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Alexey and Lena worked together in one trading company. Lena held the position of Senior Purchasing Manager, and her husband, Aleksey, was subordinate to her as a freight forwarder. They were 30 years old, they lived together for 10 years. They had no heirs yet. But they were thinking about getting them. From the outside, everything seemed to be going well in the family. And how it really was – only they know. The team at work was friendly, everyone was about the same age. Occasionally they got together as one company on holidays or for some other reason. So this time, all the colleagues were invited by Lena’s friend, Yulia. A reason was found – her brother Nikolai leaned back from places not so distant. On Friday evening, four married couples gathered at Julia’s country house. A chic table was set in the living room. All the guests, missing the relaxed atmosphere, made a noise, made noise, made toasts to Nikolai, to his new life, discussed something. In general, everyone had fun. Only one hero of the occasion was modestly sitting at a distance in an armchair, smoking a large cigar, and thinking about something of his own. By the way, he was a hefty hulk of forty years, under one meter ninety and a large stocky torso. We didn’t ask him much about his years in prison, as we were aware that he was in prison for 10 years for a drunken fight. Protecting his wife from rapists, he killed one and maimed the second. Horrible as it may seem, during the term, the wife filed for divorce and flew away to no where. It’s a pity for the man, of course, but life is a harsh thing to do nothing. Everyone was slowly recruiting alcohol, some more – some less. Lena sat among the women separately from her husband, chirped cheerfully, often made toasts, did not miss a single glass and always drank to the bottom. At first, Alexei wanted to somehow pacify his wife, but then he relaxed himself and decided – let his wife also take a break from everyday worries. Not often did they get together like that. Yes, and there are two days off ahead, there is no hurry. We planned to spend the night on a visit. All this relaxation was not in vain for Lena. Soon she got a good fit and felt sick. Julia volunteered to accompany Lena to the guest house on the estate. Together with Alexei, they brought her to the room and put her on the bed without undressing, since she could no longer do it. Alexey and Julia returned to the house. The men gathered at the table and began to play cards. Alexey was a gambler. He had a good card all the time and he won. The feast was in full swing. Men played, women talked about theirs, about women. Already time has passed in order. Julia, as the hostess of the party, controlled the situation, carefully watched everyone. Suddenly, for some reason, she remembered how Lena often complained to Yulia in private conversations that she was not satisfied with having sex with her husband. And what is wrong? – Julia asked. Yes, he is kind of lethargic in bed., Inept. Sometimes at the most crucial moment, a member lets him down. Is his penis even normal? Yes, average. True, he does a great Cooney! But I want something more. Even I myself cannot understand what exactly. So get a lover! Well, what are you talking about, friend? I’m already married! How can you? Well as you know! And I would have started! Now, having taken the drunken Lena to a separate room to rest, Yulia suddenly remembered this old conversation with her friend and she had a cunning plan. She once again looked closely at Alexei, Lena’s husband. He was still all in the game, not suspecting anything. Yulia came up behind her brother, who was sitting in an armchair, hugged him, whispered something in his ear and left the room. After a little delay, Nikolai got up and went out after his sister. Julia and her brother entered the guest house. In the corridor she said: Brother, I want to give you a living present – a sexy chick! Nikolai understood everything at once. Where is she? There – Yulia nodded at the second door. But don’t be in a hurry! I’ll prepare it for you. You will receive a ready-made candy in a sexy wrapper! They entered the room where Lena was lying on the bed, scattered about. Julia turned on the dim night light and sat down on Lena’s bed. Lena opened her eyes. How are you, my dove? Are you better now? – Julia asked her friend. Yes, thanks, it’s better – Lena answered. Here are just a little dizzy. Well, wait, or there will be more! Not only will it spin, but you will completely lose your head! – thought Julia. She lay down next to her friend, hugged her and dug a bawdy kiss into her hot lips. At the same time, Julia put her hands under her T-shirt, unbuttoned the bust, pulled it out, and began to caress Lena’s lush breasts with her hands. Lena didn’t resist. She was still under the influence of excessive alcohol consumption. On the contrary, her unsatisfied sexual desires, warmed up by Bacchus, spilled out and she responded with warmth to her friend’s caresses, fully surrendered to the all-consuming feeling of lust. Julia helped Lena to completely get rid of the disturbing clothes. She caressed the swollen breasts with her hands, lips and tongue, caressed the brown halos, deeply sucked in the large nipples and gently released them. I stroked shoulders, hips, buttocks. Lena was already breathing heavily, wriggling in sexual heating. After a while, Julia