Bodybuilder wench gets his share of workout

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My friend Laura is a very effective girl. Medium height, beautiful, short-cropped hair, an appetizing figure and a large chest. Once we were sitting at my house, drinking martinis and, as usual, discussing the men. Lorca said that she never had anal sex. I glanced over her ass and suddenly felt that I was starting up. I had never felt attracted to a girl before, but at that moment I realized that I could not continue to live peacefully if I did not try this forbidden fruit. Everything turned out to be easier than ever, I sent her to the store for another bottle, and at that time I found sleeping pills that somehow they prescribed to me during stress, pounded and poured into her glass. In general, she swallowed everything safely and after a while fell asleep. I unhurriedly undressed Lorca, leaving only beige stockings and panties of the same color on her. Taking a large sofa cushion, I put it on the floor, set the sweetly sleeping beauty over it so that she was on her elbows and knees, and the cushion would not let her go down. She fixed this position of her properly, more reliably, built a gag (an unusual thing and took quite a long time) and put it in her mouth. Then she took out of the closet her personal belongings for sex: 2 artificial members, larger and smaller, a leather whip, which causes severe pain, but does not leave marks on the body. She sat down and waited for Laura to wake up. When she opened her eyes, for a long time she could not understand what was happening, horror froze in her eyes. I went up to her and, sitting next to her, began to roughly crush her breasts. Lorca twitched. This was an incentive for me. I took a whip and gave it 20 blows to the ass. How she squirmed! It was a beautiful sight. Then I returned to her breasts, began to caress her, pulling at her nipples. Lorca did not dare to resist, she did not move, only tears flowed down her cheeks, but her suffering did not bother me much. Having played enough with her tits, I freed her mouth, she immediately began to lament and beg her to let go. “Baby,” I said to her, “If you don’t shut up, then I’ll beat you up so that it won’t seem a little. Be an obedient girl, and everything will be fine.” Of course, the baby shut up. Why, she shouldn’t shut up. “Now I will deprive your ass of virginity, otherwise it’s enough to walk in girls” – I laughed. Lorca roared and began to ask not to do anything with her. But again, who cares about these requests? Ignoring her snot, I settled down next to her ass. Slowly pulled off her panties, and in the process she whimpered so funny in tears that I could not help laughing. To warm up, I caressed her clitoris, penetrated her fingers and examined everything. Then I shoved a rather long and large cock in her pussy, Lorca howled in a voice, but nothing, the most pleasant is yet to come. I fucked her a little with this huge member, listened to her plaintive moans, they sounded like music in my ears. Now it’s time to open her ass. At first I wanted to lubricate her anus, but then I decided that Lorca would experience the whole range of sensations. Putting the second member to the hole in her ass, I sharply drove it inside to the full length. Lorca screamed so that she was probably heard on the street. I diligently moved a member in her ass, immersing it entirely, then completely removing it, letting the ring of the anus close and again driving the member. When I properly stretched her hole, I made both members snug inside her, sat in front of her face, pulled off her panties and, waving a whip, ordered Lorca to lick me. The friend, who still remembered the blows of the leather whip, set to work. Out of fear, she parted so much that I quickly got the long-awaited orgasm. Then another and another. Lastly, Lorca licked the hole of my ass, diligently working with her tongue. Finally, I pulled the members out of her, massaged her anus with my finger and freed her. Having dressed, Lorca went home, but, of course, she returned, because she longed to see me in my place, but I will tell you about this next time. That’s how I deprived my friend of anal virginity.

Author: rendteam