Brutal muscular sweetie poses surrounded by chains

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It was evening, there was nothing. My neighbor, for an hour, tried to persuade some woman, from a tinder, to send him a photo of boobs, and I drank beer and stuck in the tape. Everyone left for the holidays and our hostel was empty. One got the impression that besides us, there was only a watch, at the checkpoint. My roommate Sasha and I found a job and tried to save up a little money over the summer, so we did not go to our small homelands like everyone else. Alexander considered himself an irresistible macho man and loved to show off his demand for women, so I have listened more than once to long, obviously embellished stories about his alleged love exploits. “I’m texting with two chicks,” Sasha said suddenly. – They, hike, are already drunk and do not mind coming to visit us. How are you, in general …? I nodded in the affirmative. Why not. There is nothing to do. The neighbor quickly unsubscribed to his friends, indicated the place where to drive up and promised to go to the meeting. His mood, as well as mine, improved a little – the evening became more interesting. – One’s name is Vika, the other I don’t know, but both are in the pictures – nothing. Sasha had a very broad concept of feminine beauty, in other words, my neighbor was ready to fuck anything that moved. He showed me profiles of one and the other, and the girls were not third-rate. We began to prepare for the arrival of guests: tidied up the room, went to the shower. Sasha went outside to meet the girls, and I took out a bottle of vodka from the freezer. – Meet, this is my neighbor Victor, and this is Victoria and Yaroslava, – Sasha introduced everyone when he returned to the room with two drunken mares. The chicks were older than our age – clearly not students. They were both expensively dressed and smelled delicious. I don’t know how Sasha led them past the watchman’s grandmother … The guests came not with empty hands, but with a liter of steep whiskey. We got to know each other and started drinking. It turned out that both friends are in their thirties, and one of them is even married. To the question, “what are they – adults, family women, doing here”, the girls answered directly, “we are looking for a couple of strong dicks”. We were neighing, like “you ladies, you got in successfully”, which the ladies wanted to be sure of immediately. The one Victoria, a skinny blonde, climbed on Sasha, and her friend, Yaroslava, took my hand and put it on her boob. My penis immediately tensed and I, deciding not to put it on the back burner, stood up to my full height, lowered my shorts, took out my clarinet and offered my partner not to play him. She was not taken aback and, moving to the edge of the bed, took it in her mouth. I grabbed the woman by the head and began to force her to swallow deeper, which she seemed to even like. It was she, Yaroslava, who was married and now, in fact, cheated on her husband, for whatever reason. While my dick was in the mouth of this whore, everything else did not pass me. Alexander and Vika fought in the gums, on the next bed, and I already put Yaroslav with cancer and simultaneously unsealed a condom. – No need for gum, I’m on pills, so fuck, – commanded the gambler, who could not wait for me to enter it. Throwing the half-open prezik aside, I pressed the chick on the back with one hand and introduced the member into her pussy, helping myself with the other hand. From the very first shocks, Yaroslava whined as if eternity had not fucked. It’s good that there were no neighbors behind the wall, and no one heard this scream, otherwise the police would have already been called. I tore the hide from behind, and she rested her hands and face against the wall. The old bunk creaked and barely kept its integrity. In the meantime, another couple tried to move on to intercourse, but so far, to no avail. Skinny Vika fidgeted on my neighbor, who, for some reason, did not stand as expected. The tense Alexander squeezed the bony ass of his partner, licked the nipples of her small tits, and seemed to have already penetrated inside, but neither he nor the skinny one on him enjoyed it. Unlike them, on our front everything was just fucking. Yaroslava, with a grateful look, as if I saved her from hunger, looked at me over her shoulder. She was ready to finish and did not restrain herself in this impulse. When the girl was covered by an orgasm, she jumped off my penis and lay on her side, convulsing. I gave her those seconds of pleasure, but I myself had not finished yet and was ready to continue. Therefore, we started playing the little engine with my bedding. I threw her legs over my shoulders, wrapped my arms around my waist and in this position, continued to fuck. I drove in full length and my balls beat against the fleshy girl’s ass. Having warmed up properly, I took the girl by the curly knickers with one hand and squeezed them so that Yaroslava’s skin tightened on her face. She was both painful and pleasant at the same time. She breathed alcohol fumes on me and it made me very angry. In the end, I grabbed a pillow and put it on the girl’s face. I didn’t press too hard, but it seemed the whore was starting to choke. Frightened, I wanted to take