stuck her hand into her friend’s crotch. Oh, you’re already flowing, my girl! It is very good! And I brought your friend to your pussy! What other friend? What for? – waking up, Lena was alarmed. Through the intoxication in her head, awareness of the whole situation woke up, she remotely understood that something would happen that would be impossible to fix. She seemed to be standing on the edge of a bottomless abyss whose name is sex! But Her Majesty Lust has won! Julia reassured Lena: Don’t be afraid! You will find out now! You will like it very much, you fool, then you will ask for more! With these words, she turned Lena on her stomach, put a large pillow under it. Lena’s ass bulged seductively. Nikolai wasted no time. He stripped naked and waited in a chair. His large cock, yearning for female flesh, invitingly stuck out, ready for intercourse, he slightly stroked his hand in anticipation of a sweet fuck. Julia once again ran her hand into Lena’s plump vagina lips. Yes, you are already completely ready to accept the male! Kolya, ambush her, please! – Julia invited her brother with a gesture, – Enjoy! She quietly slipped out of the room, realizing that she was now superfluous. Lena did not have time to recover and did not immediately understand anything. He got up on his knees behind Lena, stretched his lush buttocks with his big hands, took his penis in his hand, ran his bare head several times from top to bottom along the wet lips and planted him into the depths that were heard. Lena gasped loudly in surprise and leaned back, even tighter sitting on the penis. He furiously began to drive his cock into her. Lena just bellowed, convulsions ran through her body, her body was bent in ecstasy and she was given towards the shocks. Her sex – partner, apparently just dragged from the situation. He fucked her with fury and passion. The saliva jerked off the womb, and she blazed with bliss. Her vagina was ugly contracted, He enjoyed the beauty’s body slowly, in a businesslike way, in full. And she went into a rage. In unconsciousness, she was in his power, in the insane lust of a strong male hungry for the female body. He put her on his penis, and she enthusiastically took him with her vagina. His penis filled her vagina completely, caressed her every fold, and this gave her indescribable pleasure, never before experienced. He held her by the hips and measuredly drove his weapon, his priap, giving her magnificent and fabulous emotions of pleasure, passion, lust and indescribable sensations that made her dizzy and dizzy. She fell into euphoria and lost her sense of time and space. The feast went on, Alexei was in constant advantage. But going out for another smoke break, he noticed that Julia was leaving the house in which his wife was sleeping. It seems to be nothing like that, but in one of the rooms the light remained on. Mentally cursing the stupid woman, he went there to turn off the lights. Approaching the door, he heard strange sounds. From the house came hums and slaps. He knew perfectly well that these were the sounds of fucking. Since they were not the only couple at the holiday, he thought that one of his friends had retired in a free room. Deciding to sneak past the naughty ones, he slowly went to the room to his wife. But to his surprise, the moans only increased. Nervously swallowing saliva, Alexey approached the door. To his horror, the groans came from their bedroom. Still hoping for a misunderstanding and in order not to provoke a scandal, he slightly opened the door to be sure of his guess. The picture presented to him confirmed the worst suspicions. His Lena was lying on the bed completely naked with a pillow tucked under her belly, protruding her lush ass, and Yulka’s brother fucked her from behind. From such a turn, Alexei fell into a stupor. This healthy uncle unceremoniously crumpled the ass of his beloved wife and drove his penis into her. Lena just mumbled, she obviously got great pleasure. The wife’s sex partner enjoyed. Probably, in the zone, apart from cocks and hands, little was shining for him, and then, having seized upon a gorgeous woman, he fucked her with such fury and passion that Alexei even looked at it. Objectively, for his age, he was excellently built and hardy. Thoughts swarmed in my head. Alexey never thought that he would find himself in such a situation. You could of course break in and try to stop, but what could he do to such a hefty guy. It was possible to raise a scandal, but ruining the reputation of yourself and your wife was also tantamount to suicide. In their work, everything was based on Lena and her authority. And who wants to deal with a slut and a cuckold. While Alexey was watching his wife’s sex with a former convict, he did not notice how the door creaked from behind. The touch of a woman’s hand and Yulin’s voice brought him out of prostration. – Lesha, do not peep, let the doves enjoy! He wanted to explode into a scandal, but fell into an even greater shock from the touch of Julia to his fly. – Heh, yes you have it! Nikolay fucks your little wife, and instead of punching your face you look with a standing dick. Come on, I’ll help you. She led him by the hand into the next room, and he trailed after her as if in a fog. Entering the room, she pushed him onto the bed and, lowering her jeans, briskly jumped saddled by Alexei. – Lena told me that you make a gorgeous Cooney! But I didn’t have a chance to try