Muscular guy fucks expensive prostitute

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– Hi what’s your name? – casting a glance at the slightly peeking panties from under the skirt begins the interview of the reporter. – Vika! – Vika answered slyly smiling. She then deliberately spread her legs so as to embarrass a reporter from a serious newspaper. She generally liked it when they looked like that between her legs. – Vikusya, I want to tell you right away, speak frankly! I will cut a lot afterwards. – OK – Tell us a little about yourself! – I am 20 years old, I have been earning money for two years now acting in films for adults. I get incredible pleasure from this. I have no boy. I don’t want children. I want to fuck! More precisely, to be fucked. – Tell me how did you get into this profession? – Nuuuu … I discovered hypersexuality from an early age. At 18 years old. I just couldn’t help thinking about sex. I just dreamed that someone would shove me. I really wanted to feel the member in me. I had a boy. But they brought me up so that virginity can only be lost after marriage. With this boy, I have neither. But not in those moments! The first time I sucked him was at the entrance. We stood alone, kissed, he got up as usual. I got aroused, my nipples stood up, I would have been a little drunk, I would have given myself up … Then he began to put pressure on my shoulders and lower me down. I immediately understood what he wanted, and I also realized that I was going to suck! He took off his pants along with underpants, then I felt this smell, the smell of a man’s penis. I immediately wanted to take it in my mouth. I thought I was caressing him, noooo, I just wanted to suck him. And I swallowed it as best I could, but I could not be strong. By the way, I still haven’t learned. It didn’t take long to suck. A minute later, I felt his head twitch slightly, and his mouth filled with something warm. At this moment I almost finished myself! I swallowed quickly, I didn’t like the taste. This continued until the age of 19. I sucked the same guy several times a week. – And then what? How did you get into porn and when you lost your virginity. – the girl reporter herself began to get excited, vulgar thoughts were already sparkling in her blonde head. And Vika also showed her panties even more. – Then something terrible happened! I celebrated my birthday. We were a small company, four boys and three girls including me and my boyfriend. We drank a lot, the girls went home. And the boys wanted to continue. I drank some more, but this time purely in the male company. She became completely drunk. And I really wanted sex and my boyfriend too. Then he took me to a spare room. I was excited with anticipation. This is the moment. The moment has come when they fuck me, when I feel a member inside me. The moment that I have been waiting for for several years. My little pink pussy is all flowing. I was on fire. But she was terribly drunk. She quickly undressed and fell on the bed and spread her legs. My boy thrust his cock into me, it hurt just a little. But that feeling when you are fucked covers all pains imaginable to humanity! He fucked me, I lay and moaned quietly. Then he took it out and finished on my tummy. He finished so quickly that I didn’t even think that everything would be so fast. Finished and left! A minute later his friends dropped by. Oh my God! I thought. What will happen right now. If they fuck me I’ll be a whore. But the vodka, which hit me in the head, did not let me get up from sweating and the feeling of dissatisfaction demanded to continue. Continuations happened. Are they going to fuck me all together. Noooo. It too. But she couldn’t do anything. I was already fucked next to my boyfriend. I felt very good at that moment. When he finished. The sperm flew to the face. He covered me with cum from tummy to face. Then the next one came. And he started to fuck too. The fourth could not resist and began to poke my mouth. Mom, how good it is. One worked in my pussy. And the second was thrust into my mouth. I just opened it harder, I could not suck, I was very drunk. He just fucked me in the mouth. They both ended up on me. One on the stomach, the other on the face. I lay in the same position all the time. Then they went off to drink vodka. And I lay there and rubbed the sperm over my body. And I heard voices from the kitchen – “here she is a whore.” All this brand is forever. But I felt so good drunk, fucked, smearing sperm. And the fact that after that they would call me a gutter did not bother me. I wanted to be a crush! I wanted to give to everyone. It’s just that the feeling when you are covered in semen, the smell of these bolts, it’s all indescribable. – Wow! How did you not get pregnant after that !? – Yes, I’m surprised myself, it would be fun to figure out dad later. – laughs. – Well, how did you get into porn? – I got on the trail of porn. the same week. The phone was given by a friend. I called and said: – A girl of 19 years old, beautiful, slender, I want to be fucked and given money for this. The man on the other side laughed, offered to be a prostitute and hung up. But I immediately threw away the profession of a prostitute. Insecure, little money, and in general I wanted to be a porn star! On the trail. day he calls. And he says that he urgently needs to replace one girl. She was supposed to be filming an anal scene with a black man who has a big dick for a movie something like: “Black bastard in a small white ass.” And I …… thought again. I thought that I was a gimp, I have a stamp