the pillow away from my face, but Yaroslava, now by herself, strangled herself with it. Allowing her to decide for herself, I focused on the mucking vagina and even more zealously began to screw up my ward. Through the pillow, I heard a dull hum, and from the bosom of the girl, a fountain of hot urine began to beat. Yaroslava finished a second time. Not wanting to restrain the tension anymore, I fucked my cumming body and finished myself. I’ve poured so much of my seed into that cunt that it’s not clear if her contraceptive will help her. Yaroslava pulled the pillow off her face and lay there, trying to catch her breath. Sitting down at the table and knocking over a glass of whiskey brought by the girls, I watched as my neighbor was ready to burst into tears from the fact that he could not do anything with this beauty. Usually, in his words, he is a god in bed, and then his scepter let him down. Finally realizing that she would not wait for a vigorous fuck from Sasha, Victoria looked with envy at her more successful, well-fucked friend. – Help your friend, – Vika turned to me. “You see, he’s not doing anything. She took my hand and pulled me towards her. – Come on, fuck me well! – No, I don’t want to, I’m already okay. – At least someone will plant me here? – Vika was upset by the tangled tongue. Discouraged, Sasha stopped trying and just lay under the girl sitting on him. An angry but dissatisfied chick was ready to do anything to finally get to the end, and I took advantage of it. – Come on in the ass. – No, let’s go to pussy first, and then wherever you want. I insisted that if she gave me her ass, then only on such terms would I fuck her. Victoria got down on all fours and gave me her ass. I don’t like skinny people, but this hole turned me on. I became even more excited by the thought of my neighbor who was watching us at the moment. I was so fed up with his stories about himself beautiful that today’s failure, I even amused. Despite the recent orgasm, my cock was stuck again. I spread my hands on the bony buns of a woman’s ass, spat on her sphincter and began to push my penis inside the anus. When I entered fully, I took the whore by the hair with one hand and began to fuck, picking up the pace. For the first time today, Vika was getting high. She put her hand between her legs and fingered her clit with her fingers. While I was fucking Vikin’s ass, I felt that Yaroslava, who had come to, was trying to get into my anus with her tongue. Since I moved my pelvis a lot, she was not good at it. I did not pay attention to what was happening behind, because I was completely mesmerized by the rough Vikina priest. The point was so tight that I finished very quickly. Having taken a portion of sperm in anal sex, Vika turned sharply to face me and began to suck the rest of cum out of my dick. Like her friend, she really enjoyed sucking. While the chick was polishing my dick, the discharge from her ass began to drain onto Alexander, who was still lying under her. – Clean my ass, – the impudent bitch threw in the direction of Sasha mockingly. – At least some will do with you. To my surprise, instead of sending it in three letters, Sasha began poking his fingers into the ass hanging over his face, from which a white, thick liquid flowed abundantly. Sucking Victoria was joined by her married friend, and they continued to lick my trunk and balls in two mouths. – Now in Mandu, you promised! Vika got out on the table with her ass and spread her legs wide. I introduced, not yet fully strengthened, a member into her, but in the course of fucking, my fighter became bloodshot again. Having fucked this skin in this position, for about ten minutes, I took it under my knees, lifted it off the table and began to push it onto the piston. Victoria put her arms around my neck and moaned loudly in my ear. Through her shoulder, I saw my neighbor watching all this and masturbating. Vika was not heavy, but soon my hands became numb, to keep her suspended. To make it more comfortable, I put the girl on the bed and continued to tear her in the missionary position. The bitch got so excited that she scratched my entire back, and at the moment of orgasm, sank her nails under my skin. When she finished, she wrapped her legs around me so that I could penetrate her as deeply as possible. I was about to continue with Vika, but Yaroslava intervened, who again wanted to fuck. She became cancer, between me and Victoria. – Fill me up again! Expecting my invasion of her bosom, Yaroslava began to lick her friend’s pussy. Thus, a threesome was organized. And only Alexander remained an indifferent observer. Already with the last of my strength I tore one, she licked the second – all three of us got lost and prepared for the final. I saw how at first Vika was bent over, lying on her back and squirting right in the face of her friend, and then I felt the shuddering of Yaroslava’s body, ending on my dick. I decided that it was time to please myself and, once again for today, copiously slammed into the pussy of a married woman. Before leaving, Vika took my phone number. We did not see off the guests. I went to the shower, and when I returned, I saw that my neighbor was lying face to the wall, curled up in a ball. I put out the light and also lay down to rest.

Author: rendteam