fondling with a tongue from a man. Please make me happy. And without giving it up she sat down on his face with a pussy. Recovering himself, he began to turn his face away, but her hand grabbed his hair and his ass literally fell on his face. At the same time, her hands penetrated into his pants and began to caress his cock. – Lesha, please, caress me – was heard from above. In the end, his wife is fucked by another man, and Yulka, although after giving birth was not the most ugly woman, and then it was necessary to refuse earlier, and not follow her. With these thoughts exhaling and letting the waves go free, he pressed his lips to her clitoris. She had huge lips and it was quite easy to caress them. And the clitoris was so large that he did not even lick it, but sucked it. It took quite a long time to work, he felt like he caressed her for about twenty minutes. Finally, Julia was shaking in orgasm and finished on his face. Being in fierce excitement, he turned her over on his stomach and began to attach a member to her pussy. Realizing that he wants to fuck her, Yulia pulled out from under him, pulling on her pants on the go. “Thank you Leshik and I’m sorry, but I’m married. Nikolai will finish with Lena – you will stick it on her. Alexey returned to the house. He was in a bad mood. How to live on, what to do, he still had no idea. In addition to all, he was in the strongest sexual arousal, firstly, from the unsatisfied desire to fuck Yulia, but to a much greater extent from the scene of her wife’s intercourse with a stranger, which struck him. He could not imagine such a thing even in a dream. He categorically refused to play as he understood that he would lose on an emotional breakdown. He drained several glasses of cognac without a snack. Julia noticed this and sat down next to him. Putting her hand on his shoulder, she said: Lesh, don’t be so busy! Please forgive me! She wanted it herself! Well, you’re a grown man! Understand that you cannot arrange sex like Nikolai for your wife. He hasn’t tried a live cunt for 10 years! And your wife? Even in a prim, faithful wife there is a little imp of depravity, which you just need to be able to release to freedom, and then she will become a devil in bed! Already forty minutes had passed when Nikolai suddenly entered the room. Now he looked like a contented, contented person, whether a smile or a smirk never left his face. It was already quite late. The guests began to disperse to their rooms. Well, go already to your faithful, Lesha! I suppose she is waiting for the continuation! Enjoy your sex! – Julia quipped. Alexey came to the room in the guest house. Lena was lying on the bed in the same position in which Nikolai had fucked her – on her stomach, on a large pillow. This was her favorite position in sex with her husband. Olya was still in euphoria from crazy sex. She had never experienced such a high! Alexei had no idea that Lena blurted out about this position to Yulia, which she used. In the dim light against the background of the matte buttocks, Lena’s plump, slightly spreading large labia were red. They glistened from the flowing thin, viscous trickle of semen. Alexey, being at the limit of sexual arousal, tore off all his clothes, at first he wanted to press his lips to the vulva, but then suddenly changing his mind, he put a member sticking out with a stake and began to take root. The member entered very easily, sliding over Nikolai’s semen. Alexei began to sharply push the penis into the vagina. The inside was flooded. There was a lot of sperm. Alexei guessed that the sex partner had been lowered more than once. But this did not stop her husband. He continued to violently fuck his wife. Lena woke up, began to moan and lean back, towards the penis. Alexey, to his surprise, finished very quickly. They embraced and fell asleep. The morning was heavy hangover for Alexey. His wife, on the other hand, even seemed to blossom! Despite the poor condition of yesterday from excessive alcohol, a crimson blush played on her cheeks. She was cheerful, chirped all the time, sometimes guiltily looked into her husband’s eyes. This did not go unnoticed for Alexey. Alexei considered the further stay at a party uncomfortable and hastened to go home with his wife. At home they had a detailed heart-to-heart talk. Alexey asked: Lena! You cheated on me ?! How could you? – Leshenka, my dear, my beloved! I love you without memory! I didn’t cheat on you! It was Julia the bitch who set everything up! – You conspired with her! – Alexey shouted. – Leshenka, my dear! I didn’t mean it, really! They just used my fortune! I have extenuating circumstances! – Well, yes – softening! And who moaned and wriggled with pleasure? Well tell me, tell me: he has a big dick ?! Does he have more than me? Does he fuck better? Seeking recognition, Alexei himself, without noticing it, became more and more inflamed. Everything was confused with him – rage, jealousy, wild lust. The details of his wife’s intercourse with a stranger’s man, seen yesterday, came to my mind all the time. And the strange thing – this memory awakened in him a wild desire for sex – right now. Here. His cock was bloodshot, heaving, begging out of his clothes to go out. Alexey, not remembering himself, tore off his clothes and threw his wife on the bed, began to pull off her robe. Lena didn’t resist. She gave herself up to her fate. She felt that her husband was ready to forgive her. She