Muscular beauty with juicy melons and a sweet cunt

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Hello. Everything that I will tell you was with me. I’m 34, my name is Marina, a natural blonde, a good figure, a C-grade breast. She has been married for 14 years. My husband’s name is Sergei, 7 years older than me. It all started a long time ago, at 21 I gave birth and something happened in my body. I wanted something special in sex. Sex with her husband is regular, but everything is ordinary. This is what I blame for everything that happened next. And then an accident happened during the New Year holidays. It happened when I was about 25-26 years old. That is, for four years I was looking for a zest and could not find it. We walked with my husband’s friend Vadim and his wife Masha. The husbands got drunk and fell asleep, while Masha and I still drank wine and talked. The conversation turned to figures and Masha showed me her breasts, as if for an assessment, everything would be fine, but I stroked it, and suddenly I felt excited. Masha noticed this and, laughing, dragged me into the bedroom, where she undressed and I saw her all. In general, we were engaged in lesbians. First I licked her, then she. Both finished in position 69. I liked it, everything was unusual. For a long time I remembered the smell and taste of her pussy. About a month later, I went to their house, knowing that Vadim was at work, and Masha was at home. After drinking tea, I said that I could not forget that evening and would like to repeat it. Masha reacted very coldly to this proposal, saying that then she was drunk and did not want to do this anymore. I barely persuaded her to let me lick her at least one last time. Masha reluctantly agreed, and I had to lick her right in the kitchen, Masha just lifted her legs, and I sank on the floor in front of her. We didn’t even undress, I just moved her panties and licked her pussy like that. She finished, but I flatly refused to lick. Another year passed, I masturbated, imagining that Masha was licking me, that my boss was fucking me, that I was being raped at the entrance, forcing three men to suck in turn. I was very excited, but all this is just a fantasy … My husband noticed that I often retire and began to ask questions. We were always frank with him, and I told him about my fantasies (except for Masha). I was surprised to see how he was excited. From that day on, when having sex, he asked what I imagine, and I told him about my fantasies. At the same time he and I finished passionately. He bought me a dildo and my masturbation took to the next level. Moreover, my husband began to be present at my masturbation, and watched me with pleasure, while jerking off his cock, saying that it all excites him. As time went on, I was already 28, respectable madam. And again the case. My husband has a sister, Oksana, then studied at a technical school, in my second year. Sometimes she ran to visit, just a girl. On her visit, I washed some kind of rags (I don’t remember now), she ate and told me something went into my bathroom. Summer, heat, my husband is not there and I was rinsing something in my panties, bending over the bathroom. I did not immediately notice that Oksana sometimes becomes silent for a long time and breathes suspiciously. Imperceptibly I began to observe her in the mirror and saw how her hand slipped between her legs under the dress, and her gaze was directed either to my drooping chest, or to my ass. I was even poured over with heat all over. I felt a sweet ache in my lower abdomen. A minute later (and was not) I turned to her. She managed to pull her hand out, but there was a frightened, confused expression on her face that immediately betrayed her. – Oksan, you like my breasts, – I asked as casually as possible. – Normal breasts, Aunt Marin, – and embarrassedly lowered eyes. “Aunt Marine,” I thought, “Although I’m 10 years older than her.” – Do you want to touch her? – I heard my voice as if from a barrel, I did not expect this from myself. Oksana looked at me frightened, sometimes lowering her eyes to my already swollen nipples. Unexpectedly, even for myself, I took her hands and put them on my chest. – Do not be afraid, there is nothing wrong with that, – cutting off my way back, I said in a voice shrunken with excitement. Oksana clumsily began to knead my breasts, touching my nipples and making me even more pleasant. Seeing that she was looking at me below the waist, where my pussy began to get wet under the panties, I nervously laughed took her hand and led her into the room. Her palms were wet from everything that was happening, and her face was frozen in surprise. She clearly did not expect this from Aunt Marina. In the room, I sat down on the sofa and sat Oksana next to me. – The nipples should be a little pressed down with your fingers, – I said again putting her hands on my chest. After a while, caressing my chest, Oksana said something. – Didn’t understand what? – Can I look “there” with you? – Oksana looked at me, showing me with her eyes below my belly at my panties. “God, what am I doing. She is my husband’s sister, a girl still …” But pisya demanded a denouement, the excitement only grew. I got up and took off my panties and sat down on the sofa, ready for anything. I sat Oksana on the floor, where she sat with her legs tucked under her and looking at me with wide eyes. It was evident that she was also excited, but still did not believe what was happening to the end. – Look, – I spread my legs, placing my feet on the sofa. Now my pussy was in front of Oksana’s face, very close, in all its glory. I do not shave my pussy at all, I just make sure that the hair grows neatly, the pubis and large lips are covered with hair, but they do not overgrow to the point of disgrace. Oksana froze in front of my letters and breathed heavily. Her hand, as usual, slipped between her legs, no longer paying attention to me. “You can touch it if you want,” I heard myself say. Oksana looked at me and held out her hand to my pussy. Feeling her touch, I could no longer restrain myself and, groaning, leaned towards her with my whole body. Oksana caressed me with her fingers ineptly, but diligently. “Would you like to kiss me there?” I asked in a trembling voice, secretly begging her to do it. Oksana looked at me frightened, not knowing what to do, and I took it upon myself. Taking her by the head, I pulled her face towards me and pressed it so that her mouth buried itself in my pussy. – Try to lick your tongue, you will like it, you should like it, lick me all up, – I could no longer restrain myself from being excited. Feeling Oksanin’s tongue licking me, I leaned back and groaned. After 5 minutes I finished. I explained to Oksana that nothing terrible happened, that women sometimes do this if they like it. It turns out that she had an experience with a friend at the technical school once, but she did not understand anything. It was in the gym locker room. And two days later Oksana came again and embarrassedly asked to give her a lick. From that day on, the meetings became regular. Oksana came when her husband was not at home and licked me, becoming more and more experienced. I licked her only once, but she liked that she licked, not hers, and that was fine with me. By the way, we still meet sometimes, although Oksana got married. This is not the whole story about me, then it is also a case, but he turned my life around, and I found myself in “this”. So to be continued …

Author: rendteam