on me. And I can’t see another life except on the porn scene. All I was thinking about was sex. And I agreed. She said that I was still in the ass, they didn’t care there, they said they didn’t come, we’ll figure it out on the spot. – Did you go? – Sure! After the conversation, I went to the bathroom, gave myself an enema and began to work out a hole for myself. At first it was a little painful, not even painful, just unpleasant. First, I put one finger in there, then the other. I tried frictions. I even felt pleased. She began to masturbate with the other hand. I felt very good and did not notice how I plunged four fingers into the ass and calmly wielded there. Great, I thought, that’s enough for today. There will be no problems tomorrow, that negritosik will fuck me in the ass as if nothing had happened. When I came to them. This is an ordinary apartment … Well, everyone starts with this. It’s me right now …. star! I get fucked several times a day at the best studios. That means I arrived, I go in, and there this is NOT a negritosik. And just negrische healthy, should already naked, with this, eeeeetim. He has such a dick! Oh my god, I think. My ass, what will happen to her. These are not four fingers that I shoved myself in the bathroom yesterday. Here are all eight! I was told that everything will be ok! Ok so ok. I undressed. I was put with cancer. They applied lubricant around, pushed straight into the hole. In general, they prepared. Then the motorrrrr sounded. And the Negro began to enter into me! He leaned his cock against my ass, and began to press. But the member never entered. Then the director winked at him that they say try it sharply. Then how he will introduce me! Aaaaaaaa. I screamed, fell on my side, lay and it hurt a lot. Everyone laughed and explained that this is normal and right now he will thrust you again, and fuck you like a pussy! Attempt two. He shoved! Indeed, the pain was gone, but his cock, his cock! He was so huge. I couldn’t even move, he slowly led him back and forth, almost the entire length. Only I moved a little, felt pain. What was moving there, I could hardly even breathe. He fucked deeper and faster. The pain was gone. Only the feeling that your ass is filled with this big hose with every friction. How good it was at that moment. I forgot what was in the studio. There was only him, this big dick in my ass. I caressed my breasts, clitoris. She closed her eyes and stood on all fours in ecstasy! Then I felt some kind of jolt in the priest, felt it clearly, because his penis filled me all over and there was no place for anything else in it. Then another push, and another. He’s finished! My ass was filled with sperm! I immediately remembered the feeling when I was finished off at my birthday. It was a somewhat similar feeling, but different! Also wonderful. Now the negrito, from whom he immediately fell, held his penis a little longer and slowly pulled it out. Everyone clapped me and he probably. But I had no time for them. I was just fine. I got dressed and went home. On the way, feeling something in my ass. The sperm of that negrito. – Aaaaa … – the reporter was almost speechless, she already wanted Vika, a little more and she will tell her this. I collected my thoughts and continued the interview – What kind of sex do you like best? – When one boy works in the pussy, another in the ass, and the third gives in his mouth. – The fact that you like sperm and anal sex, I understand it. But can you deeply swallow a member? Smiles. – Noooo, I’ve tried it, I can’t. Other actresses swallow, God forbid, I can’t do that. I just suck well. Vika casually lifted her skirt and showed her panties. They sat opposite each other at her house. The reporter could no longer look at her pussy, which was visible through her panties. She wanted Vika! She’s a reporter from a serious newspaper, she wanted this whore. – Vika, how many times, well, approximately, have you been fucked? – I do not know for sure. But there are about three hundred scenes when they fuck me in pussy, two hundred in the ass. Well, I take it in my mouth every day. – And every time there are different men? – Yes. These words made the reporter feel dizzy. She just wanted Vika, Vika who had been three hundred times and even more, because she only talked about scenes. And how much sperm she washed off herself, how much they finished inside her, how much sperm she swallowed. She thought about how to hint to her that she wanted her. -Vika, what about the girls? Vika got the hint. She spread her legs and asked: – Do you want to lick me ??? The reporter just wanted to lick Vika. Well, how is it, it means I will lick it. How would she be a dominant. But this thought only turned me on. She had already thought about the smell that comes from Vika’s crotch and how she would inhale it. Yes. – She said in a whisper to the reporter, got up from the chair on all fours and crawled to Vika’s crotch, felt the smell of her pussy, she just wanted to bury her between her legs, kiss her clitoris through her panties. As Vika suddenly jumped up: – Ha-ha-ha-ha, doo-ro-h-ka! I only give to boys. Did you really think that I would let you caress yourself orally ??? The reporter got terrible! She had never felt so bad since her studies, when she misunderstood her friend and tried to climb up her skirt. She quickly got up, put on her shoes and left, slamming the door behind her. And Vika, and Vika was sitting and she felt good about what she had done. She hated women who were loved by men.

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