Tree mutant fucks a red-haired girl

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I want to tell you about an amazing story that happened to me last fall. I went on another vacation in early September, I bought two tickets to the south to Anapa in advance. It so happened that my wife could not go with me because of difficulties at work, she was simply not released. Well, I decided to go on vacation at sea, I was waiting for this for so long. He offered to his friend, he is a free bird working for himself, and it seems that we agreed to go together, as he got, two days before departure, in an accident and I had to hand over one voucher and ticket. At first I was upset, but then I decided that I still needed to rest and went alone. I traveled by train for two days. The neighbors in the compartment were all suckers, and I didn’t really communicate with them. The closer I got, the more beautiful and warmer it became outside the window and in my heart. I went to Anapa for the first time. Arriving in this wonderful city, I was met at the station, it was a condition of the contract, they brought me to the hotel, I settled in a cozy room in the city center and it seemed that the beach was not so far, for this I was most worried. After taking a shower and resting, I rushed to the beach to sunbathe and plunge into the Black Sea. For two days I visited the beach, and was there from morning to evening, leaving only for lunch, in the very heat, banally afraid of getting burns from the sun. It’s bad when there is no one even to smear cream on the back. And in the district I did not observe anyone suitable for these procedures. On the third day of my stay, I decided to unwind and go to a nightclub to relax. Having drunk a portion at dinner, by the way, they fed very well, then on the way to the club, I got drunk and was ready for exploits, in a good sense. There is a lot of talk about resort romances, but how is it. Now there are so many scammers, and they run a lot with infection, you have to be very careful, I thought. I got hooked at the bar and tried a few drinks and I felt really good. It’s time to find the queen of this ball, for a pleasant pastime. They started a slow, but rather rhythmic dance, and my gaze fell on one of the tables in the extreme chelout. Behind him were two pleasant persons in light dresses, so that the spray of neon brightly wrapped around them. Their appearance was very pleasant when I came closer. Model figures, bright makeup and good hairstyles, in general, are not some kind of shalup. I met them and invited one of them to dance. She smelled good and felt nothing either. I started to fall in love. Her name was Lilya. But not everything is so fast, first you need to learn more about her. We talked for a long time, drank, danced, and it seems that I was cute too. Deep night is merciless, her, already drunk friend, could not stand it, called a taxi and went to sleep in the room. An hour later we rounded up and went home. I walked her to the hotel on the way, I learned more about her, she is from Saratov, she is married to a military man, and the story with the rest is a little similar, only I did not have a friend, her sister, as it turned out, does not have a car. I took her mobile number, even kissed her on the lips, I had the audacity, however, she did not mind, then I thought, either drunk, or lustful, or maybe she also fell in love. By nature, I am a very sociable, relaxed and fairly confident person, but today I doubted, since she was very beautiful, and even married. What if it fires, I thought. The next day I called her, invited her to the cinema, went to a sushi bar, and then came to me, I still did not understand whose initiative it was, in my opinion, was the general one. On the way we bought two DVDs of a comedy and an action movie, by mutual agreement, we have not seen these films. My room had a home theater and a large double bed. Today is my day, I thought what will happen next. Suddenly a bummer, or she’s nothing in sex. There were negative cases when everything went in the same spirit, and then some kind of jamb, as in a joke: I don’t take it in my mouth, I don’t give it, and in general I have periods. Just in case, I bought three bottles of wine and fruit. We came to my room, she really liked it, everything was there, it seemed to me that even a note of envy appeared in her voice, from her words in their room many times more modest. I don’t regret money on vacation, because I had to go with my wife, when everything was decided, how and with whom, I’ll go, and I was left alone, chose this particular number, they were even cooler, but where should I be alone. We watched a comedy, laughed, drank two bottles of wine, kissed hard, and that’s when it all started. I offered her to include erotica, in fact it was very hard porn, I took it with me just in case. When the annotations for the film appeared on the screen, Lilya smiled and asked me what is eroticism for me. I was taken aback, kissed her and offered to turn off this movie. She poured us a glass of wine and forbade me to do so. We watched and talked to her. She said that her husband is from a military family and is very religious. She told me a lot about him and about herself, about her secret dreams, about rough and very hard sex, which her husband simply does not accept. To myself, I thought, are there really log men? Having comprehended the following that the idiot’s dream has come true, what her husband does not do with her and what my wife does not allow me to do with myself, I will be able to realize it with her, right now and so on. She watched the bang without stopping, as if she was studying something, said that she had not seen this before, and did not think that such a thing was being filmed. They are filming everything now and even cooler than we watched her, nothing, in my opinion, supernatural. I noticed that she was at the peak of arousal. As soon as I undressed Lilya and put my hand in her panties, she had already finished a few movements, not much of course, but I was surprised. I undressed in two seconds, she was afraid that she would do something wrong and I would not like it. Her body was simply divine, and I stood like a stake. She sucked not experienced, but with pleasure, very much wetting my penis. I asked Lilya why she was doing this, in response I heard that she wanted something unusual, something that her husband did not do with her. I was delighted. I asked: how does she feel about anal sex, what I heard was expected for me. I tried several times with a vibrator, which I found in my sister’s cabinet, while visiting her. Liked it, even finished somehow not usually. The husband does not rush her in the ass, he is disgusted. I understood everything, put her cancer and slowly inserted my healthy member from overexcitation into the anus. She gasped, and then she began to move, I forbade her, and she obediently obeyed. My cock felt very good in her ass. She also liked this business, and she was ready to finish. After several dozen blows of my balls on her labia, Lily finished off, and I wanted more. Suddenly it seemed to her dry in the ass, so she said, I did not hesitate to offer her to add saliva to my penis, she happily agreed. I didn’t think that she would subscribe to this, then I remembered, I wanted tin – get it. Pulling a member out of her butt, it is impossible to say about mirror cleanliness, but this did not bother my partner. She sucked with such pleasure, as if my pussy was smeared with honey. I got a taste, and with this thought, I fucked her from below right in the ass, figuring then let him suck an even dirtier cock. This thought aroused me greatly, by the way, too, as she told me in the process of anal sex. Lilino’s ass was already quite stretched, and she had a series of orgasms, she sucked at any of my hints of this, regardless of the purity of my penis. She really liked it. I was on edge and asked her to cum right in her mouth. Surprisingly, she didn’t hesitate much. When asked what happened, she told me that her first man had cum in her mouth once, and she didn’t know what to do with sperm. Of course, I thought to swallow, but didn’t talk about it, she suddenly finished violently again, sitting with an asshole on my penis, I helped her with my hand pulling at her clitoris and kissing her elastic breasts. She asked to lie on her back and fuck her with all her might and as deep as possible. I didn’t mind, although I was almost finished. After hammering it in the ass, he pulled out his unit and crawled into her mouth, she eagerly took it, I decided not a lot of tin would be superfluous for her. I asked if she would like to lick my ass? Nothing, without answering, she just went down, and I enjoyed how her tongue tickles my sphincter, really nice, but nothing more. Slightly distorting the shutter and putting a member in her open mouth, I finished off. There was a lot of sperm, probably about fifty grams, I haven’t had sex for a long time. Lilichka swallowed it with pleasure, like delicious yogurt.

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