their room, but there was nothing there, except for a drunk and happy Christina. Max pushed me from behind: Come on in already! he snapped irritably. I started to resist a little, but he threw me on the couch and slammed the door. I got scared, started screaming, tried to leave, but Max took his belt, leaned on me, and tightly tied my hands from behind. He took my face and squeezed my cheeks tightly: Well, bitch, happy birthday! And he gave a strong slap in the face. My tears began to flow, he took out a wire and tied my legs. I was lying on my back and could not move. – Now we have some fun, huh, baby? Max said. Christina came up to me and began to unbutton my blouse. – What are you doing, take your hands off! – I screamed, she began to laugh and said: Yes, Max said that you have boobs like spaniel ears, so I want to see. Unfastening all the buttons, she began to touch my boobs, spank, wrinkle, grabbed my nipples, it hurt me, but she just laughed. Then Max came up with the camera on and started filming it all. “What are you doing, let me go!” I shouted, but it only turned them on even more. They took off my skirt and Max began to shoot close-ups of my squeak, face, chest. Then Christina laid her back on me, and they started to fuck right on me! She moaned, wriggled, then lay face to face on me, rubbed her boobs on my face, beat me on my cheeks, and moaned joyfully.
Max put her cancer, right over my face, so that my head rested on his legs and began to fuck Christina, his balls rubbed against my face, I was disgusted and offended, I saw how his penis went in and out of her wet cunt. I closed my eyes and prayed that it would end soon. – Let’s lick the balls, bitch! – Max wheezed, and practically sat his ass on my face and began to crawl over it. At this time, Christina slowly sat on his penis. Then They threw me to the floor, Max grabbed my hair and put me on his knees, pressed my head to Christina’s ass, and slowly began to insert his cock into her. – Look, um, what an ass, not like yours, monster! – Max gently stroked Christina’s rolls and yelled at me so that I could watch and remember how to fuck normal chicks. Periodically spat at me, called me ugly, which spoils their lives. And Christina was moaning sweetly at this time, getting more and more intense on Maxim’s dick. Max slowed down and began to slowly pull his excited cock out of Christina’s pussy, he was covered in sticky lubricant from this whore’s pussy. With a smug grin, Max covered my nose with two fingers, and began to slowly drive this member over my lips and face, grabbed my chin and squeezed it tightly, and thrust it into my dirty dick here! My tears were flowing, and he just put my head on his penis, Christina came running and began to shoot until this freak finished on my face, smearing everything with his penis, and wiped the rest with my hair. – Honey, we will have a great Home video! – Christina was wildly delighted and excited, They decided to take a break and went to the kitchen. And I lay all in semen with a feeling of complete hopelessness, I was afraid and could not imagine what they could do to me. I was disgusted with myself and with them. Then Christina runs in with a squeal and pours a jug of cold water over my head. – I hate you freaks! – I screamed, then Max grabbed my hair, started shaking me, and yelling to shut me up, threw me to the floor, pressed my face to the floor with his foot. – Christina, bunny, well, I came up with it! – Now, wait, I’ll turn on the camera, come on, let it lick you! I want to see this, come on, baby, sit on her face. Christina, without hesitation, climbed on top of me, here in my face was her lascivious pussy. She sat on my face and began rubbing against him, at first I tried to dodge, her crotch became wet again, she rubbed her labia against my cheeks, mouth, nose, this pervert parted her hole and sat on my nose, which delighted Max … He enjoyed filming this process on camera and encouraged Christina. – Well, Max! Why isn’t she licking !? – this scum screamed in her squeaky voice. Then Max came up to my head, with the words: – Well, you took care of your ass, but you didn’t save it – and whinnied wildly, Christina drag a strapon here! And she happily ran out of the room.
I could not believe my ears, he knew that for me it was a taboo. I’ve never had anal sex. I was terrified! How could he! Until the very end, deep down, I hoped that he, knowing how important it is to me, he would not act like that. – No, no, I will! – I involuntarily burst out. – I’m sorry, what? – grinning asked Maxim. – Don’t, you know, let me go, why are you doing this, why? I cried. – I don’t know anything – Max laughed, I enjoy life, I get pleasure, no one keeps you here, we will have fun, and go wherever you want. And he laughed. – Please don’t, I’ll lick her, just don’t touch me! – I continued to sob. – Well, now I will untie you, Christina will come, you will tell her that she insanely excites you and you want to lick her, tell her what an awesome pussy she has, you will stroke her and kiss her, and you will say that she is prettier, younger and better than you, that she excites any guy, and what are you, compared to her, just a doormat, on which you can only wipe your feet, and you will obediently do everything we say? Will I take it all on camera? Then I will not deprive you of anal virginity. Agree? At that moment, I’m ready to agree to anything, just to keep my ass intact. Max began to untie me, immediately warning that if I tried to do something stupid, they would take my passport and sell me into sex slavery. And I believed him. Christina returned to the room, satisfied and with some kind of dick on an elastic band in her hands. – Bunny, this creature wants to tell you something, she seems to have changed her mind !, Max pushed me towards Christina: Come on, go ahead, slut! And turned on my fucking camera again. This scum sat on the sofa, spread her legs, I went up to her, and put my hand on her pussy, she smiled. – Well, come on, what did you want to say there? – Maxim began to comment loudly. – Christina, you have a very beautiful cunt – I said dryly. They started laughing. Yes, you not only have boobs hanging like 2 eggplants, but you also strained with imagination – yes, now it’s clear why you don’t have a man – Christina flashed wit. – She also doesn’t give an ass – Max added sarcastically. – Maxim, how did you live with this vegetable, I don’t understand ?, these bitches discussed me in all colors, and at that time I just stroked her crotch with my palm, I wanted to strangle her. Once again I felt that her pussy begins to moisturize from my touch. I tried not to listen to what they were saying, but they constantly asked me something. I agreed with everything, and they laughed. Then Christina got up and ordered me to lie on the sofa, again sat down on top of my face, Max came up and began to take close-up pictures of me licking this bitch. The sensation of this girl’s labia, on my tongue and in my mouth … nothing could be more humiliating than that!
She ordered me to stick my tongue in and tighten it, leaned against it with her clitoris and took my head and squeezed it with her legs, her liquid poured from her pussy into my mouth, she went limp and fell on her back. – Good, washcloth – lighting a cigarette said, Christina. Max turned off the camera, walked over to her, and kissed her gently. I slid to the floor and sat down, covering my face with my hands. – How do you like our gift? Max asked with a sneer, kicking me. Tears flowed down my cheeks, I could not say anything. He took me by the hair, dragged me to the door, and threw me out into the corridor.

Author: rendteam