pushed Alexei’s head to her pussy, spread her legs wide, leaving all of herself for the caresses of Cooney. Alexey began to please Lena with his lips and tongue. She was also very aroused. This whole conversation also reminded her of the wonderful moments of stunning sex with a new partner and she finished pretty quickly. Alexey all this time, not looking up from Lenin’s pussy, suffered in the strongest erection. As soon as she exploded into orgasm, he immediately complemented her sweet sensations by introducing his penis into her vagina. She began to give her pussy towards. After a while they finished at the same time. Lena thought that the reconciliation was over. However, she was not entirely sure of this. The next day and all week, the couple tried not to remember this curious sexual adventure anymore. However, neither Lena nor Alexei could completely get rid of the memories of this. Each of the spouses was completely at the mercy of their memories, but the thoughts of both invariably returned to the events of that sexual night. Lena over and over again scrolled the entire sexual intercourse with Nikolai to the smallest details in her inflamed brain, and this made her feel at ease, she wanted to fly, her lower abdomen immediately warmed up, this warmth spread throughout her body and awakened the desire to repeat everything again. Alexei more and more often caught himself thinking that the memory of this unusual sex between his wife and another man greatly arouses him, arouses lust, the penis rises only from the thought that another’s penis entered his wife. Gradually, Alexei’s jealousy went somewhere. He didn’t want any changes in his life. It was possible to leave Lena out of jealousy and then everything that was established would fly into the abyss: housing, work, family. He realized that there is one way to calmness – to stop worrying about what cannot be changed. You just need to enjoy life. It’s Monday, a busy day at work. This left no time for any memories. However, one cannot escape the past. Especially if they remind you of it. And it happened. Choosing a convenient moment, Yulia invited Lena to the kitchen. Over a cup of coffee, she began “interrogation with addiction”: Helen, my dear friend! How are your impressions? What is a man, huh? I think you finished under it more than once !? Tell me honestly – is it better than having a husband? Lena was embarrassed by unexpected questions, her whole face was covered with red spots, her breath caught in her throat. After a pause, she said: Yulka! Why did you set all this up? What are you? God be with you! – answered Julia. Well, remember: you yourself told me that my husband is not happy, I want someone else! And then the opportunity presented itself. I wanted the best for you! No, well, you honestly admit – does he have a bigger penis than your faithful? Nikolai is a prominent guy, handsome! And the torso ?! And the muscles ?! Tell me, did you like it? In general, Lenka, I envy you! Such sex! 2 men – one in a thrill, the second in continuation! Yul, that’s enough about that! – Lena interrupted the conversation. Well as you know! On the rest of the days, Julia and Lena did not start a conversation on this topic. However, on Friday, towards the end of the day, she pulled Lena aside and said: You know, Lena, this is the case: my brother has a strong crush on you! You sunk into his soul and especially fuck! He really wants to meet with you again, to communicate intimately. No – Lena answered. Julia: Wait you! Do not rush! Think well! Lena: What will I tell my husband? Julia: Husband – ate pears! Lena, you really decide somehow: or “No!” , or “What will you tell your husband?” In general, Nikolai is stubborn – if he decided something, he will achieve his goal! Well, I think so, within the meaning of the second part of your doubts, that you really want to meet Nikolai, but you don’t know how to tell your husband about it. Don’t worry about it! I thought of everything. You and Alexei will come to visit me out of town with an overnight stay, just four of us will sit – me, Nikolai and you, will have a drink, chat, get to know each other better. Although what I mean – you already know him very closely! Don’t be offended – I was joking. Well, then the guest house is completely at your disposal. Lesha will make you a gorgeous Cooney, prepare you. Well, and you tell him: Lesha, now there will be a surprise – the lover will come and put me in bed, and then you will continue! You knock on the battery with your magic wand and it will come! Yulka, you are a fool! You yourself are a fool! Well, how to arrange it so that everyone is happy? In general, no objection, we are waiting for you today at 8 pm. Further it will be seen what and how. During this conversation, Lena felt all the time how her clitoris and labia were filling with blood, butterflies fluttered in the lower abdomen and she flowed thickly. At home, Lena did not say anything to her husband about her friend’s detailed plan. She only said that she was calling for a gathering. It seemed strange to Alexei. Previously, Julia did not invite them and Lena together, they usually gathered in a large company, and then suddenly it was! In the evening, at the appointed time, Lena and Alexei arrived at Yulia’s. Nikolai met them at the entrance. He presented Lena with a bouquet of gorgeous roses, gallantly kissed her hand. With Alexey, they exchanged a weak handshake. Lena didn’t know how to behave out of embarrassment. She blushed all over, her face flushed. And then Alexei realized that this visit was organized for a reason. He immediately remembered the events of last weekend and his penis began to swell with blood treacherously quickly, bulging out in his trousers. Julia fluttered out behind the porch, chirped: How glad we are to see you! And we have heated your bathhouse! Let’s go straight there! Everyone went to the bathhouse, which was located next to the guest house. The bathhouse was recently built and Aleksey and Lena have not yet been there. Julia, as a guide, showed the guests to two doors: Here we have a billiard room, if anyone wants to drive balls into the pocket – the hostess said with a smile unambiguously. Well, here’s a lounge. Alexei somehow caught the spirit of sex here, and hard, indefatigable sex. He realized that his wife would be fucked by this alpha male and he, Lena’s husband, was destined for the role of an observer. But what role – observer or participant – he had to decide for himself. A table was set in the dressing room, on which, in addition to light snacks and fruits, there was a bottle of expensive champagne. Well, dear guests, have a seat! Everyone sat down at a table, drank a glass of champagne, which after a while relaxed everyone. Lena sat with downcast eyes and did not dare to look at Nikolai in front of her husband. He did not take his eyes off Lena, it was clear that in his thoughts he undressed her and devoured her lustfully. Now let’s go to the steam room – Yulia called. Chur, girls are the first! He and Lena quickly naked and dived into the steam room. Five minutes later they came out, flushed from head to toe, steamed, wrapped in sheets. From them emanated a pleasant alluring smell of some fragrant herbs. The men undressed and also went to the steam room. Here, for the first time, Alexei saw a lover’s penis, which was much larger. They took a steam bath and went to the dressing room. – Oh guys! – Julia exclaimed – I forgot – I have urgent business in my house! I’ll leave you for an hour. You have fun here without me! – Lesha! Can you come with me? I need your help. My Sasha left for the city, it will be late. And I urgently need to move the cabinet. Alexey reluctantly went out after Yulia. They came into the house, Julia took Alexei into the kitchen: Let’s have some coffee while they have some fun there! Get used to it, Lesha, get used to it! Now he will be a friend of your family and he will fuck your Lena regularly! And now she cannot live without him! I would advise you: in order for Lena to fully enjoy Nikolai, you prepare her well before intercourse, do her kuni. She will open up to him in full, will give herself all to the bottom and he will be high and she will enjoy herself from the heart! They sat a little longer. Alexei was silent. He considered the situation. Julia interrupted the silence: Lesha, well, go already, probably. And you miss the most interesting thing! Alexey entered the dressing room. There was no one there. Lena’s loud moans were heard from behind the ajar door of the recreation room, turning into screams. Lena stood near the bed with her back to the door. With one knee, she rested on the edge of the bed. The other leg was on the floor. She rested her arms on the bed. Her vagina was wide open and attracted the eye. Nicholas deeply sweeping jerks planted his rearing member. From time to time Lena turned with Nikolai and they merged in a hot kiss. Their tongues intertwined, then Lena turned away and took a member over and over. Alexey admired the charming picture of intercourse. After a while, Lena and Nikolai finished together and fell on the bed. Alexei sat down at a table, poured champagne, drank in one gulp and sat in aloof reverie. Lena and Nikolai left the room and went to the shower. Lena, refreshed, went up to Alexei, took him by the hand and led him into the room. Leshenka, my dear! Please forgive me! Make me Cooney! Please! Alexei habitually settled down between his wife’s legs and began to caress her pussy. Lena, being in strong arousal, quickly approached orgasm. From time to time she strongly squeezed Alexey’s head with her legs, fought in pre-orgasmic convulsions. At that moment Nikolai entered the room. He was completely naked. His cock was sticking out with a stake, the head was naked, glistening with grease. He moved closer to the spouses, knelt down, tried to push Alexei aside. But then something extraordinary happened. Alexei suddenly broke away from Lena’s vulva, unexpectedly for himself and for everyone, took Nikolai’s penis into his mouth, licked his head with his tongue, made several sucking movements, then took the lover’s penis in his hand and sent it into his wife’s vagina. Nikolay planted his penis all the way, made several movements. Lena howled and exploded into a powerful orgasm. Nikolai continued to torment her vagina with his large penis. With each push, Lena shuddered, screamed with pleasure. Her orgasm lasted for a few more seconds until Nikolai drained cum into her. At this time, Alexey, watching the intercourse, furiously jerked off his penis with his hand. He finished at the same time with partners, sperm splashed on the legs of his wife, Nikolai, the remnants spread out into a puddle on the sheets. This is how Alexei’s first acquaintance with a family friend took place.

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